Trevor Hatfield

dsc03993Volunteer of the Month-November 2018

Trevor Hatfield of Hatfield & Associates Ltd.

Trevor Hatfield was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He received his undergraduate degree in Journalism and Political Science from Northern Arizona University and his law degree from Gonzaga University. He spent six years in the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve and deployed for service in the Persian Gulf for Operation Desert Storm. Trevor has been practicing law in Nevada for the past 18 years and has his own practice that focuses primarily in litigation.

Trevor has been a longtime volunteer of the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada. He does quite a bit federal subject matter litigation, which prompted him to become involved in providing pro bono services as there appeared to be very few lawyers providing federal legal aid services. When we asked him why he does pro bono work, he responded “Anyone can write a check and that’s fine, but when there are too many cases for Legal Aid to handle community lawyers should take cases pro bono when they can.”

For his commitment to pro bono, we honor Trevor Hatfield as our November Volunteer of the Month.