Case Number: 2017-000490

Grandparents need assistance to obtain guardianship of their 6-year old grandson. They are all refugees from Uganda who arrived in the United States in December, 2016. The child’s mother’s whereabouts are unknown; she abandoned the child in Uganda. The child’s father is remarried and is believed to live in Michigan. He is expected to consent to guardianship since his new wife does not want the child and he left child with grandparents in Uganda.

Case Number: 2017-001720

A 17 year old ward needs representation in a guardianship matter. It appears there has been no accounting of the client’s estate since 2013. There was no inventory filed nor a blocked account put in place. The client recently attempted to file for emancipation so that she could address what she believes has been mismanagement of the estate by her former guardian, her adult sister. Her request was denied. Client’s current temporary guardian is her other adult sister. Their deceased father’s estate is producing a cash flow for the ward. She needs an attorney to look into the management of her estate and pursue any available claims against prior guardian if mismanagement or misappropriation of funds is discovered.