Case Number: 2019-002452

Client is seeking a divorce due to domestic violence, after recent separate due to same. Client and husband have two minor children who reside with the client here in Las Vegas. Client is seeking primary custody with visitation for father. Client moved out and in with her mother and the children. There is no active case. There is a retirement and one car for community property. Client is seeking spousal support as well. Husband lives in Las Vegas.

Case Number: 2019-002304

Pro bono client needs entry of a QDRO that has already been prepared. Ex-husband refused to sign so she will need a motion.

Case Number: 2019-003914

Applicant is seeking assistance with child custody due to domestic violence. Applicant describes emotional and physical abuse, with adverse party currently in custody for a domestic violence charge that involved the applicant. Applicant had a TPO against opposing party, but extension was not granted due to adverse party currently being in custody. Adverse party was also arrested and charged for domestic violence in 2016 involving the applicant. Adverse party was additionally arrested for a separate battery in 2016 with the charges dismissed. There is 1 child (1 year old), who resides with applicant, and applicant is currently pregnant. There was an open CPS case due to the domestic violence, represented by a CAP attorney, but the case is now closed. Applicant is seeking sole legal and physical custody, as well as child support.

Case Number: 2019-004373

Applicant is seeking assistance with a divorce, involving child custody, child/spousal support, and division of community property. The opposing party filed for divorce in early June 2019, after the applicant left the home at the end of May 2019. Opposing party is seeking joint legal/primary physical custody, child support, exclusive possession of the marital residence, and an alcohol assessment to be done on the applicant. Applicant and opposing party were married in 2003. There are 4 minor children involved and the children currently reside in the home with the opposing party. Applicant is currently residing in her vehicle and at the homes of friends/family. All parties reside in Clark County. Community property includes a home, vehicles and equipment; multiple forms of community debt, including some credit card debt unknown to the applicant. There is a motion hearing on July 30, 2019, regarding child custody, spousal/child support, and possession of the residence. There is a Custody Motion Hearing on Tuesday, July 30 at 9am in Dept. G.

Case Number: 2019-004268

Applicant is seeking assistance with a divorce with no children involved in the marriage. Applicant has filed for divorce two times, but is having issues with service and navigating the legal process. Applicant and opposing party were married in the 70s; applicant left three days after the marriage and states he has not spoken to the opposing party since that time. The last known address applicant has for opposing party is from 40 years ago. Applicant resides in Henderson. Applicant did not list any community property or debt to divide.

Case Number: 2019-000146

Applicant is seeking assistance with a divorce, involving child custody, child/spousal support, and division of community property. Immigration issues are also involved; applicant only wants to divorce if it would not negatively impact the opposing party’s immigration status. Applicant is on a U-Visa and opposing party is her derivative. Applicant is seeking joint/primary custody of the children (all minors), with the children staying with the opposing party every weekend. Applicant is seeking child support and potentially spousal support. There is community property and debt to divide. Both parties and children continue to live together in Las Vegas. Applicant would like to continue living in home with children, and states opposing party would be amendable to this, if applicant paid the mortgage while residing there.

Case Number: 2019-004569

Client wants to get her real ID and the DMV will not give it to her because the name she uses does not match her legal name on her birth certificate. Client was married 3 times and changed her last name. She fled domestic violence. At one point she thought that if she changed her name her ex-husband would no longer find her.

Case Number: 2019-004095

Spanish speaking client has been married less than one year. There are no children and no reports of domestic violence. No retirement and no support request.

Case Number: 2019-004155

Spanish speaking client wants name change due to divorce. No criminal history, no convictions.

Case Number: 2019-003622

Client has been married for almost eight years but her husband left and now she wants a divorce. There is no domestic violence. There is one minor child who lives with the client. Husband lives in California now. The husband visits periodically to see child. There is no active case.

Case Number: 2018-007974

Client seeks simple divorce from husband. There are no children or community property and no request for spousal support.

Case Number: 2018-008292

Client seeks a divorce of 20 year marriage after her husband left. She is unemployed and seeking support. No children.