Case Number: 2018-000896

A Spanish speaking client, needs assistance with a custody matter. He and his ex-girlfriend separated in 2015 after a 6-year relationship. Their 5-year old child lives with the adverse party here in Las Vegas. The applicant recently moved to Las Vegas to be able to see their son. The adverse party has moved states several times and does not allow the applicant to see their child. The applicant wants to obtain a custody order to be able to constantly see his child. He requests joint legal custody and visitation 2-3 days a week.

Case Number: 2018-001132

A domestic violence victim, needs assistance with an ongoing custody matter. She and her ex-boyfriend separated recently. He was verbally abusive towards her. The adverse party was screaming at the client and she got a seizure. Her uncle took her to the hospital and her son stayed behind. Their 2-year old son is currently with the adverse party’s parents. He has been withholding the child from her. She last saw him a few days ago for 15 minutes and he would not allow her to take the child.  The client has filed a custody complaint. She requests joint legal and joint physical custody. The case is pending before Judge Ritchie with a Motion Hearing on March 21, 2018 at 10:00 am.

Case Number: 2018-003599

Client, a Hindi/Urdu speaking domestic violence victim, needs assistance with a divorce, custody and support matter. She and her husband had an arranged marriage in 2007. Client and husband separated in May of 2018 due to domestic violence. She has a TPO against him. They have an 8 year old son together. Since the separation, son has lived with client at a shelter. Client wants primary physical custody with visitation for the adverse party. Client requests child and spousal support. There are no assets or debts to divide.

Case Number: 2018-003790

A Spanish-speaking client would like assistance with a divorce matter. Client was married in December of 1994. Client and wife have been separated since August 2013 when wife left and did not return home. Client is not requesting spousal support. There are community assets to divide.

Case Number: 2018-001375

Client, a deaf woman, needs assistance with a divorce and custody matter. She and her husband married in December of 1985 and separated in 2010 due to husband’s drug use. Client reports that husband has been verbally, emotionally, financially and physically abusive noting that he once forced her to remain home and clean for an entire month. Client and husband have 1 minor child, aged 17, who resides with client as husband is currently homeless. Client wants sole legal and sole physical custody of the children. Client is also seeking support. There are no assets or debts to divide.

Case Number: 2018-004477

Client, a Spanish-speaking domestic violence victim, needs assistance with a divorce and support matter. Client and husband married in January 1996 and have two 19 year old twins whom are autistic and reside with client. Client and husband recently separated after he was arrested and deported for domestic violence in 2017. In July 2018, client got a 30 day Temporary Protection Order against the husband. Client is requesting spousal support. There are community assets, including 3 homes, land and 2 vehicles, which need to be divided. Community debt does not exist.

Case Number: 2018-004228

A Spanish-speaking client needs assistance with a divorce matter. He and his wife were married in June 2014 and currently still reside together. Wife has only been in the United States for 1 year. Client petitioned for wife and she has a 2 year conditional card. Client is the sole provider for adverse party. There are no debts or assets to divide.

Case Number: 2018-004669

Client, a domestic violence victim, needs assistance with a divorce and custody matter.  She and her husband married on November 2015 and currently still reside together. Client reports that husband is verbally and financially abusive. Client states that husband threatens children and herself. Client and husband have 3 children; two 2 months to one year old. Client is requesting sole physical and sole legal custody but is open to allowing the father to have the children on the weekends. Client is not seeking spousal support. There are no community assets or debts to divide.

Case Number: 2018-005904

Client is a domestic violence survivor who is seeking a divorce from her abuser. The opposing party was convicted of domestic violence and the client currently has a TPO against him. There are two minor children with whom the client resides and for whom she is the primary caretaker. Opposing party is the father of both children, but has not seen them since last year. Opposing party lives locally as well. Client is the sole provider and cannot afford an attorney. Client seeks a pro bono attorney to represent her in her divorce.

Case Number: 2018-006052

Client seeks pro bono divorce from husband; couple married in 2006 and still reside together, with their five children. Parties have separated several times in the past but always gotten back together. This time, client wants to get divorced. Client alleges husband is financially controlling. Client seeks joint/joint custody; adverse party’s wishes regarding custody are unknown. There is no active court filing yet. The family house is community property and the opposing party wishes to move out. There is also OP’s retirement benefit to address, and client is seeking spousal support.

Case Number: 2018-006439

Client seeks custody of her two children, 2 and 5 years old. Father is on the birth certificate for both. Both children reside with the client here in Las Vegas; father resides in Arizona. Parents were never married. There is a case currently on file D-18-568357-C. Adverse party pro se.

Case Number: 2018-006839

Client has been married for about ten years and she and her husband have two children, 10 and 8 years old. Client desires a divorce but is amicable with husband. Client has lived in a group home for two years and suffers from some health issues; would like husband to serve as her guardian as well if she needs one, even after the divorce. Client is seeking spousal support.

Case Number: 2018-007000

Female client from Ethiopia (English speaking) is the defendant in a divorce proceeding filed by her much older husband. She has no income of her own and would like help. Husband is not represented. Client and spouse have two children: 7 months and 5 years old. They are all currently living as a family. Client is seeking Joint/Primary with visits for OP on Fridays and Saturdays.  There is a house and spouse’s retirement to divide.  Client also seeks spousal support. There is a pending divorce action filed by the opposing party before Judge Hughes, with the next hearing on 4/25/19 at 1:30 pm, for settlement conference. Non-Jury trial on 8/1/19 at 9am.

Case Number: 2018-007212

Client is Brazilian who moved to US recently. Domestic violence included threats, emotional, brought his gun out and put it to his own head threatening to kill himself, sexual, opening a prostitute online account for her, sending a sex video of her to her ex-husband. There are no children of the relationship. Client had temporarily lived in a women’s shelter to escape the abuse before moving in with a friend. There is no property or debt to divide and the client is not seeking any ongoing support. Husband has already filed a case seeking an annulment based on his allegation that he discovered that she is engaging in prostitution. Client denies this and seeks a divorce instead as she is concurrently pursuing a Violence Against Women Act claim to achieve legal status in the US and needs a divorce rather than an annulment. A Legal Aid staff attorney is her immigration counsel.

Case Number: 2018-008182

The applicant-wife seeks a divorce although the parties still live together.  They have a son, an adult, who is disabled.  The parties own a home and a couple of vehicles.  There is IRS and credit card debt.  The applicant states that the adverse party is emotionally and verbally abusive and that he harasses the nurses who provide services for their adult son.  Household income for both parties is minimal.

Case Number: 2019-000097

Spanish speaking.

Natural father seeks custody of his 4 year old daughter who
resides with her maternal grandmother since the death
of child’s natural mother. The maternal grandmother
has filed a guardianship petition for the child.

As a child, the deceased natural mother had been a
CAP child due to alleged sexual abuse by the husband
of the maternal grandmother. The maternal grandmother
still lives with this person who may be her husband.

An ex-girlfriend of the deceased natural mother has also
filed a guardianship petition for the child although she
described herself as a non-kin aunt of the child.
Father does have a criminal history in his past.

Case Number: 2019-000156

Mother seeks visitation/contact rights with 7 year old daughter.
Father obtained default divorce in March, 2017 including award
of sole legal and sole physical custody of the parties’ daughter.
They alleged mother was addicted to drugs. No provisions
for mother’s contact or visitation with the child were granted.
Since that time, mother alleges she has been denied any contact
with child, even telephonic contact. Mother has been told
that child’s needs are not being met and mother seeks to
have to have rights restored as she has a job and a stable life.
Mother filed a pro se motion to modify returnable on
February 6, 2019.

Case Number: 2018-007245

Wife, a victim of unreported domestic violence, seeks representation in a divorce action with no children.  Wife earns about ten percent of husband’s monthly income.  The parties married in 2012 and still reside together.  There is some debt, vehicles, accounts and a military benefit to divide.