Case Number: 2019-000146

4 year old and 1 year old came into DFS care on October 22, 2019, due to concerns of the mental stability of natural mother. She moved to Las Vegas approximately 4 months ago and has no friends or relatives to assist her. She reported to Mountain View Hospital and made statements that she was going to kill herself and the children  Natural father came to Las Vegas when he heard about the issues with natural mother. He obtained an apartment and work and denied any prior CPS or criminal history that would preclude placement of the children with him. Trial 1/31/2020 at 9:00 a.m.


Case Number: 2019-006535

Client seeks a change in custody for a seven year old child. The client is seeking sole legal and primary phyiscal custody. Currently the client and opposing party have joint legal and phyiscal custody.  The client wants the court to order supervise visits, parenting classes and required AA meeting to the opposing party. The client claims the opposing party is an alcoholic, is unfit and was charged with child endangement in which a gun was involved and within reach of their minor child.


Case Number: 2019-008464

Brief Statement of Issues:  Client came in to do an intake on Nov 4 2019.  Went to case review 11/20/2019 and PB accepted the matter.  Client is looking to modify current custody order from 2017 to joint/primary (mom: mon-fri) and (dad: every other weekend). She and the children are staying at SAFE HOUSE shelter due to Domestic Violence on behalf of OP. She is 26 years old, on food stamps and tanf, household of 6.


Case Number: 2019-008716

Summary: Client is looking to get her things back from 2 LifeStorage units she rented with the help of her father. The company is claiming her items are not on property anymore after they sent her notice of agreement termination and she did not pick up items in 3 days. She is 63 years old, recently divorced, household of 1. In the midst of a divorce, she had all her belongings in storage and was working late at the site to organize. She stayed after closing time when she was supposed to be out (6pm) and ended up sleeping in her car. The storage company terminated for breach and gave her three days to vacate all belongings. She had no place to move her stuff and they cleared it all out and she is trying to get it back.