Support Services

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Training:

CLE seminars are offered throughout the year in a range of subject areas based on our needs. These are generally available at no cost to lawyers who commit to taking a new pro bono case or volunteering with one of our Ask-A-Lawyer programs.  Please click HERE to view a list of upcoming CLE’s.


Experienced attorneys are available to provide support and mentoring on cases accepted through our program. All Children’s Attorneys Project volunteers are assigned a staff attorney mentor.  In the event your assigned mentor is unavailable, we have a dedicated CAP Pro Bono Liaison who is able to assist you with questions and connect you with resources. Similarly, a panel of veteran family law practitioners is available to answer questions and provide guidance to volunteers new to family law practice.

Malpractice Insurance

Volunteer attorneys are covered by Legal Aid Center’s malpractice insurance. It serves as the primary insurer.

Pleadings and Forms Bank:

Sample pleadings, forms, training materials and other general items of interest are available to all volunteers with an open pro bono case accepted through one of our programs.  Please click HERE to view these documents.

Fee Waivers

In each of our pro bono cases involving state court actions, our clients are eligible for waivers of filing fees. By filing a Statement of Legal Aid Representation (SOLA), which we prepare and provide, clients approved for our services are entitled to defend their action without costs.

Publication:  If your case requires publication, Nevada Legal News will waive the publication fees pursuant to NRS 12.015.  When you contact Nevada Legal News, present them with a copy of the filed SOLA.  The Sheriff’s office will complete service at no charge once the SOLA has been filed.  The telephone number for the Civil Sheriff’s office is (702) 455-5400.

For questions please contact the Pro Bono team at  or call (702)386-1422.

Litigation Support Services

If your pro bono case requires court reporters, private investigators, court interpreters, assessors, etc., we will work with you to attempt to secure the necessary services for free or at a discounted price.

  • Court Reporters: The Nevada Court Reporters Association, through it’s Pro Bono Project, has court reporters available for clients of our program. These court reporters have generously agreed to donate one hour of court reporting time and transcription for qualifying cases. Please contact us if you have any questions about this service or if you need assistance arranging for a reporter. Please contact us at least 10 days prior to the required date needed.
  • Service of Process: Laughlin Township Constable’s Office can effectuate service at no cost for pro bono cases in Clark County, Nevada. Find out more at or call 702-298-2311.
  • Private Investigators: Should you need minimal investigation on a case, we do have limited resources available. Please contact us to discuss any investigative needs you have.
  • Court Interpreters: For our family law cases, pro bono interpreters are available and can be requested in advance through our office by calling (702) 386-1444.
  • QDRO’s: The Willick Law Group has generously agreed to provide pro bono assistance with QDROs and pension issues on pro bono divorce cases being handled by volunteers of Legal Aid Center’s Pro Bono Project. Contact the Pro Bono Project for more information.
  • Litigation Support: Legal Aid Center has partnered with Litigation Services, the premier litigation support company in Las Vegas. Litigation Services has generously agreed to provide its services to Pro Bono attorneys at a 25% discounted rate, including a limited number of depositions per month. Learn more at
  • Litigation Support: Legal Aid Center is very excited about its new partnership with Magna Legal Services. Magna Legal Services has agreed to offer an excellent 20% discount to Pro Bono attorneys for many litigation needs, including court reporting, interpreting, videography, record retrieval, and social media surveillance services. Contact Magna at
  • Expert Witness Services: Legal Aid Center has partnered with UNLV Professor Neil Opfer, who works as an expert witness in areas such as civil engineering; construction management; estimating and cost analysis; construction methods and materials; mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; construction law and forensics. Professor Opfer has generously agreed to discount his hourly fee 25% for up to two cases per year; you may review his resume here: Opfer-Resume
  • Court Reporters: Barkley Court Reporters, one of the largest private court reporting companies in the U.S., has agreed to offer a generous 20% discount on all depositions on cases through Legal Aid Center. Learn more at