Case Number: 2016-005038

A domestic violence victim who suffers from mental health issues needs assistance with a divorce and support matter. Client is generally coherent and able to cooperate but she does suffer from episodes of mental confusion. The parties married in 1983 and are still living in the same home. The client states she has been sexually, physically, and emotionally abused by her husband. They own a home and she would like it sold and proceeds divided. They have several debts and the client is considering bankruptcy. The client would like to request spousal support.

Case Number: 2017-002084

Spanish speaking mother, a victim of domestic violence, needs assistance with a divorce, custody, and support matter. The parties married in September, 2012 and separated in September, 2016 due to domestic violence. In April, 2017 adverse party threatened client and told her she’d suffer consequences if she moved forward with divorce. The parties started arguing and adverse party grabbed applicant by the neck. She tried to fight back and scratched him on the nose. Client is seeking sole legal and sole physical custody of their three young children due to adverse party’s abuse of her and his abusive treatment of her children from another marriage. She also believes he is using drugs and would like him to have supervised visitation. They have no property or debt to divide.

Case Number: 2017-003234

Victim of domestic violence needs assistance with an open divorce case. The parties married in 1986 and separated in June 2017 when adverse party physically and emotionally abused client. He tore off her shirt and threw her face first into a fan. He threatened to kill her if she called the police. She feared him. Her neighbor called the police anonymously. She made a report and left to stay with her adult sons. Her husband filed a Complaint for Divorce and she was served. She has been advised to file an Answer. She would like half the equity in their home, her own car, and spousal support. Next Court Date: No dates currently set.

Case Number: 2017-003538

Domestic violence victim needs assistance with a divorce and support matter. The parties married in 1994 and separated in January 2017. Client suffered emotional and financial abuse. In January, 2017, parties got into an argument where he blamed client for his financial issues and his infidelity. He blocked her from leaving the home and forced her to have sex with him. She is seeking share of adverse party’s retirement benefits and alimony. Her income is about $1,200 per month, his income is approximately $8,000 per month. They have debt to divide.

Case Number: 2017-003714

Spanish speaking domestic violence victim needs assistance with a divorce and support matter. The parties married in 2014 and separated in June 2017. The client was physically and emotionally abused by her husband, who at one time tried to strangle her. In June, 2017, adverse party came home drunk. He hit and pushed client. She fell to the ground and hit her head; she went to the emergency room and has photos of bruises. In July, 2017 the court granted her a TPO. She has an extension hearing in August. Client lives with her 17 year old daughter from a previous relationship. There is debt to divide and client would like to request spousal support. Adverse party also has a retirement account.