Case Number: 2018-001132

A domestic violence victim, needs assistance with an ongoing custody matter. She and her ex-boyfriend separated recently. He was verbally abusive towards her. The adverse party was screaming at the client and she got a seizure. Her uncle took her to the hospital and her son stayed behind. Their 2-year old son is currently with the adverse party’s parents. He has been withholding the child from her. She last saw him a few days ago for 15 minutes and he would not allow her to take the child.  The client has filed a custody complaint. She requests joint legal and joint physical custody. The case is pending before Judge Ritchie with a Motion Hearing on March 21, 2018 at 10:00 am.

Case Number: 2018-007212

Client is Brazilian who moved to US recently. Domestic violence included threats, emotional, brought his gun out and put it to his own head threatening to kill himself, sexual, opening a prostitute online account for her, sending a sex video of her to her ex-husband. There are no children of the relationship. Client had temporarily lived in a women’s shelter to escape the abuse before moving in with a friend. There is no property or debt to divide and the client is not seeking any ongoing support. Husband has already filed a case seeking an annulment based on his allegation that he discovered that she is engaging in prostitution. Client denies this and seeks a divorce instead as she is concurrently pursuing a Violence Against Women Act claim to achieve legal status in the US and needs a divorce rather than an annulment. A Legal Aid staff attorney is her immigration counsel.

Case Number: 2019-000068

Applicant seeks a divorce. Parties separated since 2012. Applicant describes domestic violence of using children, yelling, screaming, emotional abuse. There is one child of the union, 9 years old. Child resides with the applicant in LV. Adverse party resides in LV. Applicant requests Joint/Joint custody with visits for other party. No Community property. No Community Debt. No spousal Support request.

Case Number: 2019-001132

Married parties have been physically separated for about a year and a half. Client seeks a divorce and custody of the one young child. Previously had lived together for about 4 years but separated due to domestic violence. The client alleges physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. Both parties reside in Las Vegas and the child resides with his mother, the opposing party. Applicant is seeking Joint/Joint legal/physical custody. Opposing party is withholding the child and will not allow the client to see his child.