About Pro Bono Project

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada’s Pro Bono Project coordinates private attorneys who generously volunteer to provide free legal assistance to individuals who cannot afford an attorney. The Pro Bono Project offers many opportunities for attorneys to contribute pro bono services. Lawyers can volunteer to take a case or answer legal questions for an hour or two. CLE training seminars, mentors and a number of support services are available to assist volunteers.

About the pro bono clients we serve

Pro bono clients must meet Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada’s financial income guidelines to be eligible for consideration through our program. Some applicants are required to attend one of our free legal information classes in order to begin our intake process.

Once all necessary intake information has been provided, the case will be considered by a review committee. The committee will determine whether or not we will assist the applicant based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, merits of the case, reasonableness of the client and availability of volunteers.

If the committee decides to accept the case, the applicant will then be placed on a waiting list while we begin the process of trying to match the case with an available volunteer attorney. This process typically takes between 30 and 90 days.

While volunteers do not charge clients for representation, pro bono clients are instructed to be prepared to pay any costs associated with their cases that cannot be waived.

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