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All of the information and resources provided on this page are intended for use by volunteer attorneys representing family law clients through the Pro Bono Project of Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need further assistance, please email the Pro Bono Project or call 702-386-1422.

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QDRO Information

QDRO stands for “Qualified Domestic Relations Order.” Under the federal ERISA/REA statutory scheme, any judgment, decree, or order dealing with alimony or support for a spouse, former spouse, child, or other dependent made according to local domestic relations law is considered a “domestic relations order” under federal law.

If one or both parties in your case is a member of a union, is in the military, works for the federal or state government, or works for a company that provides a retirement or savings plan like a 401(K), 403(a), or 403(b), a QDRO or other kind of pension division order is probably needed.

QDRO Masters has established a relationship with Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada; if a pension is discovered that requires division, QDRO Masters will draft the required QDRO at no cost to the pro bono client or the pro bono attorney.

When you discover a QDRO is necessary, contact the Pro Bono Project at Legal Aid Center. Pro Bono Project staff will provide you with the required documents that are necessary for QDRO Masters to proceed. QDRO Masters will work directly with you (not the client) to obtain the information needed. Once the QDRO is drafted, QDRO Masters will obtain pre-approval from the retirement plan and return it to you for entry with the Court.

If the adverse party in the case would have been required to pay fees if you were not handling the case pro bono, you should seek an Order that the adverse party be required to pay QDRO Masters normal fee – $850 per order – under Miller v. Wilfong, 121 Nev. 619, 119 P.3d 727 (2005). The fee can be donated to Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada to support ongoing efforts to provide competent legal services to those who can’t afford representation.

Thank you to QDRO Masters at the Willick Law Group for providing QDRO preparation services at no cost to pro bono clients of Legal Aid Center.

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