Case Number: 2017-003782

An 8 year old boy came into DFS care with an older sister in August, 2015 after mom crashed her car into an apartment building sign. Both her children were in the car and she was under the influence. Dad was incarcerated at the time for abusing this client with a baseball bat. Parental rights were terminated as to both parents. Clients were previously represented by the same attorney. Both siblings were to be adopted together by a foster family but the foster family decided they only want to adopt this client’s sister. Client does not want to be separated from his sister. Sister wants to be adopted by the family, even if that means being separated from her brother. She will get her own attorney. This client needs an attorney to represent his wishes regarding permanency, placement, and visitation and to ensure the proper services are in place. There is a Review Hearing on August 8, 2017 at 2:15 pm in Courtroom 11.

Case Number: 2017-004239

Client needs assistance with an auto deficiency matter. On August 8, 2017, bank sent client a Summons and Complaint. They are suing him for $12,445.17 for a vehicle that he does not own and did not enter an agreement for. The individual on the contract is someone else. That individual has a middle name and the client does not. They also have a different social security number. Opposing Counsel told him to file an Answer to the Complaint. And they know his social security number does not match the individual on the contract or the banking information. Client needs an attorney to help file a Motion to Dismiss.