Case Number: 2017-005446

Mom, a victim of domestic violence, needs help with a custody matter. Both parties are deaf and need ASL interpreter. Dad was convicted of domestic violence in 2012 and is trying to use child against Mom due to her recent legal issues. Mom was incarcerated earlier this year because she couldn’t afford to pay for classes that were part of her probation. She is trying to get her life together. She is living with her former foster mother who helps her care for her child. Temporary orders give Mom joint legal custody and primary physical custody. Dad lives in Florida, and has had no contact with child for 4 years prior to finding out Mom was incarcerated earlier this year. At that time he came to Nevada and filed custody action. Child is 6 years old. Dad is seeking joint legal and primary physical custody. Mom is seeking joint legal and primary physical custody. Mom says Dad has drug issue and no stability. She also states that child is scared of him because he hasn’t spent much time with her. There is a Trial on March 22, 2018 at 9:30 am in Dept. I. Calendar Call is February 21, 2018 at 9:00 am.

Case Number: 2017-005237

Dad needs help with a divorce, custody and support matter. Parties married in 2004 and separated in September, 2017 when Mom left due to their financial issues. Mom filed for divorce. He states she was emotionally abusive to him and their son. Their 10 year old child has lived with Dad since the separation and Mom has not been providing any financial support. Child was seeing Mom weekly until recently when he told Dad that he does not want to visit with Mom because Mom yells at him, pinches him, and hits him. Dad filed a motion for temporary sole physical custody and the hearing is set for January. Dad says that child also told his school counselors about the physical and emotional abuse. Dad does not want to force child to see Mom due to what he reported. He requested a TPO but it was denied. Mom works and Dad doesn’t work due to an accident that left him with severe physical injuries. Mom’s family is trying to evict client from his home however he has a valid lease and is current on his mortgage payment. He was sent to the Self Help Center to respond to eviction. They have community property and community debt to divide. Dad would also like spousal support. There is a Return Hearing & Motion Hearing on January 4, 2018 at 11:00 am and a CMC on February 1, 2018 at 3:30 pm in Department G.

Case Number: 2016-005745

Three siblings, ages 6 years to 2 years, came into DFS care in November, 2016, due to their mother’s and the youngest sibling’s father’s alcohol abuse and domestic violence. The older sibling’s natural father is currently unknown, and the middle sibling’s natural father is incarcerated. The older sibling is currently placed with putative paternal fictive kin, whom are adoptive resources. The younger two siblings are placed in a licensed foster home; however the maternal grandmother has recently moved to Las Vegas and is a potential adoptive resource for the two younger siblings. The mother is currently exercising supervised visits at Child Haven with all siblings. The youngest sibling’s father has exercised sporadic supervised visits with that child, but he has failed to comply with the domestic violence services requirements made by DFS, and he has stopped communicating with DFS. Educational and behavioral issues may need to be addressed with the middle sibling. Visitation between the siblings may also need to be addressed. An attorney is needed to represent the children’s wishes and legal rights regarding placement, permanency, visitation, and to ensure the proper services are in place.