Peter Goatz

Goatz, Peter_For WebPro Bono Volunteer of the Month – November 2015

Peter Goatz of Anthony A. Zmaila Limited PLLC

Peter J. Goatz is a native of Las Vegas. He attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he obtained bachelor degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology. Peter then attended law school, graduating from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2009. He was admitted to practice in Nevada in 2009 and shortly after joined the law firm of Anthony A. Zmaila Limited PLLC founded by Anthony A. Zmaila, Esq. Peter practices in diverse areas including probate, family, bankruptcy, and general business litigation, as well as receivership litigation.

Peter began providing pro bono work through Legal Aid Center in 2010, shortly after being admitted to practice in Nevada. He attended a free Foreclosure CLE presented by Legal Aid Center and accepted his first pro bono case assisting a couple with a loan modification. Peter has expressed that taking on the required pro bono case was well worth the price of admission because it allowed him to put his newly acquired skills into action to help a person in need. He now regularly takes on pro bono clients in a wide range of areas including family law, bankruptcy, foreclosure, consumer rights, and probate. Peter has taken on 6 new pro bono matters through Legal Aid Center so far in 2015.

When asked why he does pro bono work, Peter stated that they are so many people in need of legal assistance who cannot afford attorneys and his heart goes out to those individuals. Peter mentioned that having a boss who is supportive of his pro bono work makes taking cases much easier. His boss, Anthony Zmaila, not only allows Peter to take pro bono cases but encourages him to do so. Peter feels fortunate that he can use his knowledge and skills to lend a hand and resolve problems that would otherwise go unaddressed for some of these individuals. He said, “Regardless of the problem, seeing these clients’ smiles and the relief on their faces makes all of the sacrifice well worth the effort.”

A recent client whom Peter assisted in a probate matter made a significant impact on the attorney. The client’s wife had recently passed away and the client was completely lost emotionally and financially, because she ran their household. Due to other circumstances occurring around the time of his wife’s death, the client had to sell their home and move into a weekly rental. Peter was able to resolve the estate and get some money for the gentleman to live on. Peter said that assisting this client in his darkest hour was really a great joy and pleasure.

Congratulations Peter and thank you for your pro bono service!