Michiko L. Nozawa-Joffe

michiko-web-pictureCAP Pro Bono Volunteer of the Month-January 2020

Michiko L. Nozawa-Joffe of Las Vegas Sands Corporation

Michiko has always believed in challenging herself, as such, she moved to the United States from Japan during her high school years to learn English.  While in high school, she became involved in volunteering for different organizations making her passion and conviction for such work grow.  Michiko attended University of Nevada Las Vegas and obtained her Bachelor’s in Women’s Studies, she then made the decision to continue challenging herself by attending law school, becoming an attorney in October 2015.  Michiko became very interested in gaming law, and is currently working as a Compliance Counsel at Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Michiko became involved with our Pro Bono services at the end of 2018.  Since, she has been such a tremendous supportive and active volunteer.  She has found this to be a great opportunity to help those in need.  When asked why she does pro bono work; her response was that being able to use her legal skills to assist the people who are in need is truly meaningful to her. As she has always enjoyed volunteering and helping those in need in our community.

One of Michiko’s most memorable experiences as a pro bono volunteer has been representing two sisters involved in an abuse/neglect case.  She indicated that she felt satisfaction and pride in the fact that she was able to listen to the girls needs and convey their desires the Court.  She said the sisters were memorable to her because they arose out of a tough situation, they were brave and all they needed was someone to be their voice and express their wishes.

Michiko’s eagerness to take initiative, her selfless dedication, her driven passion and desire to help others is what makes her our Pro Bono’s Volunteer of the month.