Michelle Darquea

Pro Bono Volunteer of the Month – February 2022

Michelle Darquea, Esq.

Michelle Darquea moved to Las Vegas from New York in 1999. She received her Juris Doctorate from Touro Law School. Michelle first started doing pro bono for Nassau County Legal Services and continued her pro bono work in Las Vegas. Michelle has been an invaluable pro bono volunteer since Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada was Clark County Legal Services and she continues to actively volunteer.

Michelle has played a critical role in the Family Law Ask-A-Lawyer Program. The number of participants significantly increased during the pandemic and, in response, Michelle volunteers almost every week to ensure our community had the resources and legal advice needed.

When asked to share a story about a memorable client, she spoke of an Ask-A-Lawyer consultation regarding a terrible case of child abuse of two young children. She said she “hadn’t seen that in a while, but I was so happy to assist.” As she explained, “unfortunately, children go through so much just in a regular custody situation let alone an abuse and neglect situation, so I was happy I could help. It is so heartbreaking.” She told us, “I have had lawyer friends over the years tell me that they could never handle those cases because it is too traumatic, but I see it as a way to help people who need – and a lot of times desperately – help.” To deal with some of the more traumatic situations she helps with, her dogs, Archie and Billie, keep her grounded.

For her tireless commitment to pro bono and helping those most in need, we honor Michelle as the February 2022 Volunteer of the Month.