Homa Woodrum and Adam Woodrum

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Homa Woodrum & Adam Woodrum of Woodrum Law LLC

Homa Woodrum , Esq. and Adam Woodrum, Esq. are attorneys at Woodrum Law LLC. Homa started Woodrum Law in January, 2014 and Adam joined in the summer of 2015. Homa is originally from the United Kingdom and attended the Boyd School of Law.  She was involved in the Nevada Immigrant Resource Project and was able to attend naturalization fairs offered to members of the community in need of feedback about obtaining citizenship.  From law school she went into practice at a small bankruptcy and civil litigation firm that happened to do family and guardianship work.  It was in that way that guardianship and elder law “found” her. Adam came from a criminal justice background in Arizona to attend law school in Las Vegas.  He clerked with Senior Judge J. Charles Thompson and Judge David Barker, was an assistant District Attorney in Winnemucca, Nevada, a Deputy Attorney General in Las Vegas, and a Senior Public Defender in Ely, Nevada before joining Woodrum Law to practice criminal and civil law.  He has argued multiple times before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding federal habeas matters.

Together in 2015, Adam and Homa have taken 9 new pro bono cases through Legal Aid Center. They have assisted low income clients and children in a variety of matters including guardianship, divorce, appeals, and children’s abuse & neglect. In addition to taking pro bono cases, both Adam and Homa have participated in our Ask-A-Lawyer programs on a number of occasions.

When we asked Adam and Homa why they do pro bono work, they responded that they see the crucial need for access to justice so often in court and want to do their part to combat the problem. On numerous occasions while waiting for their cases to be heard, they have seen pro se litigants struggling to present their cases. And while they can’t stand up and volunteer to represent every pro se litigant they see, they can do their part by volunteering for Ask-A-Lawyer and agreeing to represent clients who have already been approved for pro bono services through Legal Aid Center. In their words, “You can’t always do everything, but you can do something and hope it makes a difference.”

The Legal Aid Center clients who have been represented by Homa and Adam can attest to the difference these attorneys have made in their lives. Whether it is the veteran on disability whom Homa meet at Ask-A-Lawyer and agreed to represent just a couple weeks ago in a paternity and guardianship matter or the young mother whom Adam assisted in a divorce trial against her abusive husband, the attorneys of Woodrum Law are willing to step up on short notice and donate their time to assist low-income clients who desperately need an attorney.

Congratulations Homa & Adam!