Doreen Spears Hartwell

edited-doreen-spears-hartwell-profile-picturePro Bono Volunteer of the Month-February 2021

Doreen Spears Hartwell of Hartwell Thalacker, Ltd.

Doreen Spears Hartwell has been licensed to practice law since 2000.  She received her juris doctorate from McGeorge School of Law. She is the co-founder of the firm Hartwell Thalacker, Ltd.  Her practice has mainly involved employment law representing management and business disputes.  She is currently on the board for the Nevada Center of Civic Education and the Chair of the Ninth Circuit’s Lawyer Representative Coordinating Committee. However, her favorite activity is working with students in the Clark County Bar Foundation’s Trial by Peers program.

Doreen started doing pro bono work when she was a first-year attorney. She represented an 18 month old through the Children’s Attorney Project and has been hooked ever since. When she started Hartwell Thalacker, Ltd in 2014, it was never a question that she would continue to provide pro bono services.

When we asked Doreen why she does pro bono work, she said “I do pro bono work because as lawyers, we all have a unique skill set that can be used to promote justice by providing equal access to people in our community who could not otherwise afford legal services. It also feels good to represent clients who really need and appreciate your services.”

When we asked Doreen about a memorable client, she said “One of my most memorable clients was helping a young mom unwind the adoption of her daughter who her parents forced her to give up when she was a teenager.  The grandparents became the adoptive parents and then prevented mom from having visitation once she moved out of the home. Having the court rule in favor of my client and reuniting mom and daughter was one of the best memories as an attorney.”

For her commitment to pro bono, we honor Doreen Spears Hartwell as our February Volunteer of the Month.