Diane Lowe

photoCAP Volunteer of the Month – August 2021

Diane Lowe of Lowe Law LLC

Diane Lowe’s legal career is impressive. She started her career as a legislative aide for Joe Biden on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Thereafter, she worked for both the state and Federal Government, including the White House, U.S. Justice Department, and Nevada State Senate Democratic Caucus. Diane also served as counsel to corporations and law firms in Washington D.C., Wisconsin, and Nevada. It is impressive that she also finds the time to volunteer as a children’s attorney in our Pro Bono Children’s Attorneys Project (CAP).

Diane initially came to Las Vegas as a U.S. Department of Justice Representative under the Clinton administration. She was touring the city to discuss the Empowerment Zone Initiative and the monies available to help address the needs of Las Vegas children, address crime, address infrastructure, and more. At that time, Diane connected with several people at all levels of government in Nevada. Little did she know, she would soon call Las Vegas her home as her two sisters and mom moved here from Wisconsin in 2016 and insisted she move too. In 2019, Diane decided to move here to be closer to family.

When she arrived, Diane looked for opportunities to get involved in pro bono work. She recalls receiving an email from the Nevada State Bar mentioning Legal Aid Center. Since then, she has been a very active volunteer attorney as part of pro bono CAP. Diane’s experience in her own law firm in Wisconsin representing clients in child support cases, 72-hour holds, mental health commitments of juveniles and adults, and termination of parental rights matters made it easier for her to adapt to Nevada’s laws and provide clients the assistance needed in their pro bono CAP cases. It was a natural fit!

When we asked Diane why she does pro bono work, she responded that she wants to do her part to give back to the community. In her own words, “I am just a safety, one extra cushion hopefully for the whole team to rely on – so they can feel secure that all that can be done is being done.”

Diane indicated that she could not point to only one memorable client, as it appears they all hold a special place in her heart. She said that she always tries to be there for all her clients, answer their inquiries promptly, relay any messages to the court, and be a voice for the child. When Diane takes on a case, she makes sure the case is worked up completely, from reviewing the full case file to drafting internal reports. She appears at the hearings, communicates with her minor clients, and takes educational courses to help her help the kids. Thus far, Diane is able to represent her clients zealously without filing many motions or objections – she is hoping to continue to make a difference just by being there for the child, those taking care of the child, the parents, the treatment team, and the court.

We are happy to have Diane in our corner, helping and assisting children involved in the Children’s Attorney Project. Diane’s commitment and willingness to step up and volunteer when needed is what makes Diane Lowe our CAP August Volunteer of the Month.