Daniel Curriden


Daniel Curriden – CAP Volunteer of the Month June 2020

Daniel Curriden has lived in Las Vegas for 32 years.  He is Managing Attorney for the CSAA Insurance Group Claims Legal Offices in Nevada and Arizona.  Daniel is married to his wife, Lorrie Curriden and they have 4 amazing children.  He also enjoys the wonders of being a grandfather to two grandchildren, with a new little one on the way.

Daniel became involved in the Children’s Attorney Project because of his wonderful wife, Lorrie.  She has been a CASA Volunteer for over 20 years and currently serves as president of the CASA Foundation in Clark County.  Lorrie has been Daniel’s inspiration after she became involved in helping foster children.  She was a huge motivator for him to use his legal training and skills to help those less fortunate.  Additionally, his employer CSAA Insurance Group takes great pride in community service, honoring and supporting it in numerous ways.

When asked why he does pro bono work, Daniel’s response is truly humbling. He stated that his faith teaches that when you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God.  He said he has been richly blessed, not because he is particularly deserving, but because he is expected to use those blessings to do good things.

Daniel shared one of his most memorable clients with the story of a sweet, beautiful, intelligent 9 year old girl he represented.  His minor client was raised by her alcoholic mother.  Every time mom’s life went off the rails, his client’s Grandparents would take her in and provide a stable, loving environment.  Sadly, mom increasingly lost control of her life, resulting in his client coming into care and being placed with her Grandparents after mom was jailed.  After the mother’s release, she refused to recognize that she had a problem (“I will not let an 8 year old tell me when to drink”) but adamantly wanted her daughter returned to her custody.  Daniel recalls how his client was frightened of her mother and wanted to stay with her Grandparents.  She was so upset at the possibility of going back to her mother, the client had anxiety attacks and became physically ill.  Daniel’s representation ensured that his client was able to obtain a permanent placement with her Grandparents.  The client is now happy and thriving in a stable loving home.  Daniel acknowledges that we often don’t have such happy endings, but that does not absolve us of the duty to do the best we can to leave each client better than how they were found.

It is with absolute pleasure we name Daniel as our CAP Volunteer of the month.  His belief, humble spirit, dedication and continued support is what makes him our CAP Pro Bono Volunteer of the Month.