Damon Dias

damon-dias-award-2Pro Bono Volunteer of the Month-August 2019

Damon Dias of Dias Law Group

Damon Dias received his Juris Doctorate at the University of Miami. While in school, a classmate convinced him to volunteer as a violent youth offender counselor. Through his time as a counselor, he learned about the need for access to the justice system for communities most at risk and in need. He now has his own practice and makes pro bono a part of his firm’s culture.

Damon first became involved with providing pro bono services through the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada while working with Goldsmith and Guymon. It was a badge of honor for him when he and his colleagues made the 50 hour and 100 hour pro bono honor roll. While working with Goldsmith and Guymon, his desire to provide legal access to at risk/in need clients and communities was renewed. Damon now volunteers for the Family Law Ask-A-Lawyer program and takes pro bono family law and bankruptcy matters.

When we asked Damon why he does pro bono work, he responded “There was a professor at my high school who taught Advanced Placement Latin.  My brother took his classes, I studied Spanish, but we knew him on campus.  He taught a modern day, practical version of the concept of Noblesse oblige.  In essence, according to him, knowing better, having achieved knowledge through ability and drive, meant that you were capable, and, therefore, obligated to help those without the knowledge you possess in some way, when possible.  The lesson resonated then and holds true today.  In addition, the community I live and work in provides me a good life.  I try to do my small part, when possible, by providing assistance to people who cannot pay for access to the legal system.”

For his commitment to pro bono, we honor Damon Dias as our August Volunteer of the Month.