Christopher Cannon

chris-cannon-picture-editedPro Bono Volunteer of the Month-June 2020

Christopher Cannon of Law Offices of Christopher Cannon

Christopher Cannon has been licensed to practice law in the State of Nevada since 2005, after graduating from UNLV – Boyd School of Law. His law practice originally began with civil, criminal and a small amount of labor law. Since 2008, he has practiced solely family law – concentrating on divorce, child custody and prenuptial agreements.

Chris became actively involved with the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada in 2012. He has volunteered his time taking family law cases and has also assisted with record sealing and civil matters. When we asked Chris why he does pro bono, he responded “I enjoy pro bono work/cases as it allows me to give back to my community. I have learned that a large majority of people in our state cannot afford an attorney, and without one, they are without equal representation before the courts. Their voices and desires are not heard, and frequently, they are lost ‘in the shuffle’ of the courts. I enjoy helping them to be heard and I want to continue to provide assistance for a long time to come. I learned about the Pro Bono Project at Boyd School of Law and once I began to learn about the services provided, I knew I had to become involved”.

When we asked Chris to share a memorable client he said: “The best client that I had during my service in the Pro Bono Project was when I served as a CAP attorney. I was assigned a child who was severely burned due to abuse by his natural father. CPS removed the child from the home and the child was kept at Sunrise Hospital for over six months. In that period of time, I provided a voice for that child – apart from CPS and the parents, and provided the court with the needed updates on the child’s health and well-being – and gave that child representation that he would have otherwise not had. The child later found placement with a family member, and I still have contact with him to this day”.

For his commitment to pro bono, we honor Christopher Cannon as our June Volunteer of the Month.