Cherie Fletter


Volunteer of the Month
September 2018


Cherie was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She started her career as a large lines underwriter and was involved with the claims and legal departments. With her increasing interest in law, Cherie decided to enroll in the John Marshall Law School at 40 years of age. In 1996, Cherie decided to make the move to Las Vegas to care for her family.

Cherie began doing pro bono work about 6 years ago. When we asked her why she does pro bono work, she responded “The ‘why’ is easy: it makes me feel good to help children and adults.” Cherie has been a valuable asset to the Children’s Attorneys Project and the Small Claims Ask-A-Lawyer program for the Legal Aid Center. Cherie is always ready and willing to lend a hand. She enjoys giving help and guidance to those in need.

When we asked about a memorable client and how she helped them out, she told us about a CAP case she is currently working on. The children have been returned by two sets of foster parents due to several mental health issues. Cherie has been instrumental in advising their father of their issues so that he can get them the help they need. The children are now scheduled to go live with their father in California. Both children and their father are so happy.

For her commitment to pro bono, we honor Cherie Fletter as our September Volunteer of the Month.