Caitlin Salas

Caitlin Salas - AwardPro Bono Volunteer of the Month October 2014

Caitlin Salas of The Law Offices of Jacqueline Mary McQuigg & Associates

Caitlin Salas is an attorney with The Law Offices of Jacqueline Mary McQuigg & Associates.  She has been employed by the firm since 2002, initially as a Legal Assistant for eleven years and subsequently as an attorney beginning in 2013 after graduating from Boyd School of Law and obtaining her Nevada bar license.  While Caitlin’s firm covers a broad range of practice specialties, Caitlin focuses primarily in family law.

Caitlin says that from the time she began her legal career, she knew she wanted to be actively engaged in providing pro bono services.  As soon as she obtained her bar license, she contacted Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada about getting involved with their Pro Bono Project.  Initially, she worked on Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.  But, then she attended a Children’s Attorneys Project CLE training and subsequently accepted two CAP cases (representing children in foster care).  Thereafter, she took her first pro bono domestic violence case which was one involving particularly complex issues.  With less than two years into practicing law, Caitlin has already taken seven pro bono cases.

Caitlin says that one of the best parts of being an attorney is getting to use her powers for the good.  She comments how unfortunate it is that so many people to have to choose between having a private attorney and being able to pay their rent.

She says that the gratitude she receives from those who could not otherwise obtain or afford legal representation has been far more rewarding than any pay check.  She feels that to be able to help others who cannot help themselves, to defend the defenseless, and be a voice for the voiceless, leaves her with a wonderful feeling.

She encourages every attorney who has the privilege of practicing in Nevada to do the same and is especially appreciative of being honored with this award.  Congratulations Caitlin!