Brandi Planet

headshotCAP Volunteer of the Month – June 2021

Brandi Planet of Lex Domus Law

Brandi moved to Las Vegas from Denver when she was almost eight years old.  She graduated from high school, college, and law school here in our valley; she has made this city her home and feels much invested in our community. After law school, Brandi worked at the Family Court Self-Help Center, but had the desire to move to private practice. She spent nearly seven years at a great defense firm before health reasons forced her to pause her legal career. After her return, Brandi joined a lobbying firm where she lobbied during the 2017 legislative session. She commented that lobbying really opened her eyes to many things but she is a lawyer at heart and truly loves what she does.  After this experience, she joined what she believes is the best law firm in Las Vegas, Fennemore Craig. She practiced business litigation, estate planning/litigation, and employment law. Her health again drove her out of big law and it was then that she and her partner started Lex Domus Law. The firm specializes in business litigation, estate planning, and business advisement. Even with such a busy career, Brandi still finds the time to enjoy the things that bring her peace and happiness like reading a good book, doing yoga, watching movies, and traveling.

Brandi mentions that, at every firm she worked with, pro bono work was encouraged. She took her first pro bono case when she was with one of the law firms many years ago. She mentioned that it was such an amazing experience she never looked back and has always tries to stay active by taking a few cases every year.

When asked to share why she does pro bono work, Brandi indicated that she sees her own childhood reflected back at her in some of the kids she helps. While she was lucky that her parents were ultimately able to care for her and her family, she knows that things could have been different and they almost were. Knowing that she can give a voice to the voiceless and do what she can to make sure her CAP kids are in a loving home is one of the best things she can do as an attorney.

We asked Brandi to share a memorable client with us and she readily indicated that she loves all her CAP kids and she keeps in contact with all of them. She feels it is the best part of her cases.  She will never forget her first case though. The two children were taken into care by their grandmother after their parents failed to care for them due to drug use. When they first came into care, one of the minor children was diagnosed with autism and the other minor was not meeting her milestones. She worked with the family to make sure they had the resources they needed to take care of the kids and helped get them adopted by their aunt. She was able to see them a couple years after their adoption and seeing their progress was one of the best moments for Brandi. She recalled, “You would never know that they didn’t have the best start in life.”

The Pro Bono Project would not have such success if it were not for volunteer attorneys like Brandi. Even when she was experiencing her own personal battles, she continued assisting and helping those in need by representing them. Brandi’s sense of compassion, dedication, and integrity is what make her such an extraordinary volunteer attorney and our June 2021 CAP attorney of the month.