Beth Rosenblum

Rosenblum, Beth 145 x 190Pro Bono Volunteer of the Month April 2015

Beth Rosenblum of Law Offices of Rhonda L. Mushkin, Esq. Chtd.

Beth started volunteering with the Children’s Attorneys Project in 2014 when she attended training and accepted her first pro bono case representing a baby boy. Over the past year, our CAP staff attorneys have observed Beth in court and commented multiple times on the excellent job she is doing to strongly advocate for the legal interests of her client and ensure he has a voice in the legal process. When we asked Beth why she volunteers to represent children, she stated that she knows there are so many children in the system who need representation and knowing that her efforts are able to give this one young child a voice has been extremely fulfilling and rewarding.

Beth encourages all attorneys to take at least one abuse & neglect case representing a child and see the difference they can make. She said, “Just imagine how the backlog of children waiting for representation would disappear for good if every attorney took that one case.”

We thank Beth for her pro bono service and congratulate her as our April volunteer of the Month.