Arun Gupta

edited-arun-gupta-profile-picturePro Bono Volunteer of the Month-April 2021

Arun Gupta of Gupta Law Firm

Arun received his Juris Doctorate from UNLV Boyd School of Law and graduated Magna Cum Laude.  He was a recipient of the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Academic Performance.  He currently has a solo practice called Gupta Law Firm, LLC.

Arun first became involved with Pro Bono work soon after graduating from law school. He states, “I always wanted to give back to the community and the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada gave me that opportunity.”  He has now done Pro Bono work for 10 years.

We asked Arun why he does Pro Bono. He replies, “Pro Bono work gives me a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. I am able to help someone who really needs it.  Justice should not be denied to people simply because they may be less fortunate to afford it.  There are many people who need legal help but do not know where to turn.  The Pro Bono program delivers much needed help and support to them.  The Ask-A-Lawyer programs are another great way to extend a helping hand to a larger section of our community.  A lot of times people just need a nudge to decide which way to go. The Ask-A-Lawyer programs gives participants a sense of direction and some of them can take it from there themselves.”

When we asked Arun to share a story about a memorable client, he shared the following: “One of the most memorable clients is a lady who accumulated a lot of debt during an unfortunate marriage.  She had also incurred large medical bills which she could not afford.  I represented her in bankruptcy court and was able to get those debts discharged.  She was so excited to have a fresh start.”

For his commitment to Pro Bono, we honor Arun Gupta as our March Volunteer of the Month!