Andrew P. Dunning


Pro Bono Volunteer of the Month-May 2020

Andrew Dunning of Black & LoBello

Andrew P. Dunning moved to Las Vegas after receiving his bachelor’s degree in Reno.  He attended and graduated from William S. Boyd School of Law.  Andrew told us, “Ever since I arrived, I have enjoyed getting to know this community and its unique culture, and I have had great opportunities to grow and learn”.  He considers himself lucky to have the support from his family, who have joined him here in Las Vegas. Mr. Dunning was an inspiration to his sister, who also recently graduated from William S. Boyd School of Law and passed the bar.

Mr. Dunning became involved with LACSN through the programs offered at Boyd Law School. He stated, “My previous law firm, in particular, sparked my interest in pro bono work by encouraging all of its attorneys to take at least one case through Legal Aid Center ” . One thing led on to another and he was soon encouraged to take the Children’s Attorney Project CLE. Mr. Dunning states that other Southern Nevada attorneys who have made volunteer work an essential part of their everyday practice, have inspired him to do the same.

One of Mr. Dunning’s colleagues put pro bono volunteer work into perspective, and he decided to share it with us. He said, “They noted that, if we were medical professionals or had special scientific skills that could help alleviate the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would be taking additional shift or volunteering extra hours wherever possible.  Because we are not in a position to provide that kind of specialized help, pro bono service is the closest professional parallel we have.  You often hear people say things like ‘we are all in this together’ rhetorically; I think pro bono work allows attorneys to put those words into practice”.

It is thanks to wonderful attorneys like Andrew P. Dunning that it is possible to assist so many members of our community through the years. For that reason, we honor Mr. Dunning as our May Volunteer of the Month. We hope he can be an inspiration to others, so that we can all come together for this amazing cause and can continue to serve our community.