Alyssa Aklestad

aa-editedVolunteer of the Month-October 2018

Alyssa Aklestad of the Law Office of Alyssa Aklestad, LLC

Alyssa received her bachelor’s degree from Gonzaga University and her Juris Doctor from Temple University. She recently opened her own firm where she predominately practices family law.

Alyssa began volunteering with the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada in 2015. She currently is a regular volunteer with the Family Law Ask-A-Lawyer program, participates in the Children’s Attorneys Project and represents pro bono family law clients. When we asked Alyssa why she does pro bono, she responded “I am involved with Legal Aid because I know that everyone can’t afford legal representation and I see how confusing the legal system can be for attorneys so I can’t image how difficult it is to navigate for those without legal training. I also like participating in Ask-A-Lawyer program because sometimes people don’t need an attorney but just need 15 minutes to get clarification of everything and it’s nice to be able to give people the reassurance that they are doing it correctly themselves and to give them encouragement”.

For her commitment to pro bono, we honor Alyssa Aklestad as our October Volunteer of the Month.