Dayvid Figler

screen-shot-2020-07-22-at-4-57-43-pmPro Bono Volunteer of the Month – December 2022

Dayvid Figler

Dayvid was raised in Las Vegas and has practiced law here since 1991. After a varied practice, Dayvid landed at the inaugural Clark County Special Public Defender’s office. He handled murder cases for over six years, including those with capital consequences. After serving as a Las Vegas Municipal Judge for a short time, Dayvid had the opportunity to open a private practice where he devoted himself to criminal law for the next 18 years. After practicing criminal law, Dayvid developed a niche involving cases concerning individuals with problem gambling disorders. In 2022, he rolled back his practice to co-host a daily podcast about Las Vegas culture and issues called City Cast Las Vegas (

Dayvid became involved with Legal Aid Center after leaving the public sector. He resumed participation in direct pro bono services that were a significant part of his practice as a young lawyer. He continued the Ask-A-Lawyer sessions at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. He’s volunteered for multiple years in our Partners in Pro Bono Program, a partnership between pro bono attorneys, Legal Aid Center, and the Boyd School of Law.

He also proudly serves on Legal Aid Center’s Pro Bono Advisory Committee and has had the privilege of working on pilot programs to address Criminal Law issues that are ancillary but vital to the access to justice mission to which Legal Aid Center is dedicated. 

 When asked why he does pro bono work, Dayvid shared a touching story. He said his father was a card dealer at the Sahara hotel his entire working life in Las Vegas. They lived in a modest, close-knit apartment complex behind the Strip where his neighbors, like them, were struggling to survive, paycheck to paycheck. Growing up, it was the sort of place where all the neighbors looked out for each other as best they could. Any legal setback could derail his family or their neighbors. Sadly, he often saw this firsthand, and it left a profound impression. As the first in his family to go on to higher education, it was never in question that being available to those in the broader community without resources to at least give them a fighting chance at justice was a priority so that people and their families could have a line of defense against potentially life-altering, adverse events.

As an attorney, criminal defense and pro bono work have neatly filled that calling for Dayvid.

Dayvid shared an immigration asylum case he handled through Legal Aid Center. The client and her family didn’t understand the implications of contacting law enforcement to resolve an unrelated, minor family dispute. Both miscommunication and a significant language barrier were at play with the police. As a result, the client was arrested and charged with a criminal offense (and later issued a bench warrant), all of which jeopardized her application and ability to stay in the United States despite exemplary representation by Legal Aid Center immigration attorneys. Based on her specific home country, deportation was life-threatening, and time was of the essence. Because of the complexity of the case and the uncertainty of eligibility for a public attorney, Dayvid provided immediate representation in Court and explained the situation and legal infirmities of the matter to the open-minded prosecutor. Dayvid’s work resulted in the recall of the warrant, and the ultimate dismissal of all charges, thus allowing his client’s compelling asylum application to proceed.

These cases are all widespread in our daily work at Legal Aid Center. Thankfully, we have the assistance of Pro Bono attorneys like Dayvid, who, along with our office, fight the good fight to make a difference in someone’s life. We are proud to have Dayvid on our side; his compassion and dedication to those in need make him the great pro bono attorney he is. We are pleased to name him our December Pro Bono Volunteer of the Month.