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In order to bridge the language access gap between pro bono attorneys and their non-English speaking clients, the Volunteer Interpreter Program pairs pro bono attorneys with volunteer interpreters in order to help provide legal services for low-income individuals and families who face critical legal problems that affect their basic needs. Access to justice is unattainable for those who are not proficient in English unless they also have access to language services that will enable them to understand their legal options and to be understood by professionals in the legal community.

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada is looking for qualified volunteers 18 years of age or older and have native or advanced fluency with a second language with which they are comfortable interpreting (certified interpreters preferred). Interested volunteers may click here to sign up!

What are some of the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities that are needed to be an interpreter?

  • Native-like or advanced proficiency in English and non-English language
  • Knowledge and use of cultural nuances, regional variations, idiomatic expressions, and colloquialisms
  • Knowledge and use of a broad range of vocabulary and willingness to learn legal terminology, subject-specific terminology, and slang
  • Ability to listen to and comprehend different rates of speech in all working languages
  • Ability to select appropriate equivalents for vocabulary or phrases
  • Ability to speak with proper pronunciation, diction, and intonation in all working languages
  • Ability to conduct business in a professional manner

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