Family Law Sample Pleadings

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada provides these pleadings as samples only. They are intended for use by attorneys representing family law clients through the Pro Bono Project. These pleadings may contain legal authority that is no longer controlling or be based on information that is not relevant to your case. The information is believed to be current as of January 2021. However, nothing should substitute for reference to Nevada statutory or case law. When in doubt, please contact Pro Bono Project staff at and ask to be referred to a family law attorney through the Pro Bono Project Family Law Q&A Panel or one of Legal Aid Center’s staff attorneys, who can answer questions regarding current law or current practice in the Eighth Judicial District.

Starting Your Case

Responding to Complaint and Answer

Interim Relief and Motions


Service Issues


Summary Disposition

Financial Disclosure


Trial Documents

Orders and Decrees

Closing Your Case