Case Number: 2021-006927 (Urgent) (Pending Placement)

A retired 79-year-old widow needs assistance against an auto repair shop on breach of contract related claims. She owns a 1999 Jeep Wrangler. She took the Jeep to the opposing party (OP) regarding the front end rattling and a leaking oil pan in August 2020. There was no estimate given. She paid $2,700 up front for the work, but later received a call from OP that she needed additional parts and work done for the back end of her vehicle. Again, she was not provided with an estimate but paid an additional $2,150 for a total of $4,850 paid. About 3 weeks later, she picked up the vehicle from OP. As she drove off, the vehicle made a grinding noise, the front wheels where falling off, and the car would not drive above 35 mph. The client brought the vehicle back to OP but they refused to listen to her or acknowledge any error. On the same day, she took the Jeep to another shop for a second opinion. She was provided with a diagnostic and estimate. She was informed that OP damaged the transmission and shocks and that they had crossed-threaded all the lug nuts to the wheel studs. She paid an additional $1,367.85 to the second mechanic for damages caused by OP. As a result, this client seeks representation to sue for out-of-pocket expenses. She has already sent a demand letter to OP, who has again ignored her. There is no pending case at this time.

Case Number: 2021-032247

A woman recently lost her son and would like to sell her home because it is too painful to remain in the home and she needs the money from the sale of the home to support herself and her nephews whom she has adopted. She found a buyer for the home but, during the sale, she discovered her ex-boyfriend put a lien on the home for $40,000, making it unsellable. She explained that she and her ex-boyfriend decided to move in together and he moved into the home she owned and rented his own home. While they were living together, they fixed and upgraded things in both houses. They eventually broke up and he moved out. Without her knowing, he then put a lien on the home claiming she owed him for the work done on her home. She does not believe she should be responsible for the upgrades as both of their homes were improved during their relationship. She is seeking assistance removing a lien from her home so she can sell it. The client is Spanish-speaking. An interpreter is available to assist in this case through Legal Aid Center’s Volunteer Interpreter Program upon request.