Case Number: 2023-000149 (Pending Placement)

A woman would like an attorney to assist with a divorce from her husband of 5 years due to verbal and emotional abuse. There are no children or debts to be divided, however, she would like spousal support and a portion of her husband’s pension. They are currently living together because she is not able to move out due to her income, but he is planning to move in the near future. Client is Spanish-speaking and a volunteer interpreter is available upon request through the Volunteer Interpreter Program. Next Hearing(s): No case filed. 

Case Number: 2023-002204

The aunt of an 18-year-old boy is in need of assistance filing a guardianship in state court and handling the immigration proceedings. Her nephew hasn’t had contact with his father in over 10 years. He has contact with the mother but she has failed to provide financial support to him and he felt compelled to leave El Salvador because the gangs in the country were threatening him to join them or suffer. The nephew is in removal proceedings but no hearing is scheduled. No guardianship case has been filed in the 8th Judicial District Court. At this time, the aunt needs an attorney to represent her in the state guardianship proceedings and assist with the immigration proceedings. The client speaks Spanish and an interpreter is available through the Volunteer Interpreter Program upon request.