Case Number: 2021-024122 (Urgent)

A mother and her daughter purchased a condo in September 2020. They split escrow and the down payment, totaling approximately $8,000. Since the purchase, the mother has paid half the mortgage every month, approximately $700/month, and paid all utilities. Since the purchase, she and her daughter have had nothing but issues living together. The daughter has been trying to force her mother out of the property since the end of 2020. The mother has tried to negotiate her half of the funds to be returned so she can leave the property to her daughter, but her daughter refuses to accept the deal. On September 2nd, 2021, the daughter stopped the mother from going to work and told her they had an appointment with a notary. The daughter misled the mother by telling her they would be signing an agreement so that the mother could get half of her funds and remove herself from the property. The daughter also told her mother that the agreement mentioned she would not evict her even after removing herself from title. The mother was relieved and thought her daughter was coming to her senses at that point, so she attended their notary appointment and, without question, signed off on the paperwork provided to her. Upon signing, the mother contacted Legal Aid Center to let the intake advocate know their issues had been resolved and provided a copy of what she signed. The document she signed was in English and appears to release her name from title without consideration.  When the intake advocate informed her of what the document said, she was really distraught and stated that she did not know she signed off on her interest because she doesn’t speak English, let alone read it, and she was relying on what her daughter told her. The mother is still in the condo with the daughter and is afraid she will be evicted, but no notice has been served yet. She is desperately seeking any legal options to fight for the property or recover her money and avoid eviction. Spanish-speaking and an interpreter is available through the Legal Aid Center’s Volunteer Interpreter Program upon request.

Case Number: 2022-001197

A mother of 4 children is seeking a status divorce against her estranged husband. The client’s husband abandoned the home in 2020 and moved to Mexico. The client lives with her in-laws, who have the opposing party’s address and can help with service of process. There are no assets to divide; client is not seeking any financial support from her estranged husband. The client simply wants a fresh start with her children without being married to the person who abandoned her family. Client is Spanish-speaking and an interpreter is available upon request through the Volunteer Interpreter Project.