Case Number: 2023-003274

A man is in need of assistance with a troubling auto repair dispute. In February 2022, he entrusted his truck to a repair shop for necessary repairs. However, the auto repair shop failed to provide a written estimate for the repairs, yet demanded $2,941. Despite his payment, the shop insisted on additional money before returning the car, which he refused to pay without a proper estimate. As a result, the auto repair shop unlawfully retains possession of the car. Two demand letters were sent on June 5, 2023, and June 26, 2023, demanding either the repair and return of the car or a full refund of $2,941. The auto repair shop received and ignored both letters. The client is primarily concerned about reclaiming as much of his money as possible since he never received the repaired car he had paid for. The man would like assistance navigating the small claims process and receiving what he is owed. The client is Spanish-speaking and a volunteer interpreter is available through our Volunteer Interpreter Program upon request. Next Hearing(s): No upcoming deadlines.

Case Number: 2023-009489

A woman is seeking assistance obtaining custody of her child because the father of her child is abusive. He has threatened to kill her family. She would like sole legal and physical custody, but is willing to consider other options. She is primarily Spanish-speaking and a volunteer interpreter is available through the Volunteer Interpreter Program. Next Hearing(s): No Case Filed.