Case Number: 2021-008283

Client needs help defending a quiet title claim. She is a Spanish speaker, though her adult daughter is available to assist her and translate. Client was served with a Complaint for Quiet Title on 03/12/2021 and she filed an Answer on 03/23/2021. Plaintiff claims that Client improperly and fraudulently recorded a deed naming her owner to the property in question but client vehemently denies this and has the records.
Plaintiff and Client were involved in a relationship together in 2003. In 2011, Plaintiff won a wrongful death lawsuit for $14.1 million dollars. He offered to pay off Client’s house in a short sale transaction. Plaintiff payed $40K and title was transferred into his name. The parties’ relationship ended in 2011, and Client asked to have title transferred back into her name before Plaintiff moved away. On or about 02/03/2012 the parties engaged counsel to prepare and execute a quitclaim deed (which Plaintiff alleges is fraudulent and Client denies), transferring title of the property back into Client’s name.
The parties separated but kept in contact. Plaintiff began talking about selling the property, and that the property belongs to him. Client then found the quitclaim deed that was executed in 2012 and recorded the deed on 11/13/2019.
Client wants to keep her house and wants representation to fight for it. She states this was a gift from Plaintiff. Client rented this property for years, before she was able to purchase it. She cannot keep her home without representation.

Case Number: 2021-006259

Client is a 69 year old Spanish speaker who needs help clearing a claim against her credit. A former apartment complex placed a claim on Client’s credit which Client disputes in part. Client now cannot obtain housing because of the $1500 claim. Client would like assistance in negotiating the claim down or some other resolution so that she will be able to find a new apartment.

Case Number: 2021-009971

Client, a Spanish speaker, needs representation to obtain custody orders for her 4 month old child. Client seeks is sole/sole custody because not only has the father (OP) not cared for the child since birth- he has not even visited. There is no CPS or DV history. Client is not capable of self-representation due to language barrier.

Case Number: 2021-009063

Client, a Spanish speaker, needs assistance filing a divorce. He attempted to do so last year but was unable to effectuate service. The Court Clerk told him to re-file. Client states there are no children and no DV issues. There is some property and debt to distribute. The marriage was of relatively short duration, client does not seek alimony and even if the opposing party does, Client’s only income is unemployment. He seeks a clean break and a fresh start.