Case Number: 2020-002297

Pc was renting an apartment at Las Vegas Apartments.  Client is stuck in Texas due to the Covi-19. She was given two eviction notice.  The first one in January, 2020.  The judge sided with her and the second notice was because she withheld rent.  The client was not working and landlord wouldn’t fix it.  She made an agreement with the landlord that she would pay December, January, February and $266.00 prorated rent for March and they would drop the eviction.  Client paid rent for December, January, February and the $266.00 for March.  A couple of days later she received another eviction notice.  She did not appear in court because she states she did not think she had to appear because she had already had made an agreement with the landlord.  On March 14, 2020 she moved out per agreement and on March 16, 2020 she requested her deposit back.  On March 18, 2020 she received a response telling her that she was in eviction status and she owed $3000.00 and they could put her deposit towards her balance. Client wants her deposit back, the eviction off her record and not be liable for the $3000.00.  Since she states she already paid everything.