Case Number: 2020-006900

Clients seek assistance in defending a lawsuit recently filed against them by their residential landlord (LL). They were served with the Summons and Complaint on November 22, 2020. The claims include breach of contract, unjust enrichment and elder abuse pursuant to NRS 41. LL claims that she is entitled to double damages for unpaid rent because she is over age 60.

Clients have attempted to make partial payments but LL refused their offer and has demanded payment in full. LL’s attorney also requested copies of their tax returns, but clients refused. Clients then served LL and LL’s attorney with the CDC Declaration in August. They unsuccessfully attempted to obtain rental assistance through CHAP in July.

Clients are able to pay a portion of the balance owed but cannot afford the full balance of over $5K at this time. The clients are a married couple whose income is unemployment and retirement, but much of the income is being used for one client’s medical expenses. The other client lost his job in April. They seek representation in the action and possible settlement to pay as much toward the balance as they can afford.

Case Number: 2021-000052

Client seeks assistance with enforcing her original lease with previous management for the duration of her lease. She renewed her lease in 2020 with the previous owners. She subsequently received a notice informing her that the property was sold to a different management company in October 2020.
In the same month, she received a 60-day notice from new management company informing her that the utility billing will move from a flat rate to an allocation method. They have also informed her that renters insurance is required, when it was only advised in her lease. She has complied and obtained renters insurance. She hasn’t signed a new lease. The additional fees have accrued and she now has a balance owing to the apartment complex. She wants the original lease terms to be enforced.

Case Number: 2021-002147

Client requests assistance in a small claims action. Client is a former sub-tenant of opposing party (OP). Client was behind on rent to OP in October 2020. OP attempted to evict her but client contested the eviction and prevailed. In December 2020, OP was able to evict tenant and perform the lockout. However, OP also cleared the unit of all of client’s personal property, including clothes, appliances, a TV, etc. Client would like counsel and advice as to how to retrieve her property from OP.

Case Number: 2021-013798

Client requests representation against a former landlord (opposing party, “OP”) who has sued her and served the Summons and Complaint on May 6, 2021. OP also filed an OSC for a writ of restitution. A hearing for the writ was continued until May 18, 2021, and client still needs to file an Answer by May 26, 2021.
OP is suing client for unlawful detainer (even though client moved out months ago), breach of contract and related claims. Client was behind on rent, but previously obtained CHAPs funds which were paid to OP. Client has already applied for additional CHAPs funds, but her application is pending. OP pursued eviction on the grounds that client did not have renter’s insurance. Client resided at the apartment for years without renters insurance and OP never previously attempted to evict her on that basis. Client wants the eviction dismissed because she is already out of the unit and her CHAPs application is pending.

Case Number: 2021-012783

Client requests assistance with a dispute she has with a former landlord (opposing party, “OP”). She vacated a townhome in August 2019 because she could no longer obtain transportation to her health care providers. She is disabled and continues to need treatment for her condition. She states she provided OP with the necessary notice regarding her disability when she terminated her lease early. She paid for August 2019, but not September 2019, which OP is billing her for. OP is also billing her to replace flooring and carpeting. Client states the flooring and carpeting have normal wear and tear. Client wants to contest the bill and obtain her security deposit. The total balance owed, according to Landlord is approximately $3k. Client disagrees with these costs and tried to mediate a solution by contacting the Neighborhood Justice Center who referred her to contact LACSN.