Case Number: 2022-003508 (Urgent)

The mother of an 18-year-old boy with severe Autism is seeking guardianship of him. The mother is represented by an attorney. At the Citation Hearing in February 2022, the boy’s sister was appointed temporary guardian. As a result, this man is in need of an attorney to represent his wishes and rights as a proposed protected person. Next Hearing(s): Status Check on 7/6/22 in Department B.

Case Number: 2022-007300

Chloe, an 18-year-old who struggles with depression and suicidal ideations, is the proposed protected person in a guardianship and is seeking assistance in the matter. Her mother is the petitioner and is seeking to be the guardian. There is no physician’s certificate attached and no real description of why she needs a guardian in the petition. There are medical records attached which show that the 18-year-old attempted suicide in 2020 and was diagnosed with depression. She began seeing a therapist and it was noted that she was considering transitioning. Next Hearing(s): Citation Hearing on 4/28/22 at 2:00 pm in Department B.

Case Number: 2022-006980

The paternal grandmother of Xavier, a 2-year-old boy, is seeking guardianship of him and he needs representation to ensure his legal rights and desires are expressed as the proposed protected person. She alleges that both parents are absent, homeless, do drugs, and are unemployed. The father has signed a consent. She also alleges the child is on the autism spectrum. On April 7, the court issued an Order requesting a background investigation of petitioner and production of CPS records, if any exist. Next Hearing(s): Citation Hearing 5/10/22 at 11:00 am in Department B.

Case Number: 2022-002149

A 14-year-old, Alejandra, is seeking representation in guardianship proceedings that stem from a guardianship granted in 2017 and then terminated in 2018. In 2017, the guardian filed a petition for guardianship over the 14-year-old and two of her siblings. The guardian also happens to be the mother and requested to be guardian of the estate of the three children after their father died. The children were parties to probate matter, which was opened by their mother in order “to accept and create blocked accounts on behalf of the the children upon receiving settlement”. The probate estate consisted of a vehicle and “unliquidated proceeds … from a pending wrongful death action.” The father was in custody at Clark County Detention Center at the time of his death. At the time, they were in settlement negotiations. In a minute order from January 2018, the court noted that an order was entered in the probate matter referencing a settlement agreement but that the guardianship court had not been provided any information about it or the creation of a blocked account. Two subsequent status checks were cancelled and then, in September 2018, the court terminated the guardianship due to failure to file the accounting. Even though the case was terminated and the letters revoked, the court ordered the statewide guardianship investigator to investigate the case. The order was a general one and didn’t refer to the alleged settlement agreement. In December 2018, counsel for the guardian appeared at a hearing and advised that he had requested the settlement agreement from the attorney in the civil matter but hadn’t received a response yet. Then the guardian stated that each child had received $15,000 and the funds were placed in a blocked account. The guardian filed an accounting in January 2022. The guardian also filed a petition to assume jurisdiction of the trust that had been created by settlement agreement and an inventory. The trustee of the trust was another child of the father from another marriage. Subsequent to this petition, the court issued an order to show cause, appointed counsel for the children and appointed a GAL. The other two siblings are now adults. The court was concerned that there were distributions made without court approval or knowledge. The court also appointed an investigator to look into the funds. Next Hearing(s):  Status Check on 7/26/2022 at 9 am in Department B.

Case Number: 2022-007372

The mother of Vanessa, a 19-year-old with chronic respiratory failure and cerebral palsy, has filed a petition for guardianship of her. She requires a g-tube for hydration, medication, and nutrition, and a trach for ventilator support. This is the second petition as the first one was dismissed due to failure to serve those entitled to service. This current petition omits some of her siblings who would be entitled to service. A Physician’s Certificate has been filed. At this time, Vanessa is in need of an attorney to represent her wishes and rights as a proposed protected person. Next Hearing(s): Citation Hearing on 5/19/22 at 2:00 pm in Department B.

Case Number: 2022-007364

After a serious car accident that left Joshua, a 19-year-old man, with a brain injury, his sister is petitioning for temporary guardianship over him. He is currently at UMC. The sister is represented by counsel. The petition notes that the guardian will file a lawsuit stemming from the accident. There is a Physician’s Certificate on file. This man is in need of an attorney to represent his wishes and rights as a proposed protected person. Next Hearing(s): Citation Hearing on 5/26/22 at 10:30 am in Department B.