Case Number: 2020-006969

Client seeks a divorce. Client has been a homemaker for 25 years. Husband deposits his earnings into a trust, as well as his business account. Before the parties re-married (divorced 2009, re-married 2015) Husband also placed the marital residence into a trust. Client has no job experience. She would like to receive an equitable distribution and appropriate alimony.

Case Number: 2020-009834

Client is a 48 year old protected person under the guardianship of his parents. Client suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2013, resulting in the need for a guardian. His prognosis for recovery is poor. Client was married at the time of the injury. His guardians filed for divorce on his behalf, without court permission. Client received funds from a PI settlement as a result of the injury. He has no access to his funds and lacks the capacity to direct his attorney. Client’s guardianship attorney has further identified several red flags indicating possible financial exploitation by the guardians. Given the failure of the guardians or their counsel to comply with accounting and budgetary requirements, they cannot be relied upon to secure independent counsel for client to handle his divorce matter and protect his settlement funds, which he will need for medical care for the rest of his life.

Case Number: 2020-012057

Client seeks assistance with a custody matter. There are no pending cases at this time. The applicant and opposing party have 2 minors, ages 12 and 9. They were previously sharing custody pursuant to an informal agreement. However, the opposing party picked up the children on August 27th and has not returned them. According to the client, opposing party is holding them against their will. Client seeks sole custody on the basis that the opposing party is an unfit parent with unaddressed mental issues. Both minors have been chronically absent from school while in the care of the opposing party.

Case Number: 2020-011234

Client seeks a pro bono attorney for divorce and custody. There are no CPS or domestic violence issues in the legal matter. The opposing party has filed for divorce. There are currently no upcoming hearings. The client states that the reason for divorce is incompatibility. The opposing party started a new relationship while married. The parties do not live together and have been separated for 3 years. They have cooperated with an informal parenting agreement. The client seeks joint/joint custody. Division of real estate, vehicles, or joint bank accounts are not anticipated. The client wants to keep her full retirement account but does not seek alimony. The parties have one credit card; client would like to divide the debt 50/50.

Case Number: 2020-009948

Client seeks a divorce and wants sole custody of the parties’ 17-year-old daughter. The opposing party is not on the minor’s birth certificate. Client states that there are no domestic violence or child protection issues. Community property includes the parties’ vehicles. There are no community debts. The reason for the divorce is incompatibility, emotional stress and the opposing party’s lack of financial support after the parties’ separation. Parties are residents of Las Vegas. No criminal history. No current open case in District Court.

Case Number: 2020-003883

Divorce matter. The parties have a 13 year old son and custody and property division are contested. The parties’ Settlement Conference on June 10, 2020 did not result in a resolution. Opposing party is Pro Se and client’s prior pro bono attorney filed a Notice to Withdraw. Client is afraid to go to trial against opposing party without counsel. Client states she has a current TPO against the opposing party and that he has violated the same. She further states no discovery has been propounded by either side.

Case Number: 2020-007290

The client wants a divorce; no children. The parties have been married 31 years, separated for the last five years. The opposing party lives in Oregon, the client lives in Las Vegas, NV. The opposing party is a construction consultant/superintendent and earns up to $250,000 a year. He is currently working a job out of the country. The client states her husband does not want a divorce now. He is waiting for his current job assignment to conclude. In the meantime, the client believes he will hide his income and put assets in his girlfriend’s name. The opposing party sends the client money each month. There is no real property, and the client seeks alimony.

Case Number: 2020-003396

The applicant seeks custody modification with sole/primary. The parties have a 3 -year old daughter. The opposing party is on daughter’s birth certificate. There have been domestic violence and CPS issues; the CPS file has been closed. They separated due to the opposing party’s drug usage and propensity for violence. The applicant states that she has proof of the violence. Parties are residents of Las Vegas.  A case is open in District Court. 

Case Number: 2020-006515

The client seeks help with a custody matter. There is no pending case. Applicant and the opposing party never lived together; they separated in 2016.  The opposing party moved to Los Angeles and abandoned the client and their minor child. The minor is four years old and resides with the client in Las Vegas. The client seeks sole custody since the opposing party has taken no interest to be part of the minor’s legal/medical/education affairs. There is no DV history. The client is not capable of self represent due to the language barrier.

Case Number: 2020-021232

Client seeks a divorce. She and opposing party (OP) have one common minor child (she has two other children from previous relationship, one who is still a minor). Client would like Joint Legal/ Primary Physical custody with child support. She also seeks alimony, as OP earns roughly 5 times more income than client. The parties have been married for 10 years. Client states there has been both mental and physical abuse by OP towards her and the children. OP will almost certainly contest the divorce and he has the means to retain counsel. Client needs representation to have a level playing field.

Case Number: 2020-019155

Client seeks assistance with a custody and support matter. Opposing Party (OP) resides in another state and is represented by NV counsel. Client and the parties’ 9 year old daughter reside in Las Vegas. Temporary custody and support orders are in place. Client has sole physical custody and the parties have joint legal. OP pays child support. The next hearing is set for March 2021. Client intends to maintain sole physical and wants sole legal. She states there is a history of abuse and that OP continues to send harassing messages to her.

Case Number: 2020-010906

Applicant is seeking assistance with obtaining sole custody of her children, with visitations for the opposing party. The parties share a 9-year old son, 8-year old son, 4-year old son, and 1-year old daughter. Opposing party is on three of the minors’ birth certificate; the other was established by admission per child support documents. There are no child protective issues. There are no domestic violence issues, however, applicant had a temporary protection order against opposing party due to his mental health issues and being off medication.

Case Number: 2020-018128

Client seeks representation with a pending custody matter. She filed for sole custody of their 2 year old minor in June 2020. In October 2020, the Court entered a temporary order awarding client sole physical and legal custody, with no visitation for the opposing party (OP). The Court set a Status Check hearing for February 2021. Client was previously represented by counsel in an unbounded capacity, but prior counsel has now withdrawn. Client seeks Pro Bono counsel for representation at the upcoming Status Check hearing.
OP currently has a criminal sentencing hearing set for December 2020 in the Eighth Judicial District Court in a matter involving domestic violence and/or sexual relations with a minor.

Case Number: 2020-018546

Client is a victim of domestic violence and needs assistance with a child custody matter. This is a high risk referral from Safe Nest. The parties have one child together, age 7 months. Client wants sole custody. Opposing party (OP) was arrested for DV and child neglect. The criminal case is pending. Client currently has a TPO against OP that expires December 24, 2020.

Case Number: 2020-003734

Client seeks assistance with a divorce. She has been a resident of Las Vegas since November 2019. The opposing party’s (OP) last known address was in Otego, NY. The parties have been separated since August 2014. Client states domestic violence occurred during the marriage.  The parties have two children. The eldest is now an adult, while the youngest is aged 13. The youngest resides with client’s mother, who is the minor’s legal guardian. OP has not been involved in their lives since 2014. Client wishes to put this marriage behind her.

Case Number: 2020-015602

Client seeks assistance with a divorce, including issues of child custody, support and property/debt division. She has one minor child, and another who has reached 18. The parties have been married for 17 years. Client seeks joint/joint for their 12 year old daughter. Client states opposing party (OP) can keep the family home, and she wants to keep her vehicle, for which she continues to make the monthly payments. There are no other debts between them.

Case Number: 2020-017034

Client seeks assistance with a divorce. She is a Spanish speaker who has suffered intimation and emotional abuse from the opposing party (OP). Now that OP is in prison in southern California, Client wishes to move on from this marriage. The parties have no children, assets or debts and Client does not seek alimony. She merely needs assistance with the divorce, as she is unable to complete the process on her own.

Case Number: 2020- 018661

Client seeks representation with a divorce. Her spouse is represented by an attorney and he filed the Complaint. She filed an Answer and Counterclaim on or about 11/30/20. Client is unemployed due to the pandemic and cares for the parties two children, aged 8 and 1. Even if she could find a job and return to work, her income earning capacity is significantly lower than the opposing party’s income. She would like to maintain primary physical custody with reasonable visitation, statutory child support and reasonable alimony. There is no DV.

Case Number: 2020-019182

Client seeks assistance with a custody matter in District Court that she wants to have dismissed. These parties have a related matter that is pending a Supreme Court Appeal.
The parties have a 9 year old son. There are no current domestic violence issues, though there was CPS involvement in 2009 against opposing party. Client and child are residents of Las Vegas, but opposing party resides in California.

Case Number: 2020-022847

Client requests assistance obtaining a child custody order. She resides with her 7 year old daughter. She is not married to opposing party (OP) and there are no custody orders in place. OP lives in the state of Georgia. Client states that OP tries to take their child out of state for visits without Client’s consent. She wants to ensure a stable and structured schedule. The DA has already established paternity and ordered child support.