Case Number: 2020-003396

Client seeks representation for custody modification to sole/primary. The parties have a 3 year old daughter and the opposing party (OP) is on daughter’s birth certificate. Although there have been DV and CPS issues in the past, the CPS file has been closed. The parties separated due to OP’s drug usage and propensity for violence. Client states she has proof of DV by OP. The parties are Las Vegas residents and this is an open case in District Court.


Case Number: 2020-020235

Client seeks modification of custody and child support. Client would like representation for an evidentiary hearing scheduled for April 5, 2021 to decide his petition to modify. He wants to spend one more day per week with his children and obtain a commensurate reduction in child support.

Case Number: 2020-017039

Client seeks assistance for child custody matter. There is an active case pending since 2019 and the parties have a temporary custody order in place. Client and opposing party (OP) share joint legal and physical custody of both minors. The parties have gone to family mediation but cannot agree on custody terms.

Client states she has DV history w/ OP. She further states OP has CPS history involving the children due to his leaving them in the home of strangers. Client states the children don’t feel comfortable being in OP’s care, which is why she requests sole/primary custody w/ visitation. Client’s previous pro bono attorney had to withdraw in October 2020. OP is represented by counsel. An evidentiary hearing is set for May, 2021.

Case Number: 2020-00801

Client seeks representation for a custody matter. The opposing party (OP) has filed a Petition for Custody even though he was arrested and incarcerated for domestic violence against Client. CPS removed the children (ages 1 and 3) in 2018. After Client met all of her goals with DFS, the children were reunited with her and the Dependency case was closed. However, when she requested child support, OP filed for custody. He has limited supervised visits at present, is not involved in child rearing and does not provide support. Client merely seeks to protect both herself and her young children from him.

Case Number: 2021-004181

Client requests assistance with a divorce. He is 70 years old and states he was diagnosed with dementia in 2018. His family states he is in the early stages. The parties have been married for 13 years, there are no minor children and there is some property and debt to equitably distribute. Client states that in October 2020, the opposing party (OP) put him up in a 1 bedroom apartment, took all of his money and valuables, and left town. He would like representation in obtaining a divorce, an equitable share of the marital assets and alimony. He states she earns over 100K per year, while he survives only on 1500 per month in Social Security.

Case Number: 2021-008780

Client seeks representation with a custody matter. Opposing party (OP) father filed a Motion for Temporary Custody and Support Orders and a hearing on the motion is set for May 10, 2021. OP is represented by counsel. Client and OP were never married and client has had physical custody of the parties’ 4 year old son his entire life. OP is requesting joint physical/ joint legal custody. Client wants sole/sole with reasonable visitation and child support. There is no history of DV.

Case Number: 2021-008913

Client requests representation on a custody modification matter. Client was married to opposing party (OP) and they have 4 sons from age 5 to 11. They divorced around 2018. Client moved to California and agreed to joint legal custody with OP having primary physical custody of the boys. The parties reconciled and Client moved back in with the family in Las Vegas several months ago. They did not remarry and the current custody order remains in effect.
Client wants to end the relationship and move out, but she wants 50-50 physical custody this time. OP is threatening to prevent her from having as much time with the boys as she has in the Decree. Client does not want to have to endure a bad relationship just to continue to be present for the children.

Case Number: 2021-009971

Client, a Spanish speaker, needs representation to obtain custody orders for her 4 month old child. Client seeks is sole/sole custody because not only has the father (OP) not cared for the child since birth- he has not even visited. There is no CPS or DV history. Client is not capable of self-representation due to language barrier.

Case Number: 2021-009063

Client, a Spanish speaker, needs assistance filing a divorce. He attempted to do so last year but was unable to effectuate service. The Court Clerk told him to re-file. Client states there are no children and no DV issues. There is some property and debt to distribute. The marriage was of relatively short duration, client does not seek alimony and even if the opposing party does, Client’s only income is unemployment. He seeks a clean break and a fresh start.

Case Number: 2020-006969

The parties were married for many years and had one child. Husband was sole breadwinner and handled all the money. The wife believes he was making as much as $260K a year plus bonuses. The wife was a stay at home mom who took care of their child who had cancer, she has no significant work experience or assets.

The child ultimately passed away and the parties divorced. Almost as soon as they divorced, the parties began seeing each other again, the wife got pregnant, and they decided to remarry, The morning of the second weddings he husband forced the wife to sign a prenup/quitclaim disclaiming any interest in their nearly $1M home.

The parties separated in 2018 and are divorcing a second time. The husband is trying to claim the entirety of the house and avoid paying any alimony. The wife was working a low-wage job as a secretary for a roofing company but was laid off due to Covid and is now living on less than $300 a week unemployment. In addition to the financial issues, there are also disputes over custody. Trial is currently set for June 15 and they have a settlement conference on May 5.

Case Number: 2021-010981

Client is seeking assistance with a non-pending divorce. She has been living with her son since her husband forced her out of their property. Client and her husband have been married since October 1989 and their final separation took place May 2021. While Client was hospitalized, her husband changed the locks to prevent her entry. Community property includes a marital home, other property, 2 vehicles, furniture, an RV and checking/savings account. Client is requesting alimony of $2500 per month. Community debt includes car loans, IRS, mortgage and 2 creditors. There are no minor children involved and there is no physical DV.

Case Number: 2021-014545

Client is seeking assistance with a divorce. Client is a resident of Las Vegas and her husband’s residence is unknown. The reason for the separation is due to her husband being taken away by police from their home. She has not known anything about her husband’s whereabouts since 2005. Client has no community or property debt and there are no children or domestic violence issues.

Case Number: 2021-004797

Client seeks representation on a custody case involving DV. The father (Opposing Party, “OP”) has several arrests, including for domestic violence against Client. Client is terrified of him and states he has threatened her several times, including that he would kill her if she showed up in court for a DV incident. When she didn’t appear, the charges were dropped by the DA. OP is represented by counsel, but client is not. OP’s counsel accused client in open court of sending fake text messages of the threats and OP denies making them. There is an ongoing CPS investigation against OP as well. Client needs counsel to help her present her evidence at an upcoming evidentiary hearing. She just wants to keep her 2 and 5 year old boys safe and wants OP’s threats and violence toward her to stop.