Case Number: 2022-001632 (Pending Placement)

Nona, a 63-year-old woman, needs an attorney to assist her in obtaining a divorce from her husband. They have been separated since 1996 and she has not had any contact with him since then. There are no minor children and no community debts or assets. She does not know where he is, therefore service may have to be by publication. There is no pending case in the District Court.

Case Number: 2022-006776

Gregory is a disabled veteran seeking assistance with a divorce. He is seeking joint primary custody of his 12-year-old daughter and spousal support. Currently, the parties have a verbal agreement regarding custody in which he has his daughter from Sunday to Thursday and the opposing party has her on Friday and Saturday. There are no domestic violence or child protective service issues and the opposing party has requested the divorce. Community property includes two cars, both parties’ retirement accounts, the opposing party’s life insurance, and his checking and savings accounts. Community debt includes medical debt. Parties are residents of Las Vegas. No criminal history. At this time, he needs an attorney to assist him through the divorce process and ensure his interests and rights are protected. Next Hearing(s): The court ordered mediation on the custody issue – Return Hearing on 6/14/22 at 11 am; Case Management Conference on 6/14/2022 at 11 am.

Case Number: 2022-001046

While in a coma due to severe complications from a surgical procedure, Janae was served a custody complaint in October 2021 requesting temporary sole legal and primary custody of her 8-year-old child due to her hospitalization. She was in the hospital for 104 days and was discharged on January 1, 2022. The child’s maternal grandmother obtained temporary guardianship of the child during the hospitalization and it was extended to 2/5/2022 in order for the mother to fully recover and be fully able to care for the child. The court entered a default judgment in the custody case in November 2021, but then the custody case was stayed pending the conclusion of the guardianship case of the child. During the time this client was in a relationship with the opposing party, the opposing party was emotionally and physically abusive to her. He used isolation, intimidation, coercion, and threats to control her. Now, the child lives with the client on weekdays and spends every other week with his dad. The client would like sole legal and primary custody of her son with supervised visitations every other weekend. and she is seeking a pro bono attorney to assist her in this matter. Next Hearing(s): No hearing scheduled at this time. 

Case Number: 2022-005656

Maria would like to divorce her husband and have sole physical and legal custody of their daughter. They separated in 2010 and, in 2012, the opposing party was convicted and sentenced to 210 months in federal prison in California for drug trafficking. She would like assistance obtaining a divorce and custody of her daughter so she can ensure she is able to make decisions for her daughter and best support her.