Case Number: 2023-009489

A woman is seeking assistance obtaining custody of her child because the father of her child is abusive. He has threatened to kill her family. She would like sole legal and physical custody, but is willing to consider other options. She is primarily Spanish-speaking and a volunteer interpreter is available through the Volunteer Interpreter Program. Next Hearing(s): No Case Filed. 

Case Number: 2023-010505

A woman is seeking assistance with divorce and custody case because she and the opposing party are no longer compatible. They have four young children and the children reside with their mother. Both parents are seeking joint physical and joint legal custody. There are no community assets or debts to divide. She filed for divorce in 2021, but the case was dismissed for failure to take action for more than 3 months on a case that was pending for more than 6 months. Next Hearing(s): No Open Case.