Case Number: 2019-000146

Applicant is seeking assistance with a divorce, involving child custody, child/spousal support, and division of community property. Immigration issues are also involved; applicant only wants to divorce if it would not negatively impact the opposing party’s immigration status. Applicant is on a U-Visa and opposing party is her derivative. Applicant is seeking joint/primary custody of the children (all minors), with the children staying with the opposing party every weekend. Applicant is seeking child support and potentially spousal support. There is community property and debt to divide. Both parties and children continue to live together in Las Vegas. Applicant would like to continue living in home with children, and states opposing party would be amendable to this, if applicant paid the mortgage while residing there.  Spanish Speaking Client.

Case Number: 2019-007410

Victim of domestic violence is seeking assistance with custody matter. Adverse party currently has open battery case against client. Client has videos of adverse threatening to kill client and harm child. There is only one biological child, 2 years old, who resides with client in Las Vegas. Adverse party also lives in Las Vegas. Client seeks joint and primary custody of minor with visitations for opposing party. Client would like to relocate to Louisiana to be with her family. The next hearing  is for a Evidentiary Hearing scheduled for 2/7/20 at 9:00 am.

Case Number: 2020-000399

Client is seeking assistance with divorce, custody and returning his children back to Las Vegas. Opposing party and applicant have some debts and cars that must be divided.

Case Number: 2020-000304

Parties never married.  Applicant is requesting sole/sole custody order.  Other party last saw child in December, 2019.  Applicant says after an argument, he put her and the child out of the house.

Case Number: 2020-000072

The parties never married, they have three (3) children.  They divorced after the first child and had two more children after the divorce who were not included in the decree.  The applicant is seeking primary physical custody.  Adverse party was arrested for domestic violence in May, 2019, but it was pled down to disturbing the peace.  Plaintiff was awarded temporary primary physical custody after motion practice.  The parties will return to court on April 7, 2020 for a return from mediation.

Case Number: 2020-000065

Parties married in April, 2018 they are no children.  Applicant alleges history of domestic violence.  There are four (4) vehicles to be divided and a home purchased during the marriage but applicant is not on the deed.

Case Number: 2020-002094

Applicant wants joint/joint custody of her 4 year old son that lives with his father, the OP. The parties were never married. Our applicant resides in California, but the child lives here in Las Vegas with his father (the OP). She states that the child has been living with OP here in Las Vegas since 2018. They never had a Court order in regards to the child. She wants joint/joint with visitation; she still wants the child to live with OP, but she wants visitation rights, as OP, lately, makes it difficult for her to see the child.

Case Number: 2020-001891

Applicants is age 68 and retired, is seeking Pro Bono representation after being served with a complaint for divorce with no children, only community property and debt. He states opposing party abandoned the residence after being married since 1977. Reason for the divorce is incompatibility. He agrees to the divorce, but is disputing opposing parties request to be awarded 50% of the property, retirement and/ or pension and 50% value of a F150 Ford truck. He states there is debt but any debt under his or her name is their own sole responsibility. He is not seeking alimony.

Case Number: 2020-001851

Parties married in 2009 and separated in 2017.  Applicant is seeking a divorce and custody of their three children. Applicant and the children live in Las Vegas and AP lives in Kansas and is active military at this time.  Applicant is seeking sole legal and primary physical custody, child support has been establish and being collected by the DA child support office.  The parties have many debts, a military pension and many cars to divide. Applicant is also requesting alimony for 5 years.

Case Number: 2020-002100

She is looking for Divorce assistance. No criminal background on her or OP. They married 2010, still reside together. Reason for the Divorce is OP is requesting it. Appl wants spousal support of $1500 per month for 2 years. They have no community property but do have credit card, appl isn’t sure of the amount they owe. They don’t have any children. No DV history.

Case Number: 2020-001975

Applicant wants custody of his two year old daughter.  Applicant and opposing party were never married and applicant is listed as Father on child`s birth certificate.

Case Number: 2020-002196

Client receives social security income only. He is seeking Pro Bono assistance to file a complaint for divorce with no minor children. He was married to opposing party in Las Vegas, Nevada 15 years ago. The parties are still living within the same residence. Opposing party is not pregnant. He states he is seeking divorce because of incompatibility. The parties purchased a property while married in Las Vegas, NV. The property still has a mortgage loan and he would like to split the property 50/50. He would like to keep a car. Opposing party will keep a different car. Client states he does not have a retirement account, but opposing party does. He is seeking to be awarded opposing parties retirement account, but does not know the extent value of the retirement account. Currently the parties do not share a joint bank account. He is seeking alimony.

Case Number: 2020-002632

Applicant has a current TPO on opposing party, which expires on 5/9/2020. She has currently been laid off from her job because of COVID-19. She used the IRS tracking to track her stimulus and found that it was direct deposited into opposing party’s bank account. She used opposing party’s bank account because she does not have her own bank account and needed one to receive her tax refund. She would like to get her stimulus money from opposing party.

Case Number: 2020-002118

Applicant was laid off due to COVID. He is seeking assistance with the modification of  custody. He would like joint/joint. Each parent to have one week with the minor child.

Case Number: 2020-0024005

Applicant is seeking assistance for divorce, they have adult children. There is domestic violence. Community properties include a house, both are on title; and applicant’s life insurance of $100k. Community debt includes the mortgage from U.S. Bank and individual pay day loans from both parties. The reason for the divorce is opposing party has entered applicant into a medical facility and is refusing to let her come home. Parties are residents of Las Vegas. No current open case in District Court.

Case Number: 2020-002841

Applicant is seeking assistance with joint primary custody because the opposing party cannot provide appropriate living space and support for the children. The parties have a 2-year old son and 3-year old daughter. Applicant and opposing party, are on their birth certificates. There are no domestic violence or child protective issues. Applicant and children are residents of Nevada, opposing party is a resident of Indiana. No criminal history. No current open case in District Court. However, opposing party has opened a child support case.

Case Number: 2020-002767

Client wants assistance to get a Divorce. She married opposing party in 2015 and have been separated since 2016. They have no children, no assets and no debts.

Case Number: 2020-003207

Applicant is seeking assistance for divorce with sole/joint custody. The parties have a 5-year old son and a 2-year old son. Opposing party, is on the minor’s birth certificate. There is no domestic violence or child protective issues. Community property includes two cars – opposing party is the only one on the title for both vehicles, applicant’s checking account with $0 balance, and joint checking account with $0 balance. Community debt includes car loan with unknown balance. The reason for the divorce is abandonment by opposing party. Parties are residents of Las Vegas. No criminal history. No current open case in District Court.

Case Number: 2020-003222

Client would like representation in a modification of custody case.  Former partner filed a custody complaint, served the complaint by publication and obtained SOLE/SOLE custody order of their two children by default on 01-16-20. The children have been living with their father since January of 2019, Opposing party would let the children stay with client often. They had a falling out and he showed up to client’s house with the court order and took the children.  She was shocked with the court order, she had no idea that opposing party had obtained SOLE/SOLE custody. Opposing party is very strict about visitation and the visiting time is very limited. Client would like representation in setting aside the current order and modify to JOINT / JOINT.

Case Number: 2020-003646

Client is looking for a divorce and sole legal and physical custody of her 17 year old son. Her husband abandoned the family 9 years ago. The only community property is her 2006 vehicle. No community debt. Income qualified

Case Number: 2020-006265

Applicant is a 53 years old woman, she`s been married with OP for the past 20 years. For the past 20 years both she and the children (now adults) suffered emotionally, physically, verbally abuse from OP who is a drug addict and an alcoholic. Last act of domestic violence happened on June 29th 2020; Opposing party punched the walls, named names, cursed, acted violently against applicant. No minor children involved. She just wants to divorce him.

Case Number: 2020-003396

Applicant is seeking assistance for custody modification to sole/primary. The parties have a 3 -year old daughter. Opposing party is on the minor’s birth certificate. There has been domestic violence and child protective issues, the issue has been closed. The reason for the separation is due to opposing party’s drug and violence issues. Applicant states that she has proof of the violence. Parties are residents of Las Vegas. they have an open case with District Court.  There is only one child that should be involved in the case, however, OP included the other two children from applicant’s previous marriage. The custody order for those children was made in Los Angeles.  She is seeking sole/primary custody because opposing party works 5 days a week and child is left with his parents. She claims that his parents are unfit to watch the child. Opposite party wants joint/primary, applicant alleges it is because he wants to relocate child to California.

Case Number: 2020-005743

Client is looking for representation in a custody complaint filed by the opposing party on June 25, 2020.  Client and opposing party had an altercation on 06/25/20, opposing party called police and stated there was domestic violence, which there wasn’t. Client was not arrested and opposing party is the one who kicked in a hole in the door. Client’s sister removed their son from the situation. Opposing party rushed out that same day, obtains counsel, and a complaint for custody is filed on 06/25/20 at 9:23 pm. Client seeking JOINT / JOINT opposing party is seeking JOINT / PRIMARY.

Case Number: 2020-004083

Applicant is seeking an attorney to represent her in a custody case against her child’s father. The parties were never married and have never had a custody order before. Their daughter is 9. Client has not seen her daughter since Mother’s Day, and opposing party will not tell her where they are.

Case Number: 2020-005756

Applicant is seeking assistance for divorce with joint custody, and alimony if possible. The parties have two daughters, ages 16 years old and 11  years old. Opposing party is on the minors’ birth certificate. The 11-year old child lives with applicant in Nevada. Opposing party and 16-year old child has lived in Washington since October 2019. Both parties have agreed to the current arrangement and have already established child support between themselves. There are no domestic violence or child protective service issues. Community property includes 2015 truck, vehicle and title is with opposing party but applicant wants this vehicle, and a 2019 SUV which is in applicant’s possession. Community debt includes car loans. The reason for the divorce is irreconcilable differences. No criminal history. No current open case in District Court

Case Number: 2020-006099

Client is seeking pro bono assistance with divorce & custody. She married opposing party in 2009, separated on September 2019 due to lack of equality & verbal abuse. No physical abuse. Client is requesting spousal support for the amount of $500 per month. She would also like be entitled to opposing party’s retirement benefits, she has none. There are no community assets or debts. They have 2 minor children ages 8 and 5. Client is seeking joint/joint custody. Only pending case is a DA Child Support matter.

Case Number: 2020-006969

Client needs assistance with her divorce. She has been a house wife for 25 years and  husband has been putting all his earnings into a trust fund  as well as his business account and before they remarried (divorced 2009- remarried 2015) he also put the house into a trust fund. Client has no job experience nor does she  have a 401k or Social Security to rely on when she can no longer work. Client would  like to get help to receive some funding from opposing party. She also believes opposing party is hiding funds from her and saving them for himself only.

Case Number: 2020-005740

Client is seeking representation in custody case. She has one child. She met opposing party in September 2019 through family friends, they got together one night that ended up in a pregnancy. There was never a relationship.   Opposing party pressured applicant for an abortion. Opposing party has filed for a complaint for custody/ paternity and seeking JOINT / JOINT and client is fine with that. Applicant believes opposing party’s true residence is in Fontana, CA., and is very scared that he will take baby to California.