Case Number: 2020-018546

Client is a victim of domestic violence and needs assistance with a child custody matter. This is a high risk referral from Safe Nest. The parties have one child together, age 9 months. Client wants sole custody in order to keep her and the baby safe. Opposing party (OP) was arrested for DV and child neglect and a criminal case is pending. Client had a TPO against OP that expired on December 24, 2020.

Case Number: 2020-00801

Client seeks representation for a custody matter. The opposing party (OP) has filed a Petition for Custody even though he was arrested and incarcerated for domestic violence against Client. CPS removed the children (ages 1 and 3) in 2018. After Client met all of her goals with DFS, the children were reunited with her and the Dependency case was closed. However, when she requested child support, OP filed for custody. He has limited supervised visits at present, is not involved in child rearing and does not provide support. Client merely seeks to protect both herself and her young children from him.

Case Number: 2021-009642

Client needs representation for a divorce involving domestic violence. She is a victim of multiple verbal, mental, and physical incidents. A TPO was granted March 11, 2021 and will expire April 24, 2021. TPO case #: T-21-212307-N. CPS investigation open March 11, 2021, due to the DV. The parties have been married for 4.5 years. They separated March 11, 2021 after the latest DV incident. Client states that the opposing party is abusing alcohol. The parties have one child in common, aged 2.Client has another child from a previous relationship. They are Nevada residents and currently residing with Client. Client moved with the children to a safe location after the March DV incident.
Client states that DV started October, 2018. In August, 2020, OP grabbed and squeezed client’s arm, resulting in injury. OP refused to let go after Client asked multiple times. She punched OP on the nose in self-defense. OP retaliated by punching Client in the back of the head and continued to hit Client while she was on the ground. There is very little property to divide, but lots of debt. Client seeks sole physical/ sole legal custody with supervised visitation. She is a stay at home parent and may seek some alimony. She is planning to begin an apprenticeship in April.