Case Number: 2023-000149 (Pending Placement)

A woman would like an attorney to assist with a divorce from her husband of 5 years due to verbal and emotional abuse. There are no children or debts to be divided, however, she would like spousal support and a portion of her husband’s pension. They are currently living together because she is not able to move out due to her income, but he is planning to move in the near future. Client is Spanish-speaking and a volunteer interpreter is available upon request through the Volunteer Interpreter Program. Next Hearing(s): No case filed. 

Case Number: 2023-001485

A young woman is in need of an attorney to assist her in obtaining sole legal custody and primary physical custody of her two minor children. The client has faced numerous years full of both physical and verbal abuse from the children’s father.  The client stated that he has always paid for the children’s housing, utilities, and transportation and she believes he should continue paying child support. She is also currently facing eviction from their family home by him. Next Hearing(s): No Current Hearings.

Case Number: 2023-001452

A woman is in need of an attorney to assist her with filing for divorce from her husband of over forty years. They are currently still living together, but have been separated for around ten years. The client has suffered from domestic abuse the entirety of their relationship and she is still enduring his abuse every month that they are married. The client would like to keep the car, continue living in the apartment,  and keep the furniture. She is hoping for spousal support and would like to consult with an attorney regarding this request. This client is Spanish speaking and an interpreter is available upon request. Next Hearing(s): No Case Has Been Filed.