Case Number: 2020-002632

Applicant has a current TPO on opposing party, which expires on 5/9/2020. She has currently been laid off from her job because of COVID-19. She used the IRS tracking to track her stimulus and found that it was direct deposited into opposing party’s bank account. She used opposing party’s bank account because she does not have her own bank account and needed one to receive her tax refund. She would like to get her stimulus money from opposing party.

Case Number: 2020-009360

Applicant is seeking assistance for a legal separation with alimony. The parties have adult children. There are domestic violence issues. The parties have community property includes a house, 08 Nissan Max, 09 Chevrolet Sierra, opposing party’s life insurance, retirement benefits, joint bank account, and applicant’s checking account. Community debt includes applicant’s dental balance and the mortgage. The reason for the legal separation is due to the verbal abuse as well as her financial dependency and fear of opposing party. Parties are residents of Las Vegas. Applicant has no criminal history, but opposing party has a criminal history in 2002, Portsmouth, VA for domestic violence battery with a weapon where applicant was the victim.  No current open case in District Court.