Case Number: 2020-021232

Client seeks a divorce. She and opposing party (OP) have one common minor child (she has two other children from previous relationship, one who is still a minor). Client would like Joint Legal/ Primary Physical custody with child support. She also seeks alimony, as OP earns roughly 5 times more income than client. The parties have been married for 10 years. Client states there has been both mental and physical abuse by OP towards her and the children. OP will almost certainly contest the divorce and he has the means to retain counsel. Client needs representation to have a level playing field.

Case Number: 2020-019155

Client seeks assistance with a custody and support matter. Opposing Party (OP) resides in another state and is represented by NV counsel. Client and the parties’ 9 year old daughter reside in Las Vegas. Temporary custody and support orders are in place. Client has sole physical custody and the parties have joint legal. OP pays child support. The next hearing is set for March 2021. Client intends to maintain sole physical and wants sole legal. She states there is a history of abuse and that OP continues to send harassing messages to her.

Case Number: 2020-018546

Client is a victim of domestic violence and needs assistance with a child custody matter. This is a high risk referral from Safe Nest. The parties have one child together, age 7 months. Client wants sole custody. Opposing party (OP) was arrested for DV and child neglect. The criminal case is pending. Client currently has a TPO against OP that expires December 24, 2020.