Case Number: 2021-004300

Client seeks help with a problematic auto sale. He purchased a 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer on January 10th of this year for which he paid $5900 cash, plus a trade for a 2007 Chevy Colorado, for a total of $7106.74. The current mileage on the Trailblazer is less than 139,500. Client states that he drove the vehicle less than 500 miles before it broke down while driving to California. Client states he took the car to a shop near Barstow and he was informed that the head gasket was blown and had been damaged before he bought the vehicle.
Client brought the vehicle in for a second opinion on 2/17/2021. He received a repair estimate of $2759.25 and the second shop confirmed the head gasket issue. Client has no evidence that a proper inspection was performed by the seller. He seeks the cost of repair.

Case Number: 2021-004845

Client seeks assistance with a consumer fraud claim concerning the purchase of a 2013 Nissan Maxima on November 5. 2020 from opposing party (OP). Client states he paid about $2,510 in cash. He further states OP gave him the temporary placard for registration. However, OP never gave him the final documents required by the DMV to complete the registration process. Client filed a complaint with DMV, which subsequently requested Client appear for a 2nd interview. Client states DMV wrongly believes he only paid half the price of the vehicle, whereas Client states he paid the full purchase price. Client states that DMV informed him that OP claims he can return the vehicle or pay half of what the vehicle is worth. Client simply wants the vehicle registered and title transferred.

Case Number: 2021-002619

Client requests representation to assert a claim for the return of her vehicle. She is 76 years old and took her vehicle to the opposing party’s (OP) auto repair shop in preparation for selling the vehicle. She was originally told that the repairs would cost $2500, and when she asked for a discount, OP dropped the price to $2400. She did not receive a written estimate.
After two weeks at the shop, Client states the manager told her that she needed a new transmission, and that it would cost another $5,000. OP demanded payment of $2500 for repairing the fan belt, brakes, and the shifter. However, Client was under the impression that OP was going to repair the transmission for the $2500 and that the car would be fully operable and ready to sell. She does not want to pay the $2500 or the $5000, and would like to pick up the vehicle. She aims to find a used transmission and have another mechanic install it. OP will not allow her to pick up the vehicle unless she pays the $2500 for the work already completed.
Client already sent a certified demand letter to OP, but OP has not complied. She needs to engage counsel to help her get the vehicle returned.