Case Number: 2019-008922

Client hired an attorney to help with the family case in District Court. A temporary order was granted giving sole possession of the property to reside in with the minors. But, client is not staying in the property at the moment in fear of ex-husband. Instead the property is currently being rented out for $700 per month. Client is living with the minors at her mother’s residence. Client states that ex-husband sold the house to another, at which point he violated the joint preliminary injunction from the Family Court case. Client states buyer knew about the divorce proceeding. Ex-husband received $25,000. Client did sign a quitclaim deed over to husband, when the property was refinanced per the realtor’s advice. Then, new buyer attempted to evict the client, but the eviction case was dismissed. The court order states that the preliminary injunction is granted, client will remain in the property with a modified rent payment, and new owner is precluded from evicting applicant. Applicant states her prior attorney withdrew because she ran out of funds. Court permitted client to respond no later than December 30, 2019. Applicant is seeking attorney presentation or advice for the civil case.

Case Number: 2020-002193

The client needs assistance with recovering $5k from Adverse. He purchased a mobile home from adverse for what he thought would  be $5k. He gave them cash, no receipt only a picture of the cash. Come to find out the $5k was just a deposit and the total sales price was actually $20k. The applicant agreed to make $300 monthly payments on a rent to own agreement. He does recall signing paperwork, he does have a copy of it all however he doesn’t understand it because it’s in English; his primary language is Spanish but he has a friend who translates for him, who was not able to assist. During the visual inspection the applicant noticed several issues such as exposed electrical wires, a gas tube in one of the bedrooms which he’s afraid could be hazardous, and no water heater. He requested to have all issues fixed, the adverse verbally agreed to do so upon the sale. The issues have not been fixed up to date, the applicant has even been heating his water on a stove to bathe. He asked adverse for his money back but instead they threatened to evict him unless he pays the agreed $300 / month for the purchase.

Case Number: 2019-000611

Client would like assistance in collecting his default judgment of $200,814. Default Judgment. The State of Nevada prosecuted pleaded guilty.   His sentence included making restitution payments to all 63 victims jointly. was ordered to make an initial restitution payment/deposition in the amount of $248,000.00 on July 7, 2015.  He has since been ordered to submit a minimum monthly restitution payment of $250.00.  Client would like assistance in enforcement of his civil judgment.

Case Number: 2020-003377

Hispanic female age 45 and also a single mother of 2 minor children. She is currently working part-time at a nursing facility. Client is low income and she’s receiving food stamp assistance in the amount of $519/monthly. She is not receiving child support.

She is seeking attorney representation to help transfer property title under her name and assistance with a QDRO after a Decree was granted on January 28, 2020 against opposing party.

Client states that opposing party, during the divorce process committed fraud by withdrawing the “Contractor Retirement Plan”. The plan had approximately $26k, which client was granted. Client was also granted child support, but has not received any payments. Client mentioned that after opposing party depleted the retirement plan and the decree was granted. The opposing party had been deported, because of the domestic violence. Client states she needs help with the QDRO.

Client was granted sole and separate property in the decree of divorce. The property is currently held as, wife and husband as joint tenants. Client needs help to properly transfer the title of property to her name.