Case Number: 2020-020628

Client (Spanish speaker) seeks assistance for breach of contract and related claims involving a poorly executed transmission repair. Client initially paid $1500 to repair a transmission, which included a warranty. After the repair was unsuccessful and the opposing party (OP) refused to complete the repair, client had the car towed to a second repair shop. According to the subsequent mechanic who inspected the vehicle, OP failed to correctly repair the transmission. Client had to pay for the subsequent repair and is out of pocket for over $2000. He also was forced to miss work and would like his claim to include lost wages and other incidental damages.

Case Number: 2020-011348

Client is a single mother of four. She works Uber, Lyft and cleans housing for her income. Income is about 1,000.00 a month and child support. Client took her 2013 vehicle to adverse car repair in October 2019 for repair. She was told that her transmission was no good, she agreed for remove and replace for a used transmission for $3,500.00. They offered for her to finance, which she did. She gets her vehicle back on 11/16 and few days later her vehicle will not start. Adverse has vehicle towed back to their shop, but at a different location. December, January, and February go by and nothing, she goes to the shop on March 17 and is told that the company that holds the warranty on the used transmission, won’t have parts to ship for repair until May 15. She calls May 18 and vehicle still not ready. She calls on June 26 and still nothing. Adverse keeps giving her the run around on when her vehicle will be ready for pick up. They will not give her any information regarding the warranty of transmission or release her car to her. VIP has had her vehicle in their possession since March. She would like our assistance in obtaining her vehicle, so then she can perform a second diagnostic to see if transmission was truly removed and replaced. One of client’s main source of income was Uber and Lyft driving and she has not been able to drive since March

Case Number: 2020-020585

Client needs assistance with a bailment claim against an auto dealer. Client brought his vehicle into a dealership for diagnostic and repairs related to the car’s CPU and touchscreen. The dealership released Client’s car to a third party, apparently to complete the repairs. However, the dealership recently informed Client that it no longer knows where the car is located. He filed a complaint with the dealership in October 2020 but the matter remains unresolved. Client is also filing a stolen vehicle police report. Client wants the dealership to either deliver the vehicle or pay him the market value, loss of use and any other incidental damages