Case Number: 2023-009271

In Federal Pro Bono Program

An inmate at Ely State Prison filed a civil rights complaint after he claims he assaulted by two prison officers while handcuffed and shackled in December 2020. He alleges he was choked, kicked, and repeatedly punched while they yelled racist insults at him. He suffered what he felt was a fractured cheek bone, loss of hearing, and an injury to his hand, although it took almost two years to get an x-ray done. He put in a request for medical attention after the incident but was not seen by the nurse practitioner until July 2021. The NP ordered x-rays and gave him 800 mg Ibuprofen for the pain. They did not get him in for x-rays until September 2022. After filing multiple medical kites and grievances, he filed this lawsuit. He claims deliberate indifference to serious medical need in violation of the 8th Amendment and equal protection in violation of the 14th amendment, as well as cruel and unusual punishment/excessive use of force in violation of the 8th Amendment and racial discrimination. He is seeking an attorney through the Federal Pro Bono Program. Next Deadline(s): Case Stayed until pro bono counsel is identified and formally appointed. 

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