Case Number: 2019-002518

Disabled client is seeking assistance with suing her apartment complex for damage to her personal property. On a recent evening, her fire alarm went off; after checking her unit she realized the hose of her dryer was smoking. She contacted the fire dept. immediately. They put out the fire and removed the stackable dryer from her apartment unit. Shortly after the fire dept. left, she claims she saw smoke outside her window. She stepped outside and noticed there was smoke coming out from the unit behind her. She alerted all neighbors and called the fire dept. again. By the time the fire was put out, multiple units were burned which put 18 families out of their home according to the client. Apartment refuses to be liable for their tenant’s property damage. Client estimates her property loss at $15k. The fire dept. told her the fire was caused because the dryer has not been properly maintained (the dryer unit is built into the unit and was present upon move in). The fire dept. assessed the dryer and indicated that it was ten years old and had lint packed very tightly inside the whole machine. The units were scheduled to be demolished due to fire damage. Legal Aid Center staff sent a litigation hold letter. Client is seeking pro-bono assistance to sue the complex.