Case Number: 2018-001473

Client has 4 minor children. Client needs help to sue adverse party after she purchased a vehicle from him. Client stated that vehicle was found on Client entered into an agreement to purchase a vehicle from adverse party. The total amount agreed on was $7,000. Client paid seller a sizable cash down payment with no receipt. Client has a hand written purchase agreement contract signed by both parties. A remanding balance was still owed to seller. Seller told client his own purchase of the vehicle had been financed, and informed client that he would be making a lump-sum payment using the down payment, to the financing bank for the full pay off amount. The agreement was that when he received the title of the vehicle he would contact client to pay balance and sign the title over. Client stated after 30 days seller had stop answering the phone. Client went to DMV, but was denied for lack of proof of ownership to register vehicle. DMV also informed client that the vehicle was still registered to seller.

Case Number: 2018-001849

Spanish speaking client is age 86 and is disabled. Client is seeking Pro Bono attorney to help regain possession of his property. Client stated he is a victim of real estate fraud by adverse parties.

According to client,  the adverse party was a friend whom he had known for about 15 years. Client made arrangements with adverse party to provide care of his property while client made a trip overseas for medical treatment. Before leaving client signed a power of attorney. Client does not recall which type of power of attorney was signed. When client returned, he was placed in a senior living home. Client asked adverse party about the status of his home, and was informed that the property was no longer his and was removed from title, and all of client personal items inside the property were sold or thrown out. Client was also informed that adverse party is renting out property. Client also stated that the signatures on the Quitclaim Deed relating to his home are not his, which could have been done by adverse party using a power of attorney.

Case Number: 2018-000847

Client is seeking help to get back her down payment from adverse party auto dealer, or unwind the auto purchase contract she entered into. According to client, 2 weeks after purchasing the vehicle she was smelling fumes within the cabin of the vehicle. Client stated she and daughter started to feel sick. Client visited Children Hospital and Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center. Client produced a letter explaining the diagnosis of carbon monoxide poisoning. Client believes it was caused by the vehicle.

Thereafter, client went back to the dealership to run a diagnostic. The dealership informed client that they had found only a small radiator leak but no exhaust leak. Client left the vehicle at the dealership, because she does not want a vehicle that is health hazard for herself and daughter. Client did not make payments. Client filed a DMV Complaint, still under investigation. Client did mention that the DMV investigator said they did not find a 75k vehicle inspection form. But, there has been no current outcome. Our staff counsel wrote dealer seeking preservation of the car as evidence and warned them about spoliation.

Case Number: 2018-001634

Client stated someone vandalized the electrics of her car and it stopped running.  Client asked a mechanic to fix the car.  Client was told that they would inspect it and tell her how much it would cost to repair.  1 week later client was quoted $2,500.00 for replacement wiring and fuses.  Client then told the mechanic that she had to try and gather that amount of money. Client was able to come up with $500.00 for a deposit which she was initially quoted, to get the work started.  When client showed up at the repair shop she was then told it would be $750 to start repairs on the car.   Two days later client was able to come up with the remainder $250.00.  Mechanic then told client she would have to pay $2,500.00 to start work.  Client stated she begged and pleaded with mechanic but they declined to do the work, and charged her thousands of dollars for “storage” on the car which they will require to allow her to collect her car, even though no work was done.  Client contacted the BBB and DMV and filed a complaint against the car shop.  The mechanic put a lien on the car without telling client or sending her any notices.

Case Number: 2018-003176

Spanish speaking client is seeking assistance for breach of contract by opposing party event hall she contracted for, and against related principals. According to client, she had initially set up a meeting with event hall and the agents created the estimate cost for an event. Parties signed the contract and client paid in cash a sizable deposit, proof of receipt was provided which client possesses. Then upon further request, client paid another very sizable sum in preparation for the event. Then, client received a phone call from the event hall principal who told client the city has closed down the business. Client asked for refund, but was denied. Client has been unable to make further contact or to recover her deposit, and seeks pro bono assistance to recover her money.

Case Number: 2018-002748

A Spanish speaking single mother of 4 minor children is seeking help to sue adverse parties relating to breach of contract with an event hall she had booked for a birthday party. Client is seeking damages for breach of contract/services not performed. Client stated she made the initial deal with adverse parties to hold a birthday party at the event hall. Client stated that she paid a sizable deposit and a contract was signed. Thereafter, client stated that adverse party introduced a new principal, his daughter, as the new owner of the event hall, and told client all additional payments will be made directly to new principal for services of the party. Client then paid the new principal another sizable payment for the party requirements. Client mentioned nothing seemed abnormal until she read a post on a social media network called “La Pulga” and showed a picture of the event hall being closed down. Upon inspection, client discovered the event hall is all blacked out and had a “writ of possession” on the door. Client attempted several times to recover the deposits but there was no response from any party. Client possesses the Event Agreement, Payment Schedule/Receipt, and evidence of payments. Contract lists the first principal and his adult children as the counterparties.  Client seeks pro bono help to recover her deposits and damages.

Case Number: 2018-003516

Client, a Spanish-speaking 68 year old disabled female, used her life savings to purchase a lot with a mobile home on it. Client has been hospitalized several times due to a series of strokes. In May of 2018, client received a copy of a quitclaim deed stating she sold her lot for $10 to the adverse party. Client states it is not her signature on the deed. The mobile home is not livable so client believes it was her past tenant who signed the deed as they only sold the lot and not the mobile home as well. The stress of this deed is worsening her health condition. Client would like help getting the title of her lot back in her name.

Case Number: 2018-004505

Client needs assistance with an ongoing civil matter. Client’s home was broken into and adverse party has denied his claim due to fraud and concealment. Client sent the wrong bank statement in to the adverse party; but once he learned of his mistake he sent in the correct bank statement and contacted the adverse party. Client states that the investigator told him not to worry about the mistake then the claim’s manager stated she was clear to issue a full payment. One week later, client received a denial letter.

Case Number: 2018-002292

Client needs assistance with a civil matter. Client entered into an agreement with her friend to purchase a franchise for approximately $30,000 each. After giving her friend the money, he stopped returning calls, texts and emails. Client then hired an attorney in order to sue her friend. Client’s attorney failed to follow through on the case so client contacted the State Bar for help. Client’s case in the District Court is now closed and client wishes to reopen the case in order to get a money judgment.

Case Number: 2018-003923

Client needs assistance with an ongoing civil matter. Client approached the adverse party, owner of a house for sale, and the adverse party agreed to sell her the home but insisted she use adverse party’s realtor. The realtor represented both the client and adverse party in the sale. The home was inspected by a friend of the adverse party. Client bought the house in May 2018. One month later, client hires a painter but he informs her that she has a severe mold problem. Client then had a water restoration company come out and they stated the wall was positive for mold. Client states adverse party had to have known about the mold because there are new support beams under the bathroom which do not have mold on them. Client has spent almost $10,000 in order to remove the mold. Additionally, while construction was going on, client had to rent a house to live in. Client would like assistance in recovering her damages.

Case Number: 2018-000362

Client is a disabled veteran. In August 2017 she purchased a house and in November her bathroom experienced a sewage back up. Her home warranty company is taking care of the damage, however, it informed her she has black mold and it is a pre-existing condition and therefore will not cover it. Client states this condition was not disclosed to her when she purchased the home. Client seeks a real estate attorney that can look over her documents and offer counsel and advice.

Case Number: 2018-003750

Client is seeking a consultation only with an attorney who has ERISA experience. Client says that opposing party, previous employer organization, is underpaying him (wrong pension ).

Case Number: 2018-005273

Client needs assistance with a civil matter. On February 16, 2018, client discovered a water issue under the kitchen floor. The following day, client contacted a plumbing company to fix the problem then went into contract with water mitigation and drying out the walls. The restoration company told client they would handle payments with the insurance company. On February 22, 2018 an agent from the insurance company came out to the property. In March 2018, client received a letter from his homeowner’s insurance company denying his claim. Thereafter the restoration company stopped the repairs they were doing and filed a mechanics lien on the property for around $30,000.  Client is seeking assistance getting a lien removed from his property as well as assistance with his insurance denial for a claim.

Case Number: 2018-005432

Client is seeking help to sue opposing party hotel and casino after faulty sprinkler system damaged items and further, during cleanup, items were stolen from room. Client and Family moved to Las Vegas from the Virginia. A room was booked at the hotel, until the movers arrived with the rest of the belongings. Client stated they had enough personal items for a 2 weeks. One night a faulty sprinkler system flooded the room and client and family were evacuated by security. After returning to the room client found personal belongs damaged, and items missing, as well $2,500 in cash which was going to be used for the security deposit for the new residence, also gone. Client stated hotel offered to give them another hotel room for a week and compensation of $750. Client stated he accepted only the room, but declined the $750. Client mentioned after that week they vacated and had to stay in shelters at a church. Client had to ask family for money to help with the security deposit.

Case Number: 2018-005421

Client enlisted in the Army reserve for 8 year term in December 2008.  She got a $20k bonus for signing up.  She completed her service obligation in December of 2016.  After getting out, she got a demand for her to repay a portion of it back on the basis that she got out of the Army too early in August of 2011, which was incorrect.  Client has an honorable discharge, completed her full service and got out in 2016, as reflected by her DD214.  Defense Finance Accounting Service is using a collection company to collect the sum sought, has put it on her credit report and is even pursuing collection after client got frustrated and filed bankruptcy.  Client needs assistance to stop the collection process and get it taken off her credit report. Please note this client’s income exceeds Legal Aid Center’s normal income guidelines.