Case Number: 2017-006759

Spanish speaking client needs assistance with a civil lawsuit regarding solar panels he leased. Client is being sued for approximately $8,000, along with several other defendants, by the company that installed the solar panels on his house. Client entered into long term lease agreement with Company A for solar panels to be installed on his house. Client is making his payments. Company A failed to pay Company B after they installed the panels.  Company B is now suing Company A and several individuals whose homes the panels were installed on. Company B placed a mechanic’s lien on client’s home and is seeking to foreclose on that lien. Client needs an attorney’s representation to defend against this lawsuit. Client filed an appearance and informed court he is on waiting list for pro bono assistance.

Case Number: 2018-000133

Spanish speaking client needs assistance with breach of contract action between former friends for a loan. Client and opposing party were friends. Opposing party asked client for a loan in the amount of $10,000.00 to buy a semi-truck to move vehicles from one location to another. Client lent him the money.  Opposing party told him he would pay him back in 6 months but had up to a 1 year plus 5% interest. There exists a written contract that they both signed in front of a notary. Client has contacted opposing party several times for repayment and is always given an excuse.  The last time client contacted opposing party, opposing party told him he would give him his money on the 1st of January and as of today he has not heard from him. Client would like to get his $10,000.00 back plus the interest.

Case Number: 2018-000428

Couple owns condo that has recently received water damage due to activity of the tenants currently renting in the upstairs condo.  Not only has the water caused damage to the ceiling and walls, but due to the slow time frame of the repairs, mold grew.  Mold developed into client’s home because repairs took so long.  Client has been quoted estimates totaling around $20,000.00 to complete all repairs. The upstairs bathroom sink (upstairs tenant) had overflowed due to being left on for hours.  The water to the condo complex was turned off due to repairs, but the upstairs renter forgot to turn the faucet off, so when water main was turned back on, water flowed for a long time, onto the floor and down to the client’s unit. Client was primarily advised that the homeowners insurance from the owner (not tenant) of the upstairs condo would cover all damages.  Upstairs unit owner then advised that their insurance wouldn’t cover their damage because it was neglect by their tenants.  Upstairs neighbor/tenant didn’t have renter’s insurance which was required.  Clients own their unit but do not have homeowner’s insurance.  Client would like the owner of the house upstairs to cover the costs.  Clients are seeking a little under $20,000.00 in repairs.

Case Number: 2017-004003

Spanish Speaking client is married but separated with 3 children. On 04/02/16 Patricia contracted with a venue hall to hold her daughter’s quinceanera (15th birthday party) for several thousand dollars. This included: food, decorations, music, drinks, dress, party bus, and video & photos. The event happened and everything went smoothly. When Patricia went to ask for her video and photos, she was told by Juan that the video and photos were subcontracted to another party and to contact them. When she did, she was told to contact the Hall, because they were not paid for their services. Owner of the hall and the photo people had a falling out and neither of them will produce the photos and video to client. Client does not want to sue for money, she wants the photos and video of her daughter’s party.

Case Number: 2018-001312

Client is single mother of 4 minors, self-employed. Client is in need of help after being illegally locked out from the premises where client operates a non-profit business. Parties entered into a sublease agreement contract. Client had purchased and installed new kitchen appliances which client was provided from a USDA grant. Client stated that adverse party (sub-lessor) was struggling with his business and invited a TV show to film on site to help bail out the business from going under. Client mentioned she walked in on the production taking place and the show was using all of client’s new kitchen appliances, which client mentioned she did not authorize. Client stated the kitchen was left trashed. This caused a loss for clients business since she could not open for business doors. Client did take pictures and videos of the kitchen before and after. Thereafter, client stated she had to hire a crew to assist in the cleanup. Client reached out to adverse party regarding the issue hoping things would be resolved. However, when client was going to open for business, adverse party had locked client out. Client added she is current on rent, even though she has had to borrow money from family and use money from the grant.

Case Number: 2018-001184

Client is 71 years old, he lives alone. Very low income just SSI and food stamps. In 2015 client sold his farm and used the proceeds to invest in a fourplex property with his friend, of 45 years. Client maintained the property and collected the rents. There is no written contract regarding the real property transaction. Friend is the only one on title. Friend now wants to sell the property. Client wants help in preventing the sale of the fourplex and he wants to be put on title showing his 50% interest. Client does not pay rent and states that he was told by friend that he would be paid back his initial investment, but that is all. Client does not to sell and wants to be 50% owner on title.


Case Number: 2018-000847

Client is seeking help to get back her down payment from adverse party auto dealer, or unwind the auto purchase contract she entered into. According to client, 2 weeks after purchasing the vehicle she was smelling fumes within the cabin of the vehicle. Client stated she and daughter started to feel sick. Client visited Children Hospital and Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center. Client produced a letter explaining the diagnosis of carbon monoxide poisoning. Client believes it was caused by the vehicle.

Thereafter, client went back to the dealership to run a diagnostic. The dealership informed client that they had found only a small radiator leak but no exhaust leak. Client left the vehicle at the dealership, because she does not want a vehicle that is health hazard for herself and daughter. Client did not make payments. Client filed a DMV Complaint, still under investigation. Client did mention that the DMV investigator said they did not find a 75k vehicle inspection form. But, there has been no current outcome. Our staff counsel wrote dealer seeking preservation of the car as evidence and warned them about spoliation.

Case Number: 2018-000946

Client is single mother of two. Client signed a one year lease but changed her mind and never moved in. She has been sent to collections for several thousand dollars. The lease does include an early termination fee provision plus it requires 60 days’ notice before a regular termination, however, the collection is for much more than that. Client turned the keys in 4 days after signing, without having moved anything in yet (still vacant space), and gave notice of termination same day. The collection effort now is not a reasonable estimate of the landlord’s damages and client disputes it.