Case Number: 2018-001634

Client stated someone vandalized the electrics of her car and it stopped running.  Client asked a mechanic to fix the car.  Client was told that they would inspect it and tell her how much it would cost to repair.  1 week later client was quoted $2,500.00 for replacement wiring and fuses.  Client then told the mechanic that she had to try and gather that amount of money. Client was able to come up with $500.00 for a deposit which she was initially quoted, to get the work started.  When client showed up at the repair shop she was then told it would be $750 to start repairs on the car.   Two days later client was able to come up with the remainder $250.00.  Mechanic then told client she would have to pay $2,500.00 to start work.  Client stated she begged and pleaded with mechanic but they declined to do the work, and charged her thousands of dollars for “storage” on the car which they will require to allow her to collect her car, even though no work was done.  Client contacted the BBB and DMV and filed a complaint against the car shop.  The mechanic put a lien on the car without telling client or sending her any notices.

Case Number: 2019-000307

Type of case: lawsuit for personal property
Spanish speaking client is a single mother of two. Client alleges her boyfriend, with whom she was living, molested her teenage daughter and had been for years. Client left the home and reported the matter to law enforcement. After boyfriend was arrested client returned to the home to collect her belongings, but the home had been vacated, locks changed and all her property removed. Client suspects her boyfriend’s family did this, but they will not speak to her. She needs help recovering for her lost property, which she estimates was worth several thousand dollars, from the family.

Case Number: 2019-000963

Type of case: Debt & Other Title of Property
Spanish speaking, father with 6 minor children at home, seeks help with representation in a District Court case after being served with a Complaint on or about January 30, 2019. Plaintiff is suing for violations of Clark County, Nevada-Code of Ordinances 9.04.240, Unjust Enrichment, and Foreclosure of Liens. Plaintiff also seeks substantial damages for non-payment of garbage collection fees. On Christmas Eve 2014, client was hit by a vehicle. The driver was his current girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. The individual was charged with attempted man slaughter. Client did not receive any insurance compensation after the criminal case, because it was an intentional act. The injuries client sustained kept him out of work for a few years. However, he has recently returned to work. Client is concerned about losing his property. He would like an attorney to help negotiate a repayment plan and assist with the District Court case.

Case Number: 2019-000911

Client is seeking assistance to sue an auto repair entity. In September of 2018 she took her car to the facility to get an inspection because she felt the vehicle was running weird. They suggested an engine replacement. October 2018, PC paid $1500 as a Non-refundable deposit to get the engine replaced with a remanufactured engine. Additionally, PC paid $750 for engine assembly and shipping. Client was informed that the engine came w/ a 1 year warranty, however, they did not provide paperwork for it. A couple of months after the work was done, Client still felt the vehicle running weird. A mechanic friend determined the engine was replaced with as used motor. She went back to the repair facility with this information and they were unwilling to help. The replacement motor is defective. Client is seeking legal assistance to get her money back.

Case Number: 2019-001842

Spanish speaking client won a 2019 Polaris Quad at the Redrock Station. His friend told him he would store the vehicle for him. Friend stored the vehicle for approx. 2 weeks. Client states after that he went to collect his vehicle, but his friend said no. Mr. Vargas called the police to come out. The police told Mr. Vargas that it was a civil legal issue and he had to go through court. A couple days later he calls the police again and they go down to friend’s house to try to collect the vehicle again. Friend’s wife answered the door and told police that he is not home to come back when he is there. Client is not working at this time he is disabled having dialysis and is about to have surgery.

Case Number: 2019-001818

Spanish speaking client is single, purchased a home with a man in 2018 who never moved in with her. Client then added her partner to the deed (not the same friend). Later, the friend (co-purchaser) kicked client and her partner out. She is seeking pro bono assistance in negotiation talks with co-owners to refinance home to remove her from the mortgage or a file a partition lawsuit.

Case Number: 2018-007911

Spanish speaking client is a single mother of 3, head of household. She needs assistance w/ disputing a contract for Solar Panels. Client had filled out an application electronically for solar panels and financing. The solar panel company told her that she would be receiving an $8k tax credit which would lower her payment. Client accepted for this reason.  When she applied for the credit, she did not get it, so the solar panel company gave her a discount of equivalent amount so she proceeded. Client then proceeded w/ getting the panels installed. When she received her first invoice she realized that they did not give her the rebate, and when she called to address the issue, the company cut off all contact with her. Later on she found out the company has an active bankruptcy case pending. Client also mentioned that she’s been experiencing power outages in her home so she contacted her homeowners insurance to run an investigation. They came to the conclusion that the work the company did to connect the Solar Panels was not done properly and faulty wires are causing these outages. Client stopped paying the monthly installments due the balance being incorrect and the other problems, but she is afraid her home will be liened. She wants assistance w/ voiding the agreement

Case Number: 2019-001645

Client is seeking assistance w/ getting a $2k reimbursement from adverse party who was helping client w/ a small claims matter. The adverse party is not licensed to provide the legal services he’s been performing. When client encountered legal issues w/ her realtor, adverse party offered his legal services to assist client w/ taking her realtor to court. Adverse charged her $2k in order to commence the work and provided a Spanish-language agreement in which he explains the responsibilities of both parties including the $2k “retainer” and his portion of the payout from the judgment. Client became wary of Adverse when he contacted her to stop by his office to sign a durable power of attorney.  When she refused to sign Adverse became upset and refused to give client her documents and her $2k “retainer”.

Case Number: 2019-001878

Route 91 shooting survivor is seeking a consultation regarding her discontinuation of long-term disability benefits provided by employer insurance. The client had a pre-existing ankle condition which significantly affected her mobility prior to 1 October, and she consequently worsened this condition when she ran for two miles to escape the violence. Towards the end of 2018, client switched orthopedic providers and the disability insurance was not timely provided with certification of client’s continued disability. The client’s case was closed and appealed, providing the client with the opportunity to submit the needed medical documentation. However, the appeal decision still remained unfavorable: despite certification from the client’s orthopedic doctor, a validating and concurrent review from the disability insurance’s third-party physician, and an ankle procedure that would occur less than one month following the final appeal decision, the client’s benefits were not reinstated. Disability provider instead concluded that the client can return to her previous employment and, per the insurer’s own occupational analysis, seemingly misclassified the level of physical demand which the client would be expected to perform in the specific course of her employment.

Case Number: 2019-002518

Disabled client is seeking assistance with suing her apartment complex for damage to her personal property. On a recent evening, her fire alarm went off; after checking her unit she realized the hose of her dryer was smoking. She contacted the fire dept. immediately. They put out the fire and removed the stackable dryer from her apartment unit. Shortly after the fire dept. left, she claims she saw smoke outside her window. She stepped outside and noticed there was smoke coming out from the unit behind her. She alerted all neighbors and called the fire dept. again. By the time the fire was put out, multiple units were burned which put 18 families out of their home according to the client. Apartment refuses to be liable for their tenant’s property damage. Client estimates her property loss at $15k. The fire dept. told her the fire was caused because the dryer has not been properly maintained (the dryer unit is built into the unit and was present upon move in). The fire dept. assessed the dryer and indicated that it was ten years old and had lint packed very tightly inside the whole machine. The units were scheduled to be demolished due to fire damage. Legal Aid Center staff sent a litigation hold letter. Client is seeking pro-bono assistance to sue the complex.

Case Number: 2019-000611

Client would like assistance in collecting his default judgment of $200,814. Default Judgment is against RED (“Real Estate Development”) Las Vegas, Inc., Orlando Vera, Christian Delgado, Juan Robles, Tanya Chaverri, and Latino Global, LLC. The State of Nevada prosecuted Orlando Vera in Eighth Judicial District Court Case Number C-14-301201-1.  Mr. Vera pleaded guilty.  His sentence included making restitution payments to all 63 victims jointly and severally with Jose Christian Delgado and Juan Estaban Robles.  Mr. Vera was ordered to make an initial restitution payment/deposition in the amount of $248,000.00 on July 7, 2015.  He has since been ordered to submit a minimum monthly restitution payment of $250.00.  Jose Christian Delgado and Juan Estaban Robles have also been prosecuted in Eighth Judicial District Court Case Numbers C-14-301201-2 and C-14-301201-3, respectively, but they do not have any assets available to contribute towards the restitution payments. There are two residential properties that remain in the name of Real Estate Development, LLC, but both are now being controlled by the Clark County Treasurer and are expected to be sold at auction due to tax deeds that were recorded against the properties.  These properties are 4506 Alpine Place Las Vegas, NV 89107 (APN 139-31-410-105) and 5472 W. Alexander Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89130 (APN 138-01-406-008). Client would like assistance in enforcement of his civil judgment.

Case Number: 2019-002314

Disabled, elder client seeking assistance w/ a Balloon Mortgage. In July of 2018, client acquired his mother’s property through probate. Client inquired the possibility of doing a reverse mortgage. His realtor advised him that he wouldn’t qualify unless he remodeled the property because it was in bad shape and offered to assist him w/ the process. Realtor advised that he should obtain a home equity loan to afford the repairs needed and began the process. Two weeks after their conversation, realtor picked him up and drove him to the realty to sign forms. After signing he received a $60k loan however, he only received $46k because the remaining $14k was applied to “fees, Interest, and taxes”. He made $30k available to realtor immediately to begin the renovations. Around August 2018, realtor assured  the work was almost completed. He asked for another $7k for carpet installation and a stove that needed to be replaced. He gave realtor the $7k and never heard from him after that day.

Turns out client had actually signed for a balloon mortgage Loan, not a home equity loan. Client looked through the contract and realized the addresses included there are unknown to him. The agreement also states the property is his “investment” property which is untrue. The principal balloon payments together w/ all accrued interest is fully due by July 17th 2019. Client is afraid he is approaching foreclosure risk and wants assistance w/ investigating this loan agreement and possibly voiding it if he has any defenses. He also claims that the work done on the property wasn’t completed because his ceiling is currently caving in and his floors are unfinished.