Case Number: 2017-005655

Client needs assistance with a real estate matter. She and her ex-boyfriend were in a relationship for 21 years but are not married. They own a home together. The boyfriend was incarcerated in December, 2016 after a violent situation in which he held a neighbor hostage and shot a gun at the client, their children, and police. He is facing several felony charges and a long prison sentence. Client has a protection order against him and also did at the time of the incident. Client is trying to get a loan modification, however, she cannot move forward since she and the ex-boyfriend are both listed on the deed. She would like his name removed from the deed. She needs an attorney’s assistance to file a partition action. Each party’s interest in the home is unclear and needs investigation.

Case Number: 2017-006214

Client with a disability needs assistance with an insurance matter. In May, 2014 client purchased short term disability. Later that year, she injured her knee on the job. When she called the insurance agent to make a claim, she was told that she only had ICU coverage and not on the job injury short term disability coverage. She was also denied her worker’s comp claim. Then in January, 2015 she received a call from the insurance agent stating he had a check for her. She called him back but he didn’t return her call for several months. He called again in 2016 again stating he had a check for her. They finally connected and he provided her with four checks. She figured the mistake had been corrected but she decided to investigate the situation further. She spoke with the insurance company’s corporate office and obtained copies of her contracts. She saw that two of the documents had forged signatures on them. The corporate office put an investigator on the case but she hasn’t received a call back in over a month. She would like an attorney’s assistance to ensure she is paid the full amount of her claim through her short term disability policy.

Case Number: 2017-006111

Spanish speaking client needs assistance with a real estate matter. She and her boyfriend have been in a relationship for 24 years. They are not married. They have one 16 year old daughter. They purchased a home in April, 2015 and still live in it together with their child and client’s elderly mother. They are both on the deed as joint tenants. Client paid about $8,000 for the down payment and closing costs. They split the household expenses. Boyfriend pays the mortgage and client pays utilities and all other household expenses. She would like to leave the relationship since they no longer get along. Client would like legal advice regarding her rights and interest in the home. She would also like an attorney’s assistance to pursue any actions available to her that would allow her to stay in the home or leave the home and obtain her financial interest.

Case Number: 2017-006728

An 80 year old senior needs assistance with a collections matter. Client was assisted by Legal Aid Center staff attorneys to obtain a default judgment for $65,900 against an HOA related to an HOA foreclosure sale. We are seeking an experienced collections attorney to assist the client pro bono in collecting the judgment. The client desperately needs this money. He was evicted from the home and has been living in temporary weekly housing.

Case Number: 2017-006759

Spanish speaking client needs assistance with a civil lawsuit regarding solar panels he leased. Client is being sued for approximately $8,000, along with several other defendants, by the company that installed the solar panels on his house. Client entered into long term lease agreement with Company A for solar panels to be installed on his house. Client is making his payments. Company A failed to pay Company B after they installed the panels.  Company B is now suing Company A and several individuals whose homes the panels were installed on. Company B placed a mechanic’s lien on client’s home and is seeking to foreclose on that lien. Client needs an attorney’s representation to defend against this lawsuit. Client filed an appearance and informed court he is on waiting list for pro bono assistance.