Case Number: 2018-001473

Client has 4 minor children. Client needs help to sue adverse party after she purchased a vehicle from him. Client stated that vehicle was found on Client entered into an agreement to purchase a vehicle from adverse party. The total amount agreed on was $7,000. Client paid seller a sizable cash down payment with no receipt. Client has a hand written purchase agreement contract signed by both parties. A remanding balance was still owed to seller. Seller told client his own purchase of the vehicle had been financed, and informed client that he would be making a lump-sum payment using the down payment, to the financing bank for the full pay off amount. The agreement was that when he received the title of the vehicle he would contact client to pay balance and sign the title over. Client stated after 30 days seller had stop answering the phone. Client went to DMV, but was denied for lack of proof of ownership to register vehicle. DMV also informed client that the vehicle was still registered to seller.

Case Number: 2018-001849

Spanish speaking client is age 86 and is disabled. Client is seeking Pro Bono attorney to help regain possession of his property. Client stated he is a victim of real estate fraud by adverse parties.

According to client,  the adverse party was a friend whom he had known for about 15 years. Client made arrangements with adverse party to provide care of his property while client made a trip overseas for medical treatment. Before leaving client signed a power of attorney. Client does not recall which type of power of attorney was signed. When client returned, he was placed in a senior living home. Client asked adverse party about the status of his home, and was informed that the property was no longer his and was removed from title, and all of client personal items inside the property were sold or thrown out. Client was also informed that adverse party is renting out property. Client also stated that the signatures on the Quitclaim Deed relating to his home are not his, which could have been done by adverse party using a power of attorney.

Case Number: 2018-000847

Client is seeking help to get back her down payment from adverse party auto dealer, or unwind the auto purchase contract she entered into. According to client, 2 weeks after purchasing the vehicle she was smelling fumes within the cabin of the vehicle. Client stated she and daughter started to feel sick. Client visited Children Hospital and Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center. Client produced a letter explaining the diagnosis of carbon monoxide poisoning. Client believes it was caused by the vehicle.

Thereafter, client went back to the dealership to run a diagnostic. The dealership informed client that they had found only a small radiator leak but no exhaust leak. Client left the vehicle at the dealership, because she does not want a vehicle that is health hazard for herself and daughter. Client did not make payments. Client filed a DMV Complaint, still under investigation. Client did mention that the DMV investigator said they did not find a 75k vehicle inspection form. But, there has been no current outcome. Our staff counsel wrote dealer seeking preservation of the car as evidence and warned them about spoliation.

Case Number: 2018-001634

Client stated someone vandalized the electrics of her car and it stopped running.  Client asked a mechanic to fix the car.  Client was told that they would inspect it and tell her how much it would cost to repair.  1 week later client was quoted $2,500.00 for replacement wiring and fuses.  Client then told the mechanic that she had to try and gather that amount of money. Client was able to come up with $500.00 for a deposit which she was initially quoted, to get the work started.  When client showed up at the repair shop she was then told it would be $750 to start repairs on the car.   Two days later client was able to come up with the remainder $250.00.  Mechanic then told client she would have to pay $2,500.00 to start work.  Client stated she begged and pleaded with mechanic but they declined to do the work, and charged her thousands of dollars for “storage” on the car which they will require to allow her to collect her car, even though no work was done.  Client contacted the BBB and DMV and filed a complaint against the car shop.  The mechanic put a lien on the car without telling client or sending her any notices.

Case Number: 2018-000696

Spanish-speaking client purchased a mobile home from his brother in 2017.  When client paid the taxes for 2017, he discovered there was another owner on the title. Client would like to receive his money back. Client only has some clothes in the mobile home.  Client has not had any contact with the title owner.

Case Number: 2018-006651

Client is a married, disabled veteran, and is seeking pro bono assistance after being removed from the VA Healthcare program, due to what he claims was retaliatory falsification of his records by staff. Client therefore claims a violation of Section 504 and 506 of the Rehabilitation Act- Discrimination and Retaliation. The underlying facts are that client, with wife attended a scheduled examination earlier this year. During the visit he and his wife were asked to go into separate rooms. Client suffers from health issues and requested his wife’s presence as a disability accommodation. The supervisor then called police to escort PC and wife out of the office. Client then received a call informing him that he has been removed from the program for non-compliance and not meeting the requirements of the program. Furthermore, client’s benefits were terminated – a monthly stipend of $2,200.

Case Number: 2018-006636

Spanish speaking client signed a 1 year lease w/adverse party in 2016. After a few months, client purchased another home and surrendered the keys to landlord and left the property w/out giving the Property Manager written notification. Months later, she was served w/ complaint and answered it. The adverse party made an offer of judgment, but client did not accept it. Adverse party is seeking a punitive early termination fee plus damages and rent owed. Client wants assistance resisting the excessive early termination fee.

Case Number: 2018-007520

Client seeks assistance in pursuing damages from her ex-boyfriend. She would like to recover money she invested in remodeling a home since 2015 with him. She has invoices, receipts and bank statements  to prove her portion of the remodel to the property. Client’s only income is food stamps. Client and ex-boyfriend bought a property in 2015. Client was not on the deed or the mortgage, only boyfriend. They have 3 kids together. They occupied the home and they remodeled the property and client invested substantial money. Ex-boyfriend then sold the house unexpectedly and kicked client out w/ their 3 children. Client quit her job to start a family with her boyfriend. Client was forced to move herself and her 3 children in with her mother because she’s struggling.

Case Number: 2019-000307

Type of case: lawsuit for personal property
Spanish speaking client is a single mother of two. Client alleges her boyfriend, with whom she was living, molested her teenage daughter and had been for years. Client left the home and reported the matter to law enforcement. After boyfriend was arrested client returned to the home to collect her belongings, but the home had been vacated, locks changed and all her property removed. Client suspects her boyfriend’s family did this, but they will not speak to her. She needs help recovering for her lost property, which she estimates was worth several thousand dollars, from the family.

Case Number: 2019-000472

Client and his wife decided sell their home in Utah and move to Las Vegas.  They contacted a realtor to try to find a place to rent.  The broker showed them a couple of places but were not happy with them. Broker told them he had a place that needed work but they might like it.  Broker told them that the owner would be willing to sell the place if they put $10,000.00 down and then make a monthly payment.  They went ahead and gave broker the $10,000.00. Broker then asked for an additional $10,000.00.  Client told him they did not have the money.  They are already living in the property and have put over $5000.00 in fixtures to the house. Client contacted realtor to let him know they will not be able to have the additional $10,000.00.  Realtor told them they had already forfeited their previous $10k. Client would like her money back. They never signed the agreement.

Case Number: 2018-005060

Client is disabled and 67 yrs old. Last summer, Client went into dentist office for deep cleaning, however, client cannot remember name of dental office. She can only remember the office’s location. Client has Medicare. At the time client received deep cleaning, she did not know Medicare did not cover deep cleaning. Client was told by receptionist that they were opening a credit line for client just to open it. Client did not know she was signing up for a credit card to pay for the deep cleaning. Client says she was told there will be no out of pocket expenses. Client was not given a receipt or invoice of services. She has since received a bill for the cleaning. She seeks help getting the balance reduced or eliminated.

Case Number: 2019-000303

Client and adverse party got divorced in 2015 in NV. Client says there was no mention of the house and that both were on title. Apparently there was an agreement between client and ex-husband that ex-husband would sign over house. Client later found that ex-husband forged her signature to quitclaim the house to himself. Then he sold the house and kept the proceeds.

Case Number: 2019-000838

Moving company quoted $270 price, when they went to deliver moving company demanded $500. Moving company then left without delivering all of the goods and is now demanding $1500 to deliver all of her items. Client is seeking assistance w/ getting her belongings back from Movers including 4 Tv’s, furniture, microwave, clothes, dishes and personal paperwork. She claims they are holding the items hostage. After getting all her property loaded onto the truck and arriving at the new property, the driver got off the phone w/ his “boss” and told PC she had to pay $587 at that moment before unloading the truck. She told him she didn’t have that kind of money and could pay $250 (in addition to 90 already paid). Driver negotiated charging the $250 as long as client and her son helped unload the truck, took down client’s credit card information. All of a sudden Cody took off running downstairs, got in his truck and sped off with the truck still open. PC and her son chased him down and blocked the exit of the community. Cody tried to back up which resulted in hitting 2 other vehicles. Client contact LVMPD, when they arrived they instructed everyone to exchange information. Client has been buying things from Goodwill to wear and use around her home but it’s difficult with her budget.

Case Number: 2019-000963

Type of case: Debt & Other Title of Property
Spanish speaking, father with 6 minor children at home, seeks help with representation in a District Court case after being served with a Complaint on or about January 30, 2019. Plaintiff is suing for violations of Clark County, Nevada-Code of Ordinances 9.04.240, Unjust Enrichment, and Foreclosure of Liens. Plaintiff also seeks substantial damages for non-payment of garbage collection fees. On Christmas Eve 2014, client was hit by a vehicle. The driver was his current girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. The individual was charged with attempted man slaughter. Client did not receive any insurance compensation after the criminal case, because it was an intentional act. The injuries client sustained kept him out of work for a few years. However, he has recently returned to work. Client is concerned about losing his property. He would like an attorney to help negotiate a repayment plan and assist with the District Court case.

Case Number: 2019-000911

Client is seeking assistance to sue an auto repair entity. In September of 2018 she took her car to the facility to get an inspection because she felt the vehicle was running weird. They suggested an engine replacement. October 2018, PC paid $1500 as a Non-refundable deposit to get the engine replaced with a remanufactured engine. Additionally, PC paid $750 for engine assembly and shipping. Client was informed that the engine came w/ a 1 year warranty, however, they did not provide paperwork for it. A couple of months after the work was done, Client still felt the vehicle running weird. A mechanic friend determined the engine was replaced with as used motor. She went back to the repair facility with this information and they were unwilling to help. The replacement motor is defective. Client is seeking legal assistance to get her money back.