Case Number: 2017-003209

Spanish speaking client who is disabled needs assistance to obtain proper title for a mobile home and land he owns. He and his wife make $1,000 per month and they need to sell the mobile home and land to get money to survive. Client purchased the mobile home and land in June, 2002. The loan was paid in full. He was then sent a Certificate of Ownership. There were two lien holders/sellers involved in the sale, but neither signed the Certificate of Ownership. In addition, one of them died. He needs help finding the surviving lien holder to sign the Certificate of Ownership or he needs assistance to pursue a quiet title action to obtain title.

Case Number: 2017-001792

A 72-year old Spanish-speaking senior took her car to an auto repair shop in February, 2017 and was deceived as to repairs and cost of repairs. She received an estimate for $1,091 for a laundry list of repairs and was told to return in two weeks. She gave a $600 deposit at that time. When she returned for her car, she was presented with a larger bill for $2,521 for new repairs that were not authorized. The client demanded an explanation and was told to instead pay $1,000 and the remaining balance would be waived; she paid the additional cost for a total of $1,600. When she experienced similar car problems, she took her car back to the shop and they told her it was her problem and they would not work on her car again. She took her vehicle to another shop, where she received a quote for some of the same repairs she already paid the other shop to fix. The client would like her money back from the first garage for the repairs they did not make.

Case Number: 2017-004239

Client needs assistance with an auto deficiency matter. On August 8, 2017, bank sent client a Summons and Complaint. They are suing him for $12,445.17 for a vehicle that he does not own and did not enter an agreement for. The individual on the contract is someone else. That individual has a middle name and the client does not. They also have a different social security number. Opposing Counsel told him to file an Answer to the Complaint. And they know his social security number does not match the individual on the contract or the banking information. Client needs an attorney to help file a Motion to Dismiss.

Case Number: 2017-004151

83 year old client needs assistance with a real estate fraud issue. Client and her husband owned home in joint tenancy. In August 2015, client’s husband gave their son power of attorney. In November 2015, husband revoked the power of attorney. She has a notarized copy of revocation. Son added his name to the deed after power of attorney was revoked. In June 2017, husband died. Client needs an attorney’s assistance to remove son from the deed.