Case Number: 2019-001818

Spanish speaking client is single, purchased a home with a man in 2018 who never moved in with her. Client then added her partner to the deed (not the same friend). Later, the friend (co-purchaser) kicked client and her partner out. She is seeking pro bono assistance in negotiation talks with co-owners to refinance home to remove her from the mortgage or a file a partition lawsuit.

Case Number: 2019-001878-pending placement

Route 91 shooting survivor is seeking a consultation regarding her discontinuation of long-term disability benefits provided by employer insurance. The client had a pre-existing ankle condition which significantly affected her mobility prior to 1 October, and she consequently worsened this condition when she ran for two miles to escape the violence. Towards the end of 2018, client switched orthopedic providers and the disability insurance was not timely provided with certification of client’s continued disability. The client’s case was closed and appealed, providing the client with the opportunity to submit the needed medical documentation. However, the appeal decision still remained unfavorable: despite certification from the client’s orthopedic doctor, a validating and concurrent review from the disability insurance’s third-party physician, and an ankle procedure that would occur less than one month following the final appeal decision, the client’s benefits were not reinstated. Disability provider instead concluded that the client can return to her previous employment and, per the insurer’s own occupational analysis, seemingly misclassified the level of physical demand which the client would be expected to perform in the specific course of her employment.

Case Number: 2019-004307

Client is a Spanish-speaker seeking advice regarding an alleged scam by adverse parties, including an event / banquet hall. Client states she paid a total of $4,500 to book the venue. She stopped being able to communicate with the owner and was unable to confirm the reservation so she tried to get her money back. Adverse party apparently fled to Mexico. She states after she finished paying the full amount of the booking, she tried reaching out to them again with additional questions about the hall. No one would answer her calls. There are allegedly 14 other individuals with the same issue.


Case Number: 2019-004308

Client is income qualified, female head of household, Spanish speaking. She came in to seek her legal options against an event hall proprietor about a Quinceanera she was planning for later in the summer of this year. They gave her the option of renting the space for a total of $6k. Client put down a total deposit of $2100. After making her last payment, client returned and found out the property had been sold. When she asked for the proprietor, she was nowhere to be found and neither was the money. Client claims there are 14 other victims that were part of this scam. She wants to know if there’s anything she can legally do to recover her funds and if we can be of assistance.