Case Number: 2019-007445

Client would like help saving her house.  The value of the house is approx. $255,894.00.  She has a first with Select Portfolio Servicing.  The balance is $213,849.49.  She was able to get a loan modification and is current on her first.  She also has a second with FCI Lender Services, inc.  Her balance on the second is $60,671.35 and the past due amount is $42,970.48.  She states in 2005 she got an equity line of credit to help her kids.  She does not recall when she made her last payment or for how much it was originally.  She is currently working and is receiving approx. $3707.14 and $150.00 from her roommate.  She states she thinks she can pay $200.00 a month but in November, 2019 she is going to start  dialysis and she is not sure if she will be able to work the same amount of hours.  She did receive a NOD on 09/25/19 and is not sure what to do.