Case Number: 2018-000133

Spanish speaking client needs assistance with breach of contract action between former friends for a loan. Client and opposing party were friends. Opposing party asked client for a loan in the amount of $10,000.00 to buy a semi-truck to move vehicles from one location to another. Client lent him the money.  Opposing party told him he would pay him back in 6 months but had up to a 1 year plus 5% interest. There exists a written contract that they both signed in front of a notary. Client has contacted opposing party several times for repayment and is always given an excuse.  The last time client contacted opposing party, opposing party told him he would give him his money on the 1st of January and as of today he has not heard from him. Client would like to get his $10,000.00 back plus the interest.

Case Number: 2017-004003

Spanish Speaking client is married but separated with 3 children. On 04/02/16 Patricia contracted with a venue hall to hold her daughter’s quinceanera (15th birthday party) for several thousand dollars. This included: food, decorations, music, drinks, dress, party bus, and video & photos. The event happened and everything went smoothly. When Patricia went to ask for her video and photos, she was told by Juan that the video and photos were subcontracted to another party and to contact them. When she did, she was told to contact the Hall, because they were not paid for their services. Owner of the hall and the photo people had a falling out and neither of them will produce the photos and video to client. Client does not want to sue for money, she wants the photos and video of her daughter’s party.

Case Number: 2018-001312

Client is single mother of 4 minors, self-employed. Client is in need of help after being illegally locked out from the premises where client operates a non-profit business. Parties entered into a sublease agreement contract. Client had purchased and installed new kitchen appliances which client was provided from a USDA grant. Client stated that adverse party (sub-lessor) was struggling with his business and invited a TV show to film on site to help bail out the business from going under. Client mentioned she walked in on the production taking place and the show was using all of client’s new kitchen appliances, which client mentioned she did not authorize. Client stated the kitchen was left trashed. This caused a loss for clients business since she could not open for business doors. Client did take pictures and videos of the kitchen before and after. Thereafter, client stated she had to hire a crew to assist in the cleanup. Client reached out to adverse party regarding the issue hoping things would be resolved. However, when client was going to open for business, adverse party had locked client out. Client added she is current on rent, even though she has had to borrow money from family and use money from the grant.

Case Number: 2018-001473

Client has 4 minor children. Client needs help to sue adverse party after she purchased a vehicle from him. Client stated that vehicle was found on Client entered into an agreement to purchase a vehicle from adverse party. The total amount agreed on was $7,000. Client paid seller a sizable cash down payment with no receipt. Client has a hand written purchase agreement contract signed by both parties. A remanding balance was still owed to seller. Seller told client his own purchase of the vehicle had been financed, and informed client that he would be making a lump-sum payment using the down payment, to the financing bank for the full pay off amount. The agreement was that when he received the title of the vehicle he would contact client to pay balance and sign the title over. Client stated after 30 days seller had stop answering the phone. Client went to DMV, but was denied for lack of proof of ownership to register vehicle. DMV also informed client that the vehicle was still registered to seller.

Case Number: 2018-001544

Client is Spanish speaking. Client would like to terminate solar panel contract or receive the Federal Tax Credit. Client entered into a solar panels contract in 2016. Client stated he was promised a substantial tax credit. Client has filed his 2016 and 2017 tax return, but no amount reflecting the tax credit. Client stated no issues with solar panels. Client was also promised thermostats and low voltage bulbs to also be installed, but did not receive them.

Case Number: 2018-001849

Spanish speaking client is age 86 and is disabled. Client is seeking Pro Bono attorney to help regain possession of his property. Client stated he is a victim of real estate fraud by adverse parties.

According to client,  the adverse party was a friend whom he had known for about 15 years. Client made arrangements with adverse party to provide care of his property while client made a trip overseas for medical treatment. Before leaving client signed a power of attorney. Client does not recall which type of power of attorney was signed. When client returned, he was placed in a senior living home. Client asked adverse party about the status of his home, and was informed that the property was no longer his and was removed from title, and all of client personal items inside the property were sold or thrown out. Client was also informed that adverse party is renting out property. Client also stated that the signatures on the Quitclaim Deed relating to his home are not his, which could have been done by adverse party using a power of attorney.

Case Number: 2018-001774

Spanish speaking client is seeking assistance with his HOA fining him for not painting his exterior wall. His fines are up to $500 and will go up every week a $100. Per the CC&R’s he provided the HOA is supposed to maintain the common areas including painting. He has argued his point to the HOA but they refuse to fix the problem. He also filed for mediation thru NRED but they refused to participate. He took several pictures of the complex. His monthly assessment is $225. He needs an attorney to intervene and help stop the fines.

Case Number: 2018-001144

Client was robbed in his home October 2017.  Client and his friends were walking up the stairs to go into his apartment when a man pointed a gun at them and made them go into his apartment.  Client was pistol whipped and his personal items were stolen.  While client and his friends were forced to lay down on the ground, the robber and his friends went through all of client’s possessions. Client filed a police report and 2 of the 4 perpetrators have already been caught.  Client would like our assistance in fighting his rental insurance claim.  Client’s renter’s insurance is not trying to cover client’s personal items that were stolen. Insurance denied it because they claim he provided pictures that were taken after the theft occurred.  The client also provided them with proof of payments via his check card, but they kept pushing for pictures of specific items.

Case Number: 2018-002472

Client came in because she had a contract for a 15yrs old birthday party on Cinco de Mayo weekend at Fiesta Hall. However, before the party, the business shut down. Client paid several thousand dollars in advance for her party and wants to get her funds back. She does have the contract with the payment history/receipt.

Case Number: 2018-002041

Client and Ex-husband were divorced in 2012.  Terms of divorce included equal division of all debts and house was to be sold.  Client left the house with children and signed a quit claim deed to ex-husband to facilitate sale of the house. Ex-husband then went to finance company for a loan modification which was approved without client’s knowledge since she was no longer on the title.  Loan modification continues to include client in finance agreement. Ex-Husband then died. Client recently became aware that Ex-husband has not paid mortgage for several months.  Client is seeking to have her name removed from the financing since it was done without her knowledge or consent. If Client is unable to have her name removed from mortgage, then she would like assistance with a Pro Bono Attorney to probate Ex-Husband’s estate and transfer title to her adult children.  Client claims there are also multiple liens on the property, utilities, etc.

Case Number: 2018-002486

Client is an 89-year old widow who lives in North Las Vegas with her handicapped adult son and her 25-year old granddaughter who is a single mom to two elementary school aged children (Client’s great-granddaughters).  In March 2017, Client’s house suffered severe wind damage to the roof and to protective awnings along the sides of the home, as well as other damage.  The solar panels on the roof were blown completely off and into the backyard pool.  Through her insurance company, Client contracted with a contractor in July 2017 to perform repairs the adjuster had estimated would cost about $50,000.  Instead of performing the repairs that they promised to, however, contractor pocketed the money that Client paid them and walked away from the job.  To this day, Client’s roof continues to leak when it rains, and her health has suffered tremendously because of this whole ordeal.  Client needs help from an attorney who can pursue her claims against contractor so that she can finally have the repairs that she paid for made.

Case Number: 2017-006836

Client is age 25, currently unemployed. Client is seeking assistance to transfer her late mother’s residence into her own name. According to client, her mother passed away in November 2017. The residence was paid in full. Client’s mother died intestate. Client has no siblings. Client stated the property taxes have not been paid, and she has received a notice from County Treasurer for an amount due. Client is afraid of losing the residence and seeks pro bono assistance to secure the property in her name.

Case Number: 2018-002589

Client is a security officer at a casino in Las Vegas and was outside the hotel tower on shift when the Route 91 shooting took place. While under fire, client responded by directing people outside the hotel tower and others escaping the festival to safety. Client is suffering PTSD. Thereafter, Client had his first triggering event in response to a security request which resulted in an older gentleman who died from a heart attack in the client’s arms. This incident, in combination with simply being at the work site, began to evoke memories of the shooting (including images of blood on the hotel floor and walls) shortly thereafter. In February, Client was sent to the hospital for heart attack symptoms and what he described as a panic attack. Three weeks of leave were taken after that incident, and upon client’s return to work around the end of Feb or the beginning of March, he inquired with the director of security about filing a worker’s compensation claim. Information and claim materials were produced to the client mid-March. Client’s employer provided the client with three therapy sessions only. Since that time, client’s manager has been “hazing” him and harassing him in an attempt to “snap him out of it,” which is making client’s symptoms worse and becoming intolerable. Client is interested in a hostile work environment suit in addition to assistance with his worker’s compensation claim.

Case Number: 2018-000847

Client is seeking help to get back her down payment from adverse party auto dealer, or unwind the auto purchase contract she entered into. According to client, 2 weeks after purchasing the vehicle she was smelling fumes within the cabin of the vehicle. Client stated she and daughter started to feel sick. Client visited Children Hospital and Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center. Client produced a letter explaining the diagnosis of carbon monoxide poisoning. Client believes it was caused by the vehicle.

Thereafter, client went back to the dealership to run a diagnostic. The dealership informed client that they had found only a small radiator leak but no exhaust leak. Client left the vehicle at the dealership, because she does not want a vehicle that is health hazard for herself and daughter. Client did not make payments. Client filed a DMV Complaint, still under investigation. Client did mention that the DMV investigator said they did not find a 75k vehicle inspection form. But, there has been no current outcome. Our staff counsel wrote dealer seeking preservation of the car as evidence and warned them about spoliation.

Case Number: 2018-000362

Client is a disabled veteran. In August 2017 she purchased a house and in November her bathroom experienced a sewage back up. Her home warranty company is taking care of the damage, however, it informed her she has black mold and it is a pre-existing condition and therefore will not cover it. Client states this condition was not disclosed to her when she purchased the home. Client seeks a real estate attorney that can look over her documents and offer counsel and advice.

Case Number: 2018-001634

Client stated someone vandalized the electrics of her car and it stopped running.  Client asked a mechanic to fix the car.  Client was told that they would inspect it and tell her how much it would cost to repair.  1 week later client was quoted $2,500.00 for replacement wiring and fuses.  Client then told the mechanic that she had to try and gather that amount of money. Client was able to come up with $500.00 for a deposit which she was initially quoted, to get the work started.  When client showed up at the repair shop she was then told it would be $750 to start repairs on the car.   Two days later client was able to come up with the remainder $250.00.  Mechanic then told client she would have to pay $2,500.00 to start work.  Client stated she begged and pleaded with mechanic but they declined to do the work, and charged her thousands of dollars for “storage” on the car which they will require to allow her to collect her car, even though no work was done.  Client contacted the BBB and DMV and filed a complaint against the car shop.  The mechanic put a lien on the car without telling client or sending her any notices.

Case Number: 2018-002830

Clients state that they previously had mold problems in their home which client has been renting for 5 years. They paid for repairs and got an official report done by a specialist.  After providing these documents to the rental company the problem finally got fixed.

Now sewage issues started such as: the sewage is coming through the shower drain and the bathroom toilets in the bedroom. The sewage had started to pour over all on the floor.  Clients verbally contacted the management company who recommended for clients to utilize buckets to catch the sewage. Landlord commissioned estimate for repair which estimated $14K. Landlord does not believe the estimate and refuses to pay. Client commissioned her own estimate and it was similar. Clients need assistance getting this habitability issue addressed ASAP.

Case Number: 2018-001875

Client and her ex-boyfriend bought a house in 2012 and paid in full. After buying the house the ex-boyfriend left the house a few months later and never returned. Only client lives in the house with her son who has disabilities.  Client received a call from ex-boyfriend in February and was told that he is not going to return to the house.  Ex-boyfriend doesn’t pay the taxes or any other expenses for the house. Deed lists client as married joint tenant with adverse party ex-boyfriend but client claims they have never been married. Client would like to have ex-boyfriend’s name removed from deed. Client stated her ex-boyfriend will not sign over a quitclaim deed. Client would like our assistance in getting his name off of the deed. She is the only one who pays for the yearly taxes, maintenance and insurance on the property.

Case Number: 2018-002882

Client states she purchased a home with adverse party in March of 2017. Client has been dating adverse party for several years. Adverse party paid all the money up front in cash for the house.  Client and adverse party’s names are listed on the deed as joint tenants. Adverse party has started to become very aggressive and locks client and her children out of parts of the house. Adverse party is constantly threatening to remove client’s name off the deed and lock her out.  Client has a 16 year old son who is autistic and 14 year old daughter. Client doesn’t have any money to move out into a place of her own. Client wants adverse party to agree to sell the house and provide her with a share of the proceeds so she can have funds to move out and live in a peaceful setting with her children. Client seeks to have a partition.