Case Number: 2019-008922

Client hired an attorney to help with the family case in District Court. A temporary order was granted giving sole possession of the property to reside in with the minors. But, client is not staying in the property at the moment in fear of ex-husband. Instead the property is currently being rented out for $700 per month. Client is living with the minors at her mother’s residence. Client states that ex-husband sold the house to another, at which point he violated the joint preliminary injunction from the Family Court case. Client states buyer knew about the divorce proceeding. Ex-husband received $25,000. Client did sign a quitclaim deed over to husband, when the property was refinanced per the realtor’s advice. Then, new buyer attempted to evict the client, but the eviction case was dismissed. The court order states that the preliminary injunction is granted, client will remain in the property with a modified rent payment, and new owner is precluded from evicting applicant. Applicant states her prior attorney withdrew because she ran out of funds. Court permitted client to respond no later than December 30, 2019. Applicant is seeking attorney presentation or advice for the civil case.

Case Number: 2019-009044

Client came in for assistance with her mobile home title. Her and her ex-boyfriend purchased a mobile home together 4 years ago. Since their relationship ended ex has been trying to kick her out to move in his new partner. He did offer to buy her out at first by reimbursing her the $5k she initially invested on the purchase. We had advised her at that time to try to work with him to get her money back and to sign off on the title, only after she confirmed the funds were available. Client came back in after trying to work things out with ex to get her money back. She’s now very concerned because ex has been avoiding her yet she’s seen him multiple times in the mobile home park’s main office, at one point with paperwork in his hands. After growing concerned she contacted MHD to check on the status of the mobile home. MHD informed client that she had been removed from title as of 11/6/19. Client never signed anything to release her rights to ex and believes he may have had help from the office manager to remove her from title. Ex is now avoiding her and client is paranoid that his next move will be a formal eviction. She did provide me a copy of her bank statement showing the $5k withdrawal for the purchase. Although she never had access to any title copies she did provide records from MHD which show her listed with ex as “OR” owners. We pulled recent records and confirmed ex is now the sole owner as of 11/19.

Case Number: 2019-001818

Client purchased a house.  Client had been only recently introduced to seller by client’s friend, who had apparently known seller for some time.  Friend told client that seller could help client clean up her credit and buy a house. Client moved into the house with friend and buyer.  At seller’s urging, friend’s name was added to the deed.  Shortly thereafter, client had a falling out with seller and friend who had started a relationship.  Seller moved out of the property after only one month.  Client was eventually forced to leave the property due to constant harassment.  The property is now occupied by seller’s son. The mortgage is in arrears. Client wants to sell the house to avoid foreclosure, but seller and friend have refused to cooperate.

Case Number: 2020-001556

Client’s home was titled to her mother in law but was paid for by client and husband who are divorcing (that case has an attorney).  The family court judge said the issue of the home needed to be decided in a civil case.  It appears from the recorder’s records that her divorce attorney recorded a notice of lis pendens on the house.  In December 2019, it appears the mother-in-law sold the home despite the lis pendens. On January 8, 2020, the mother-in-law filed a quiet title action in district court, naming client as a defendant.  More recently, the mother-in-law filed a motion to expunge client’s notice of lis pendens (to clear the title and vest ownership solely in the mother-in-law).  A hearing is set on the motion to expunge on March 30, 2020, in front of District Court Judge Richard Scotti. To date, no answer has been filed on client’s behalf and no opposition has been filed to the motion.

Case Number: 2019-008197 (Pending Placement)

Client is seeking assistance in obtaining his vehicle back, has suffered from 2 strokes and due to his health issues is not able speak very much.  He purchased a 2009 Cadillac Escalade in April 2019. Due to his health and not being able to communicate his ex-girlfriend took advantage of the situation and listed herself as one of the registered owners on the vehicle. He recently found out she does not want to return it because she tells him that is her truck too. He went to the DMV to obtain the document that the vehicle is registered to him and he saw her name listed as well. He would like assistance in getting the vehicle back.  His ex-girlfriend is sending him threatening messages that if he tries to do something legally she will call immigration on him. She is also sending him pictures of her grandchildren with bruises saying  that he beat them. Client is worried because she is making false accusations so that she can stay with the truck.