Sagar Raich


Pro Bono Volunteer of the Month-July 2021

Sagar Raich of Raich Law PLLC

Sagar Raich grew up in Las Vegas. He attended UNLV for both his Bachelor’s and Juris Doctorate because he knew that he wanted to live in, work in, and help those in need in Las Vegas. Today, he has his own firm and has made pro bono work a part of his firm’s culture since it’s inception. He is grateful to the Southern Nevada community for his success.

Sagar has been an active volunteer with the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada since 2014. He has been involved with the Small Business, Landlord Tenant, and Small Claims Ask-A-Lawyer Programs. We asked Sagar why he does pro bono. “As Las Vegas grows at a rapid rate, there are more and more individuals who need legal help but can’t afford to retain attorneys. As attorneys, we are fortunate enough to be able to earn a living in the law, but must not forget those who want to participate in the legal system, but can’t do so due to financial constraints. No matter how rich or poor, educated or not, the law applies to and should protect everyone. As attorneys, it is our mandate to ensure that we help those who need legal help, not only out of a sense of moral obligation, but also out of respect for the law itself. For me, it is the realization that everyone in our community matters and deserves our help as attorneys, that motivates me to undertake pro bono work.”

We asked Sagar to share a story of a memorable client. “One of my recent pro bono clients was an older gentleman who needed help with protecting his assets from those around him who were attempting to improperly take possession and ownership of the assets. Once his assets were protected to a point where they were entirely under his control and the adverse parties realized that a law firm may be involved, the duress upon the client evaporated and he was able to continue his retirement in peace. He told me ‘I may be old, but you just gave me another life, one that I can live comfortably.’”

For his commitment to pro bono, we honor Sagar Raich as our July Volunteer of the Month