Volunteer Interpreter Intake Form

Please fill out this form if you are interested in becoming a volunteer interpreter. Remember to review this self-assessment before signing up. Please review the Disclaimer and Certification thoroughly before submitting your intake form.

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Native/Bilingual Proficiency: You were raised speaking the language or have spoken it long enough to become proficient in it
Advanced/Professional Fluency: You can have conversations at an advanced level and have a firm understanding of the language

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DISCLAIMER: Signing up to be a volunteer will require passage of a background check and any volunteer who is not a court-certified interpreter will be required to attend an introductory workshop prior to being assigned to volunteer with an attorney.
Volunteer interpreters are assigned on an as-needed basis. Please be aware that the majority of our non-English speaking pro bono clients are in need of Spanish-language services. Therefore, if you sign up to be a non-Spanish language interpreter, it may be a while before we request your services. Please reach out to Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada’s Pro Bono Project at if you are no longer able to serve as a volunteer.

CERTIFICATION: By submitting this online intake form, you certify that you have answered the questions in good faith, have reviewed the self-assessment, and are confident in your ability to provide language interpretation services as a volunteer for pro bono attorneys.