Case Number: 2020-006900

Clients seek assistance in defending a lawsuit recently filed against them by their residential landlord (LL). They were served with the Summons and Complaint on November 22, 2020. The claims include breach of contract, unjust enrichment and elder abuse pursuant to NRS 41. LL claims that she is entitled to double damages for unpaid rent because she is over age 60.

Clients have attempted to make partial payments but LL refused their offer and has demanded payment in full. LL’s attorney also requested copies of their tax returns, but clients refused. Clients then served LL and LL’s attorney with the CDC Declaration in August. They unsuccessfully attempted to obtain rental assistance through CHAP in July.

Clients are able to pay a portion of the balance owed but cannot afford the full balance of over $5K at this time. The clients are a married couple whose income is unemployment and retirement, but much of the income is being used for one client’s medical expenses. The other client lost his job in April. They seek representation in the action and possible settlement to pay as much toward the balance as they can afford.

Case Number: 2021-003749

Clients need counsel and advice with a possible breach of contract matter. Clients were recently evicted by a granddaughter (G). G is on title for the property because she’s the only one that qualified for the loan at the time of the home purchase. The property was purchased by Client’s daughter (D) who is now deceased. D passed away March 2020. She did leave a Will. Client states she loaned 100K to G so that G could qualify for the loan. There are no other next of kin. Client wants to know whether she may have a viable breach of contract claim.

Case Number: 2021-002147

Client requests assistance in a small claims action. Client is a former sub-tenant of opposing party (OP). Client was behind on rent to OP in October 2020. OP attempted to evict her but client contested the eviction and prevailed. In December 2020, OP was able to evict tenant and perform the lockout. However, OP also cleared the unit of all of client’s personal property, including clothes, appliances, a TV, etc. Client would like counsel and advice as to how to retrieve her property from OP.

Case Number: 2021-003261

Client seeks assistance to stop a former residential landlord (LL) from harassing her. In 2020, Client and her disabled son resided in an apartment unit, wherein Client was the named tenant. The LL served a 30 day No Cause lease termination in October 2020. Client requested an additional 30 days due to her son’s disability, which the LL agreed upon. Client remained current on her rent for the duration of her residency. She and her son vacated the unit in early December 2020 pursuant to the termination notice provided to the LL.
However, squatters entered and remained in the unit immediately before Client vacated. Client’s disabled son allowed them to enter. The LL now demands that Client continue to pay rent due to the squatters’ refusal to leave. Yet, LL apparently has not served nor filed an unlawful detainer action against the squatters. Client wants the demands for payment and harassment by the LL to stop.

Case Number: 2020-001594

Applicant was forced out of her position as President of Graduate and Professional Student Association at UNLV. She believes it is due to the fact that some allegations have come out against her due to an affair she had with a former UNLV employee. She has been trespassed from the graduate building and placed on a no-contact order. Appl is concerned that she has not been given the opportunity to appeal their no contact order or tresspass order to the Office of Student Conduct. Appl has gathered all relevant documentation and correspondence between the Dean of the UNLV Graduate College, the Executive Director of the Office of Student Conduct, and other UNLV personnel.

Case Number: 2020-007915

Client being sued for defamation related to his posts on Twitter and Facebook. Client allegedly made defamatory statements about business practices of purchasing houses to flip using unlicensed contractors to perform unpermitted work. Client has filed an answer. Client’s wife is in another lawsuit against OP and others.

Case Number: 2021-004300

Client seeks help with a problematic auto sale. He purchased a 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer on January 10th of this year for which he paid $5900 cash, plus a trade for a 2007 Chevy Colorado, for a total of $7106.74. The current mileage on the Trailblazer is less than 139,500. Client states that he drove the vehicle less than 500 miles before it broke down while driving to California. Client states he took the car to a shop near Barstow and he was informed that the head gasket was blown and had been damaged before he bought the vehicle.
Client brought the vehicle in for a second opinion on 2/17/2021. He received a repair estimate of $2759.25 and the second shop confirmed the head gasket issue. Client has no evidence that a proper inspection was performed by the seller. He seeks the cost of repair.

Case Number: 2021-004845

Client seeks assistance with a consumer fraud claim concerning the purchase of a 2013 Nissan Maxima on November 5. 2020 from opposing party (OP). Client states he paid about $2,510 in cash. He further states OP gave him the temporary placard for registration. However, OP never gave him the final documents required by the DMV to complete the registration process. Client filed a complaint with DMV, which subsequently requested Client appear for a 2nd interview. Client states DMV wrongly believes he only paid half the price of the vehicle, whereas Client states he paid the full purchase price. Client states that DMV informed him that OP claims he can return the vehicle or pay half of what the vehicle is worth. Client simply wants the vehicle registered and title transferred.

Case Number: 2020-019267

A judgment for an unpaid debt was entered against her for approx. $2500 and her wages were subsequently garnished. The full amount of the judgment was paid, yet the creditor was able to continue to garnish. Based on client’s pay stubs, it appears that she overpaid by over $1000. The Justice Court set a hearing to determine what occurred and client would like her overpayments returned to her, as well as a Satisfaction of Judgment entered.

Case Number: 2020-001994

Client is of age 53, single, employed with a monthly income of $2,000. He is income qualified.

Client, is seeking advice or representation after being served with a complaint on March 5, 2020. The complaint was filed because of a property boundary line dispute. The company is seeking punitive damages in the amount of $15,000.

According to the client, the property was purchased by  his father in December of 2005. During this time the client helped his father set up a wood fence. Client also claims that the neighbor who was the prior owner had also assisted in setting up the fence. About six months ago (2019) client replaced the old wood fence with a new one. The fence was placed exactly in the same property line as before. Client also noted that his father had passed away four years ago and his only sibling deceased in 2005. A Will/Trust was created by the client’s father appointing the client as the executor. The property title remains under the father as trustee of his separate property trust.

Property records show that the company had purchased the property in March of 2009. The company claims that the new fence is crossing over, trespassing and wrongfully intruding the company’s property. Taking hundreds of square feet and affecting the market and rental value, use, and occupation of the property, claiming that the client’s actions constitute for punitive damages.

The client, is unable to afford an attorney and would like assistance to file an answer to the complaint and representation in District Court.

Case Number: 2021-000874

Client seeks assistance with a consumer claim involving vehicle repairs. On May 28, 2020, Client reached out to his friend/mechanic, the opposing party (OP) to repair his 2011 Audi A4. OP took possession of the Audi that day. He informed Client that an electrical specialist would need to inspect the vehicle. OP requested advance payment in the amount of $200 cash. Client received notice sometime in June that the Audi had a transmission issue, not an electrical problem. OP stated that a new transmission would cost $400, which Client agreed to pay on June 26th.

On July 14th, Client paid another $60 via Zelle for the transmission fluid and filter. About six months later, Client did not hear from OP after several calls and texts. Finally, on February 24, 2021, OP admitted crashing the vehicle, causing additional damages. The Audi has been at a body shop since then. OP will not disclose the location of the body shop. A demand letter was sent out requesting the same and to return the Audi. Client wants both his vehicle and the repair payments returned.

Case Number: 2021-007181

Client seeks counsel and advice with a probate matter. He needs to claim funds from his deceased mother’s estate. Client is the only next of kin, no other siblings. Client attempted to file on his own in 2018 but was not successful (P-18-097190-E). There was no Will. The estate included real property and a foreclosure sale took place. All creditors were paid, as well as the administrative costs. A surplus of approximately $4300 remains in the estate. Client would like to claim the funds and needs help to do so.

Case Number: 2021-006756

Client requests help with a Small Claims action against an auto repair shop. Client was involved in an auto accident in December 2020 wherein he inadvertently rear-ended another vehicle. Client’s vehicle sustained damage to the front end and is not operable. Client made a timely claim to his insurance carrier and had the vehicle towed to opposing party’s (OP) garage. OP accepted funds from the insurance carrier to repair the vehicle. However, OP appears to have pocketed the funds without working on the vehicle. Client retrieved the vehicle and had it towed back to his residence. Client simply wants his vehicle repaired. He wants OP to turn over the funds it accepted from the carrier so that he may find another repair shop to complete the work.

Case Number: 2021-006927

Client is a retired widow, aged 79. She needs assistance against an auto repair shop on breach of contract related claims.
She owns a 1999 Jeep Wrangler. She took the Jeep to the opposing party (OP) regarding the front end rattling and a leaking oil pan in August, 2020. There was no estimate given. She paid $2,700 up front for the work, but later received a call from OP that she needed additional parts/work for the back end of her vehicle. Again, she was not provided with an estimate. Client paid an additional $2,150.
About 3 weeks later, Client picked up the vehicle from OP. As she drove off, the vehicle made a grinding noise, front wheels where falling off and the car would not drive above 35 mph.
Client brought the vehicle back to OP but they refused to listen to her or acknowledge any error. On the same day, Client brought the Jeep to another shop for a second opinion. She was provided with a diagnostic and estimate. She was informed that OP damaged the transmission and shocks; and that they had crossed-threaded all the lug nuts to the wheel studs. Client paid an additional $1,367.85 to the second mechanic for damages caused by OP. Client seeks representation to sue for out of pocket expenses. She has already sent a demand letter to OP, who has again ignored her.

Case Number: 2021-008688

Client, a veteran, requests representation for a breach of contract claim for about $5,350 against the opposing party (OP). OP is a local trailer park. It sold Client a trailer for $1200 in December 2020. Client used his savings to purchase approx. $3,000 worth of materials and paid $1,150 in labor to private parties. However, OP only provided Client with a bill of sale- no title was given. Client reached out to MHD, which conducted an inspection shortly after and determined that the trailer is considered sub-standard. Client was told that OP should have never sold the trailer in a private sale and that the bill of sale is invalid. MHD also concluded that OP violated building codes due to the poor condition of the trailer (electrical, roof, hot water). Client states MHD gave OP a 90 day deadline to remedy the issues or destroy the trailer.
OP has offered to reimburse client for the $1,200 purchase price, but not Client’s other costs. Client needs help asserting his claim against OP and getting all his money back.

Case Number: 2021-005076

Client requests representation to collect a Small Claims Court judgment for $3,815 she obtained in Las Vegas Justice Court. Client is elderly and lives on a small Social Security fixed income. She lacks technical proficiency as well as understanding how to proceed with a Judgment Debtor Examination and other post-judgment processes. She managed to obtain a Writ of Execution against the opposing party’s (OP) auto repair shop, but OP claimed there was no cash on site. Client would like to execute against OP’s bank accounts to obtain payment and needs an attorney to assist her.

Case Number: 2021-008899

Client, 67 years old, needs assistance with a possible real estate scam. He owned a condo unit until 2018, subject to a mortgage and unpaid HOA dues. Client quit claimed the property to the opposing party (OP) in 2018 for only $2,000 and agreed to pay $555 per month pursuant to a standard residential lease agreement with a 5 year term.
Client recently received notice from the bank which holds the first mortgage, that his transfer of the deed triggers the acceleration clause of the bank’s deed of trust. The bank is threatening to foreclose. Client states he wasn’t sure what he was signing when he gave up the property as he had recently suffered a stroke and had many financial problems that OP claimed he would address. Client also signed a POA in favor of OP before the transaction. Client wants to know his options.

Case Number: 2021-005531

Client needs counsel and advice and possible representation on an estate planning matter involving a holographic will. Client resided with her good friend in the friend’s fully owned trailer home. The friend recently passed away. Before her passing, she drafted a written will leaving client one quarter interest in the mobile home or the ability to live there rent-free for three years, with the remaining three quarters of the value going to her adult children. One of the deceased friend’s sons is the successor trustee to the friend’s trust. He has informed Client that she must vacate the premises by 6/1/21, or in the alternative, purchase the property. Client cannot afford to purchase. She wants to know if the hand-written will is enforceable, and if so, would like representation to make the claim.

Case Number: 2021-006259

Client is a 69 year old Spanish speaker who needs help clearing a claim against her credit. A former apartment complex placed a claim on Client’s credit which Client disputes in part. Client now cannot obtain housing because of the $1500 claim. Client would like assistance in negotiating the claim down or some other resolution so that she will be able to find a new apartment.

Case Number: 2021-009342

Client seeks representation to defend against a contractor’s breach of contract claim in Justice Court (21c005524). She is being sued by the opposing party (OP) for $5k of “unpaid labor”. She was served with a summons and complaint on March 23rd. OP claims Client only paid half the balance of the $10k contracted to rebuild her shower and tile.

Client hired OP in June 2020. She has a copy of the cashier’s check she wrote to OP for $10K. Upon receipt of the check she states that OP “tampered” with the check. According to Client, OP wrote on the memo line that the funds were “100% for mold/ 50% for Labor”. Client states this misrepresents the agreement and that OP was paid in full. Client wants representation to contest the claim.

Case Number: 2021-007516

Client needs assistance bringing a claim against his neighbor. Client’s neighbor’s (opposing party, “OP”) car caught fire in the parking lot of their apartment complex. The fire damaged both parties’ vehicles. Client only has liability insurance. Client requested OP’s insurance information to make a claim but OP refuses to provide the same. Client’s vehicle is inoperable until he can obtain needed repairs. The repairs are expensive and he cannot afford to front the cost- he needs OP’s insurer to pay.

Case Number: 2021-002145

Client needs counsel to assert a breach of warranty claim (and possible other claims) against an online auto dealer. In March 2020, she purchased a used car from the opposing party dealer (OP). In September 2020, the vehicle was totaled in an auto accident. Client’s insurance carrier was preparing to pay the claim to the lienholder, but discovered that the lien holder does not have title to the car. OP never transferred the title to the lienholder. To avoid defaulting and being sued, Client continues to make the monthly payments, making it impossible for her to purchase another vehicle. Client hopes to retrieve the payments she has unjustly made due to OP’s failure to transfer the title to the lien holder back in March 2020.