Case Number: 2022-008157

Dawn, a 63-year-old woman, is having difficulty obtaining a job because of a couple misdemeanor drug convictions in Las Vegas Justice Court from the 1990s and other DA denied or dismissed charges. She has not been arrested or convicted of anything since 2000 and has complied with all sentencing requirements for her old convictions. She is seeking assistance sealing her criminal record in Clark County, Nevada.

Case Number: 2022-003913

Marcelle is having difficulty finding a job because of his criminal record. He has multiple dismissed charges, a 2003 conviction for Burglary, and two misdemeanor possession of drugs convictions from 1991. He has not been arrested since 2001 and has completed all the requirements of his sentences. As a result, he would like to move on from his past and is seeking assistance from an attorney to get his criminal record sealed in Clark County, Nevada.