Case Number: 2019-008922

Client hired an attorney to help with the family case in District Court. A temporary order was granted giving sole possession of the property to reside in with the minors. But, client is not staying in the property at the moment in fear of ex-husband. Instead the property is currently being rented out for $700 per month. Client is living with the minors at her mother’s residence. Client states that ex-husband sold the house to another, at which point he violated the joint preliminary injunction from the Family Court case. Client states buyer knew about the divorce proceeding. Ex-husband received $25,000. Client did sign a quitclaim deed over to husband, when the property was refinanced per the realtor’s advice. Then, new buyer attempted to evict the client, but the eviction case was dismissed. The court order states that the preliminary injunction is granted, client will remain in the property with a modified rent payment, and new owner is precluded from evicting applicant. Applicant states her prior attorney withdrew because she ran out of funds. Court permitted client to respond no later than December 30, 2019. Applicant is seeking attorney presentation or advice for the civil case.