Case Number: 2021-007181

Client seeks counsel and advice with a probate matter. He needs to claim funds from his deceased mother’s estate. Client is the only next of kin, no other siblings. Client attempted to file on his own in 2018 but was not successful (P-18-097190-E). There was no Will. The estate included real property and a foreclosure sale took place. All creditors were paid, as well as the administrative costs. A surplus of approximately $4300 remains in the estate. Client would like to claim the funds and needs help to do so.

Case Number: 2021-012203

Client is seeking assistance with a probate matter. Her mother passed away January 2021 due to Covid-19. Her mother did not have a Will and was not married at the time of passing. Client and 3 other adult children are next of kin and there are no disputes over the estate. Her mother used to be a Worker’s Comp case manager and the only asset in the estate is 401k benefits in the approximate amount of $18k. Her mother never included a beneficiary, therefore Client is being asked to set the estate aside as the executor. Client tried to submit an affidavit for small estates but was denied by the organization who holds the funds.