Case Number: 2021-007181

Client seeks counsel and advice with a probate matter. He needs to claim funds from his deceased mother’s estate. Client is the only next of kin, no other siblings. Client attempted to file on his own in 2018 but was not successful (P-18-097190-E). There was no Will. The estate included real property and a foreclosure sale took place. All creditors were paid, as well as the administrative costs. A surplus of approximately $4300 remains in the estate. Client would like to claim the funds and needs help to do so.

Case Number: 2021-005531

Client needs counsel and advice and possible representation on an estate planning matter involving a holographic will. Client resided with her good friend in the friend’s fully owned trailer home. The friend recently passed away. Before her passing, she drafted a written will leaving client one quarter interest in the mobile home or the ability to live there rent-free for three years, with the remaining three quarters of the value going to her adult children. One of the deceased friend’s sons is the successor trustee to the friend’s trust. He has informed Client that she must vacate the premises by 6/1/21, or in the alternative, purchase the property. Client cannot afford to purchase. She wants to know if the hand-written will is enforceable, and if so, would like representation to make the claim.