Case Number: 2022-008659

Appellants contracted with respondent for a series of home renovations and the work was secured with a mechanic’s lien. The parties’ relationship broke down after a disagreement with the installation of a bathtub and appellants kicked respondent off of the site. Respondent filed a lien on the property and sought payment for the finished work. Appellants filed a complaint with the State Contractor’s Board. The Board found there was no violation by respondent and, after appellants failed to make payments, respondent filed claims for foreclosure of mechanic’s lien, breach of contract, breach of good faith and fair dealing, quasi-contract/implied contract, unjust enrichment, and attorney fees. The district court found in favor of respondent and appellants appeal that decision in the Nevada Supreme Court. Appellants are seeking representation through the Nevada Appellate Pro Bono Program.

Case Number: 2022-007115

A former client of a personal injury law firm filed a professional negligence claim against the firm. The district court dismissed the complaint, without leave to amend. The court concluded that Appellant’s complaint was time barred by the statute of limitations and that she failed to provide sufficient evidence or law to demonstrate why the statute of limitations did not apply to her case. She appealed this decision in the Nevada Supreme Court and is seeking assistance through the Nevada Appellate Pro Bono Program.