Case Number: 2022-013800

Mansoor is a 27-year-old Afghan who fled Afghanistan in August 2021 and was paroled into the U.S. on June 6, 2022. The applicant was part of the military from 2016 until the government collapsed in 08/2021. He was working as a personal security at the president’s palace. He states that his job was very important and that is why the Taliban is looking for him, so he went into hiding. He was able to get in contact with an American woman who informed him to come to the airport. He went alone with the understanding that his family was going to follow soon after. He was taken to Abu Dhabi for 10 months, then he came to the United States. He states if he is to go back to Afghanistan, he will be killed because the Taliban is also after his family because he worked for the government. The applicants family is currently living in Afghanistan and he states that the Taliban has gone to their home asking where he is. The applicant’s family had to move out of Kabul so the Taliban could not find them. At this time, he is in need of an attorney to assist him with his Temporary Protected Status application and assist him through the Asylum process, including attending the Asylum interview. He speaks Pashto and some English. An interpreter is available upon request through the Volunteer Interpreter Program. Asylum Deadline: June 6, 2023.