Case Number: 2021-025345

In Appeals

Appellant is seeking assistance with a Nevada Supreme Court appeal of the dismissal of a complaint for breach of contract and detrimental reliance. She and Respondent were in a romantic relationship in China. Appellant claims that Respondent made an offer to her that, if she quit her job and relocated to the United States with him, Respondent would take care of Appellant for the rest of her life and she would not have to work again. Appellant agreed to the offer, quit her job, and moved to the United States. Appellant asserts that the couple was in a domestic partnership and had a Chinese cultural marriage but were never in a legally recognized marriage. Shortly after Appellant relocated, Respondent abandoned the relationship. Appellant then filed a complaint for breach of contract and detrimental reliance alleging that she is now unable to retrieve her former standard of living. Meanwhile, Respondent filed a complaint for divorce. The district court dismissed Appellant’s complaint for lack of subject matter jurisdiction, concluding that Appellant’s claims should be heard in the pending divorce action. Appellant disagrees and appealed this decision to the Nevada Supreme Court. Next Deadline: Notice of Appearance due 10/22/21

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