Case Number: 2023-011868 (URGENT)

In Guardianship

An 18-year-old man diagnosed with ASD and psychosis is in need of an attorney to represent him as the proposed protected person in an adult guardianship. The grandfather was the proposed protected person’s guardian when he was a minor and has filed a petition for adult guardianship of him. The proposed protected person lives with the grandpa. He was run over by a car in May 2023 and the guardian has retained a personal injury attorney to handle that case. The grandfather is petitioning for guardianship and permission to represent the man in any legal proceedings related to the personal injury case. The grandfather, through his attorney, has filed a Notice to Seek Fees from Guardianship Estate in this case. In this case, the 18-year-old is in need of an attorney to represent his wishes and legal rights in the adult guardianship proceedings.

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