Case Number: 2023-005007 (Urgent)

In Federal Pro Bono Program

A former inmate filed a civil rights lawsuit because he alleges NDOC, Clark County School District, and other named defendants unconstitutionally denied him of his liberty without due process because they failed to timely and properly apply deductions to his sentence as allowed by law that would have resulted in an earlier release from prison on parole. He also claims he was denied equal opportunity under the law because he is a sex offender. He earned his high school diploma and took other vocational courses while incarcerated, which entitled him to sentence deductions under Nevada law.  He calculates that the educational time was not properly applied to his sentence to make him eligible for parole 2 months prior to when he was actually released. As a result, he filed his lawsuit. In October 2022, the Court entered an Order Dismissing his First Amended Complaint and he appealed it to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. In April 2023, the Ninth Circuit issued a memorandum reversing in part and affirming in part the Court’s Order and remanding the case back to the District Court with respect to the due process claim. The equal opportunity claim dismissal was affirmed. This man is in need of an attorney to assist him in his case through the Federal Pro Bono Program.

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