Case Number: 2023-003912

In Federal Pro Bono Program

A veteran with service-related disabilities is seeking injunctive relief and monetary damages for negligence and breach of contract, equitable relief, attorney’s fees, litigation expenses and costs for the violation of the ADA. He has used his service animal for 7 years in public, including on airline flights, without issue. In May 2021, he and his service animal were at a commercial property he had frequented multiple times. He alleges he was asked to leave because they claimed his trained service animal “nipped” a female employee, which he denies. He was then approached by another employee on his way out of the specific area and told the story was fabricated to get him to leave. The person gave him his card and told him to contact him if he had any issues. The next day, he called to report the incident to the establishment’s security office and was asked to come in person to discuss the situation. He went in and they demanded he provide proof his dog was a service animal. He then spoke to the Security Investigator and asked that the security footage be reviewed, but he believes it was never reviewed and his previous counsel believes it may have been impermissibly destroyed. He is seeking an attorney to assist him in this matter through the Federal Pro Bono Program. Next Deadline(s): No upcoming deadlines.

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