Case Number: 2023-003678

In Federal Pro Bono Program

Two former members of a local laborers union allege they were wrongfully terminated from their union membership because of a breach of fiduciary duty by a union officer, which caused loss of employment opportunities, benefits, and access to their pension and retirement savings. They filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and, while the complaint was pending, the union filed a state court case against the two former members without following the grievance process. The former members allege this was in retaliation for filing the NLRB complaint. The court dismissed the Amended Complaint without prejudice and gave the plaintiffs leave to file another amended complaint. The plaintiffs are seeking assistance with the federal court claim through the Federal Pro Bono Program. Next Hearing(s): Status Conference on 6/15/23 at 1:00 pm via videoconference. 

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